Best Places to Buy Art Supplies Online

Two million Americans are professional artists and 133 million Americans do some sort of art in their spare time!

That means there’s always a demand for high quality art supplies at a fair price, but where can you find these things reliably?

Well, at our favorite place to buy art supplies online, of course! Check them out!

Dick Blick/Blick Art Materials

There’s no doubt about it, if you need something for an art project, it’s almost certain that Blick Art Materials will carry it.

Their product range is huge and if you shop while they’re running a promotion, it’s hard to beat their prices too and delivery fees aren’t anything to worry about either.

We also like that they have stores in most major cities, if you’re worried about ongoing support. 

Plaza Artist Materials

They have physical branches in 6 states but Plaza Artist Materials serves the nation from their online presence and you’ll be pleased to discover it’s all about quality supplies at the right price.

We absolutely love their telephone support, in fact, we wish every company online had support like this.

We’re also happy with their 30 day satisfaction guarantee which lets you send anything back for any reason with no questions asked. 

Artist & Craftsman

This goes beyond painting (P.S. If you're just starting out in painting, check out these awesome painting sets for adults). and into the worlds of arts like sculpture and printing too, which is great because not every artist holds a brush.

They’ve been in business for more than two decades and their pricing is ultra-competitive and, in fact, if you keep checking back regularly, their sale prices are often the lowest out there.

Sadly, there’s no free shipping unless you spend at least $69 which is not the end of the world but it’s not as generous as some sites, either. 

Curry’s Art Store

We needed a local specialist for our Canadian readers and Curry’s is excellent for those North of the border.

They can easily compete with Dick Blick and similar stores and have a wonderful range for those involved in more unusual art forms too. 


OK, Michaels is more of a craft store than an arts store per se, but… it does sell art materials and when they’re on special offer, nobody can touch Michaels’ pricing.

If you want big brand, big box items for your art project then it’s always worth checking to see if Michaels has you covered.

Jerry’s Artarama

Jerry’s carries over 70,000 art products and at decent prices, which is nice but what makes Jerry’s great is not the items they carry, it’s the free art lessons!

Yes, they have over 2,000 video art lessons on their site and there’s something for everyone there.

You even get free shipping with a low minimum order value of $35. 

Cheap Joe’s

Be warned, Cheap Joe’s has a good range and affordable prices but they always charge for shipping and that can sometimes make their products more expensive than their rivals.

The Live Chat support on their website is first rate though and if you like a little extra support when you buy supplies, Cheap Joe’s may be an excellent decision.

Utrecht Art Supplies

They’re based in New York and Utrecht Art Supplies is one of the best art supply companies in North America and since 2013, they’ve been owned by Dick Blick.

This does mean there’s a lot of overlap between the two sites in terms of offers, shipping prices, etc. but there may be something on the Utrecht Art Supplies site which isn’t carried on their main site or vice-versa.

Mona Lisa Art

Calgary’s finest art supplier and one of our favorite stores to visit is Mona Lisa Art.

You can’t buy their products online but you can order their catalog from the site and use it to prepare a physical order with. 


And while we’re not sure that we love Amazon’s online monopoly in almost every area of retail, it would be remiss to leave them off of our list.

There’s simply too many art supplies on the site though you can’t always guarantee the service and quality that you can from the sites above Amazon on our list. 

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it, no matter what kind of art project you have in mind, these awesome online stores are going to have the supplies you need. 

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