Top 12 Plant Based Burgers Brands, According To Vegan Chefs

Best Plant Based Burgers Brands

We love eating a plant-based diet and there’s no doubt that veganism is the future.

However, we do get the occasional hankering for the good old days and the urge to grab a burger.

The good news is that there are now plenty of vegan-compatible plant-based burgers to choose from. 

We know veggie burgers, meatless burgers, etc. used to taste terrible and leave you hankering for a good beef burger, but now? They’re amazing!

Our team of vegan chefs bought and tested every plant-based burger they could find. The results are delicious and cruelty-free. Burgers without blood.

Morning Star Farms Vegan Burgers

These are our overall favorite by a long shot! Why do we like these veggie burgers? They taste as much like meat as it’s possible for a vegan meal to do.  Sure, it’s not a beef burger, but it’s so close.

This meat free burger has a meaty texture like ground beef too and the cooked product is moist and tender and won’t crumble to pieces on contact with your teeth (unlike some ground b
eef burgers to be fair).

This the future of veggie burgers, today.

You can find the Morning Star Farms Vegan Burgers online. 

Dr. Praeger’s All American Veggie Burger 

These burgers fry like a real meat burger though they can also be cooked in the oven if you want to keep the calories down. 

They’re 100% vegan and based on sweet potato, butternuts and carrots. 

They’re also completely soy protein free and gluten-free.

You can find Dr. Praeger’s All American Vegan Burger online.

Tofu Veggie Burger

As the name suggests this is made of tofu so if you’re trying to avoid soy – this is not the burger for you.

However, the taste comes from dried shiitake mushrooms so it’s not as bland as a tofu burger might be expected to be.
It’s a very low calorie offering for a burger. 

It’s one of our best vegan burgers because plant-based eating doesn’t always need to be a substitute for something like ground beef, it can be a joy in its own right.

You can find the Tofu Veggie Plant Based Burger at Hodo Foods online. These meatless burgers may also be at your local grocery store.

Impossible Burgers

The biggest name in plant-based burgers is Impossible Burgers and that’s because Impossible Foods make burgers that look like meat burgers. 

If you’re trying to get your kids to switch over to vegan food these meatless burgers might be the best way to go about it. The Impossible Burger is also, perhaps, the most famous plant based eating product out there.

Be warned though, the Impossible Burger is heavy on the soy and as such they aren’t the best vegan burgers if you want to live soy free. 

You can get a grilling pack of Impossible Burgers from their website. 

Cajun Burger

If you want a little spicy fire with your burgers than Hodo Foods’ Cajun Burger is the one for you. 

Yes, we were a little cautious when we first saw these, but they are great at giving you a nice touch of fire to reduce the taste of soy in the burger. There’s no wheat gluten in them and they’re 100% dairy free too.

Try a splash of balsamic vinegar on your fries or serve them with brown rice to get the best out of these meatless farm products.

You can find the Cajun Burger at Hodo Foods online. 

Beyond Burger from Beyond Meat

Another “I can’t believe it’s not really meat” offering is from Beyond Burger.

This contains no soy and definitely no gluten.

We think they’re among the tastiest of the plant-based burgers, but they are also among the priciest.

In this case, you get what you pay for and our kids love them!

You can find the Beyond Burger from Beyond Meat online. 

Sweet Earth Awesome Burger

These are based on pea-protein and thus, they contain a lot more protein than many other vegan burgers.

If you want to bulk up – then the Sweet Earth Awesome Burger can surely help with that.

They are high on calories but you’d expect that due to the protein content.

You can find the Sweet Earth Awesome Burger at Instacart online. 

Gardein Ultimate Beefless Burger

These grill really well and they do look like a burger when they’re done.
The texture is actually quite similar to meat which can make them a good place to get started on meat-free burgers.

You can find the Gardein Ultimate Beefless Burger on their website.

The Lightlife Plant-Based Burger 

Another pea-protein based burger that resembles the real thing. 

We really like the price of these burgers but they are hard to buy online and you will probably need to find a local store that carries them if you want to try – there are worth the effort, though.  

You can find the Lightlife Plant-Based Burger in a store near you using the online locator. 

Sweet Earth Teriyaki Veggie Burger Box

Who doesn’t like a little novelty with their burgers? 

These sweet and salty teriyaki imbibed burgers are an absolute winner when you’re in the mood for something just a little different. 

They also carry a bit less fat than some of the other burgers which may be important if you’re trying to watch the calories.

You can find the Sweet Earth Teriyaki Veggie Burger Box online. 

365 Everyday Value Plant-Based Burgers

These are a soy based burger but they overcome the blandness of the soy with mushroom powder and umm… liberal helpings of soy sauce.

As you’d expect from a Whole Food’s product these are pretty good if a little pricey for what they are.

You can find the 365 Everyday Value Plant-Based Burgers online. 

The Alpha Burger Plant-Based Crispy Chik’n

Not everyone misses the taste of beef, some vegans (and that includes us) want a chicken burger every now and again.

Alpha Foods has found the ultimate replacement and they’re super low in calories too!

Be warned though they are also super low in fiber.

You can find the The Alpha Burger Plant-Based Crispy Chik’n at Vegan Essentials online.