Top 10 Best Prefab Cabins for 2022, According To Experts

Best Prefab Cabins

Have you ever wanted to live in a cabin in the woods?

Then realized you’re not really the type to actually build a cabin?

That’s why we looked for the best modern prefab cabins. You don’t have to build one. You can have one built for you and then installed.

There are so many unique prefab cabins that you can be sure that there’s a perfect prefab cabin for you and your family.

You can choose from prefab log cabins, modular cabins, an a-frame cabin, or a backcountry hut that makes you feel at home.

That’s what our list of 10 best prefab cabins offers, the perfect place in the woods, with none of the hard work.

Abodu Cabins

The Abodu cabin is manufactured by a company called Koto. If you’re looking to get things done quickly then this might be the perfect option. 

The company not only prefabricates the home for you but they then install and add the finishing touches (for a fee, of course) too. Your prefab cabin (which is a modern version of the log cabin) will can have up to three bedrooms, a dining room, vaulted ceilings and more.

That’s all furnishings, appliances, modular storage space, solar panels, everything in place for when you move in. This modular cabin approach to a prefab cabin makes life very easy if you have the money.

A bargain at less than $200,000 all in, we think.

Avrame Duo Cabins

We like Avrame’s A-frame silhouette because it means that your cabin will really stand out and (in theory, at least) be really easy to find if you’re wandering home after a few beers at a neighbor’s house too. Though it’s not a log cabin if that’s important to you.

You can opt for 4 different possible floor plans for these cabins and they can be customized, to some extent, to deliver exactly the space you want for your family.

The total construction time of 4 months seems pretty reasonable (that’s from consultation to completion) to us too. This approach to buying a prefab cabin means you can get to cabin living quickly without compromising on cabin style.

Cabin Spacey Cabins

The Cabin One isn’t Cabin Spacey’s only offering but we confess it’s the prefab cabin that captured our hearts.

We like the exposed-wood look that gives a real sense of personality to the cabin.  What can beat a ranch wood siding? Sure, you only have a ground floor for interior space but that makes it cosy.

The panoramic windows really open the place up too to natural llight. You can use energy efficient systems throughout the cabin design and they use eco-friendly materials where possible too.

If you want to build a tiny home that screams quality then we can’t think of anything better. It’s a big step up on cabin kits.

The fittings and fixtures are first class too and the Spruce kitchen, in particular, will make the chef in your life very happy, indeed. 

Go Logic Cabins

These are larger than your average cabin and that means you end up with a lot more floor space to play with.

And yes, if we could, we’d move into one tomorrow – with 3 bedrooms, a pair of bathrooms and a fully equipped kitchen, it’d be ideal for our small family. 

One thing that really stands out about this cabin is the beautiful deck which is perfect for chilling on during a warm, summer day. 

Node Cabins

There’s a big emphasis in these homes on sustainability (and to a lesser extent also to attainability and adaptability). 

They use non-toxic materials to ensure that your family’s home (or home away from home) is completely safe to live in.

They focus on energy efficiency and ensure that the foundations have minimal impact on the earth.

And yet, they still offer a fully bespoke service that allows you to personalize your place to exactly the way you want it. 

Wheelhaus Cabins

If you want something a little quirky then you might be looking for a Wheelhaus flat-roof caboose cabin. 

Unlike many of the other tiny houses on this list, this one can be placed on a trailer and moved from place to place – and if you want permanence and a nomadic life at the same time, this is perfect for it.

However, they don’t stint on anything and you’ll find that a Wheelhaus cabin is still plenty of home to live in. 

Woon Pioniers Cabins

This company aims to be the number one brand in modular living.  This is a modular log home with a timber frame structure that really beats out a cabin kit.

That is prefabricated cabins that you sort of “clip together” to form the space and square footage that you want to live in.

The Indigo Cabin is amazing and is easily assembled on-site and uses minimal energy once it’s in use as a living space. 

They use a lot of biologically fabricated materials in the construction too and this is very well-suited for off-grid living. 

Snohetta Cabins 

This is a company with a serious reputation for making awe-inspiring buildings and thus, you can expect to invest a substantial amount into one of their cabins.

However, the modular design and versatile approach to interior styling do make it one of the most flexible and fluid spaces that you could possibly live in.

We like that it has a nice generous patio that you can use to set up a BBQ and have a nice summer meal on. 

Lake Flato Cabins

These cabins were built with the awkwardness of the real world in mind and they’re much easier to tailor to site-specific issues than many others are.

We really love their approach to using sustainable materials right down to the level of the textiles that they employ in upholstery. 

The big panoramic windows are likely to be a critical selling point for many would-be owners too. 

Everywhere Eco Cabins

The last cabin on our list is also an A-Frame and what we really like about it is that you don’t have to buy the whole thing at once.

Instead, you can commit to a phased delivery plan that lets you start with the rooms you need first and later, expand to the rooms you want or have come to need. 

You can really take control of building the perfect cabin for you and your family. 

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