10 Best Outdoor Fireplace Kits for 2022

We love warming ourselves over an open fire. However, it’s best to use an outdoor fireplace kit to build your fire in than to just set a fire in your garden.

After all, if things go wrong – you don’t want to end up like this rapper, immortalized in fire, do you? Would you believe there are more than 350,000 house fires each year in the US too?

So, play it safe and find yourself an outdoor fireplace kit which lets you build a fire in a stylish and attractive fashion.

In fact, why not grab one from our top picks for the best outdoor fireplace kits. There’s something here for every style and budget.

Round Grove Kiva Fireplace With Pizza Oven Combo

best outdoor fireplace kits

The Round Grove fireplace and brick pizza oven combo unit blends the best of cooking and relaxing. It’s awesome!

The components can be installed much faster than building it from scratch so it will save you time and a ton of money!

You can find the Round Grove Kiva Fireplace With Pizza Oven Combo online.

Sunjoy Concordia Collection Outdoor Patio Wood Burning Fireplace

Maryland Bel Aire

The chimney on this fireplace model ensures that you and your guests remain smoke-free as it directs the smoke up and away from the users.

It’s a very easy model to clean at the end of the day too.

You can find the Maryland Bel Aire 48.03 in. Copper Fireplace with Faux Stack Stone Finish online.

Steel Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace with Chimney and Included Wood & Cooking Grate

H Steel Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace

This is a very affordable model which is easy to set up and to clean. You can cook on this model, which we love!

The downside is that there’s only a limited one year warranty on it.

It also carries a Prop 65 warning for those living in California.

You can find the 45 in. H Steel Wood Outdoor Fireplace online.

Electra 48.03 in. Wood Burning Fireplace

Electra Wood Burning Fireplace

If you want that log cabin feeling outdoors, this is the outdoor fireplace kit for you.

It’s made by Sunjoy who say they are the world’s leading ready-to-assemble outdoor structure maker.

We don’t know about that but we do know this was really easy to set up.

You can find the Electra 48.03 in. Wood Burning Fireplace online.

RumbleStone 84 in. x 38.5 in. x 94.5 in. Outdoor Stone Fireplace  

Rumblestone Outdoor Stone Fireplace

This is a heavy duty fireplace for a large garden.

It includes a fire box, wood box, storage boxes, log grate, chimney, adhesive, and blocks.

It should last you and your family many, many years as it’s really well put together.

You can find the RumbleStone 84 in. x 38.5 in. x 94.5 in. Stone Outdoor Fireplace Kit online.

Victoria Iron Fire Pit

Victoria Iron Fire Pit in Black with Grill and Spark Guard Screen Lid

We had this built in under 10 minutes and we love the cast iron styling.

If you only have a small outdoor space this Victoria fire pit might be the best option and yes, you can cook over this set up.

You can find the Victoria 33 in. Iron Fire Pit in Black online.

Curtis Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace in Black

Curtis Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace in Black

This is a very stylish old school outdoor heater-style fireplace, and it looks super elegant when set up near a nice patio.

It’s wood burning which makes for very pleasant smoke, the smoke chamber and chimney directs the majority of the smoke away from the users and outdoor living space.

We’d be happy to sit out under the stars toasting marshmallows over this fire any day of the week. We also love the wood storage boxes in this kit.

You can find the Curtis 56.69 in. Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace Kit in Black online.

Desert Compact Outdoor Fireplace

Desert Compact Outdoor Fireplce

This is a formidable fireplace that will last for years because of the high-quality design.

It’s small enough to fit into any garden and it should easily warm all the family and friends that you can fit around it too.

The concrete and fire brick design will ensure that nobody gets burned if they touch the exterior too.

You can find the Desert Compact Outdoor Fireplace Kit online.

65 in. Autumn Chimenea Firepit, 360 Degree Fire View, Smoke Draft Pipe, Log Grate and Spark Protective Screens and Door

Autumn Chimenea Firepit

This classic firepit design with a really tall smoke draft pipe is an instant conversation starter and will be the new focal point of your outdoor living area, your guests can’t miss it and they will appreciate the heat that it kicks out when there’s a little bite in the air.

It doesn’t take long to assemble and it’s ideal for a small space (or you can use more than one if you have a large space to heat).

You can find the 65 in. Autumn Chimenea Firepit online.

Propane Gas Outdoor Fireplace

48 in. Propane Gas Outdoor Fireplace Kit

This propane fueled model has the advantage of not producing any smoke which might be important in some neighborhoods.

The flame tends to be super bright too thanks to the choice of fuel, which makes it a good nighttime choice.

You can find the 48 in. Propane Gas Outdoor Fireplace online.

80 in. Black Steel Outdoor Wood-Burning Modern Backyard Chimney Fire Pit

Black Steel Outdoor Wood-Burning Modern Backyard Chimney Fire Pit

You can cook over fire pits easily and this one even has a built-in grill, while it also heats up your guests using the chiminea feature that gives it its unique aesthetic appeal.

It’s impossible not to be impressed when you see this fire in action, this fireplace type was one of our favorites from our tests.

You can find the 80 in. Black Steel Outdoor Wood-Burning Modern Backyard Chimney Fire Pit o online.

Last Word on Fireplace Kits

We hope that you found the ideal fireplace for your back yard on our list of the best fireplace kits.

There’s nothing nicer than warming your hands in front of a real fire when the night’s get a little cooler, is there?

Of course, if all you’re after is a more convenient BBQ in your back yard, you don’t need to buy an outdoor fireplace kit, you might just need a CasusGrill, instead.

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