Our Fave Quilt Kits for Beginners

Best Quilt Kits for Beginners

One of the most popular hobbies in America today is quilting, with nearly 11 million North Americans making quilts every year!

These beginner quilt kits are enough to get you to understand how much fabric to use, whether to use backing fabric and to undertake your first quilt project such as a lap quilt.

Some come as pre-cut quilt kits (easy quilting kits as we call them) and others contain all the fabric and expect you to make the cuts.

All you need is some willingness to stitch or a sewing machine to do it for you. That means that once you get started with quilting, you’ll be in great company and have plenty of support to further expand your skills.

Connecting Threads Beginner Quilt Kit – Half-Square Triangle Fun

If you want to get the basics down pat, this is the quilting kit to get started.

It’s a beautifully color coordinated, made in America with US grown cotton quilt kit and the instructions are simple and easy to follow. 

Our first quilting kits as children made a Missouri Star Quilt and this is a much easier way to make a beautiful quilt that that was.


1. Easy to follow instructions
2. High quality fabrics
3. Great value for money


1. Not all materials are contained in the set (no backing fabric) 
2. You have to cut your own material to size
3. The finished quilt is a little thin

Shabby Fabrics Learn To Quilt Beginners Kit

This is a really high quality starter kit which contains absolutely everything that you need to get started in quilting in the box.

We also liked the fact that there’s a matching project for a pillow to extend your range. 

It’s a nice example of pre-cut quilt kits and quilting kits like this make a very easy quilt (well, pillow) to begin with.


1. All materials and products are included to make a quilt
2. There’s some extra fabric included to allow you to practice techniques
3. Can be matched with other projects


1. It’s a bit expensive compared to some other quilting kits
2. The instructions aren’t always as clear as we’d like – quilt measures could me more precise
3. If you don’t need practice material it’s a bit wasteful

Postcards from Sweden Quilt KIT

We like the design of this quilting kit and the triangle pattern is super fun to coordinate as part of the making of the quilt.

However, you need additional quilting supplies as this just contains the pattern and the material.


1. A beautiful end product that you can be really proud of
2. Lovely colors and pattern that are fun to work with
3. Very high quality material


1. Quite expensive
2. Contains no quilting products beyond the material and pattern
3. Pre-washing the fabric can damage it

Whims Watercolor Quilt Kits Rachel’s Flower Garden Quilting Supplies

If you want to get the basics down pat, this is the quilting kit to get It’s the most expensive kit on our list but it’s also, by far, the most ambitious and the end product is a real work of art.
It’s also good value as the products included cost much more to buy separately than this kit costs. 


1. An elegant finished product with a truly unique design, perfect for gifting someone
2. Whims offers absolutely superb customer service if you want after sales support
3. The kit represents excellent value when compared to cost of the component parts


1. It is an expensive kit, you’re going to want to be certain you’ll finish this before buying it
2. The instructions aren’t always perfectly clear, you may need to re-read them a few times to get it finished
3. You will still need some additional quilting supplies not included in the box

Connecting Threads Move Over Beginner Quilt Kit

This is definitely the easiest kit of them all to work with and the finished product is brighter and more vibrant than the one in the store photo.

However, you do have to cut up all your fabric, something that we feel could have been done before shipping.


1. A super easy crafting project
2. A very attractive finished quilt
3. It’s not very expensive


1. You need to buy backing material
2. You have to cut your own fabric strips
3. Instructions are only “OK”