Top 5 Best Solar Christmas Lights: Full Of Good Cheer

Choosing the best solar Christmas lights is not that difficult. A bit of simple research and you’re good to go.

For some, Christmas is the happiest season of the year.

The chance to share time with the people we love with kindness and hospitality is simply wonderful.

Unfortunately, however, there’s one thing that we’re not so keen on about Christmas and that’s the wastefulness of standard Christmas lights.

The good news is that we can all make our Christmas’s as kind to the planet as they are to our family and friends!

All you have to do is go solar and you can cut power consumption down to nothing and still have a bright beautiful Christmas! Solar-powered Christmas lights are the bomb!

So, let’s check out our top picks for solar Christmas lights.

AMIR Upgraded Solar Powered String lights – Mini 100

Solar Christmas Lights

One thing that is absolutely certain is that you do not have to break the bank to go solar with your Christmas lights and to prove it the AMIR lights are barely more than $10 to buy!

This includes the solar panel that you need to charge these solar Christmas string lights with. As Christmas decorations go, these solar powered lights look great and make you feel good about the money you’ve saved.

The good news is that they provide 100 lights per string (you can upgrade to 200 if you need more for a little extra cash) and they throw light in all directions.

If you like parties to have lighting, these lights are what you need.

There are also two lighting modes – steady on and flashing.

You can find the AMIR Upgraded Solar Powered String Lights – Mini 100 online.

Jos Mega String Fairy Lights (2 Pack)

Best Solar Lights

If 2 modes isn’t enough for you then why not 8?

Yes, the Jos Mega String Lights do some serious routines when you miss with the settings a little – they can do waves, sequences, slot glow, slow fades, and much more!

This is a two-pack of solar-powered outdoor lights and they come with solar panels which means these solar Christmas lights work straight out of the box, pretty much.

They also throw light in all directions and really make a party go with a swing.

They need only a full day’s charge to throw light for more than 24 hours too, so your guests won’t be plunged into darkness while they dance. LED Lights used as outdoor lights makes sense too as they use very little electricity (though there’s no electric bill for solar outdoor string lights) and emit very little heat removing any fire risk.

You can find the Jos Mega String Lights (2 Pack) online.

Creative Design Solar Lights For Christmas

Solar Christmas Lighting

Sometimes you want more than just fairy lights and that’s the time to reach for the Creative Design product.

These lights project some awesome patterns (including some super Christmassy snowflakes) to a total of 200 lumens brightness!

It’s super easy to install. The solar panel is in the box which means the LED lights are very easy to get working. We don’t use these as outdoor Christmas lights though as they feel just a bit delicate to us.

The light is multi-colored though and the only thing missing, in our opinion, is the option to switch it to a single color.

It is completely water resistant to the IP65 standard.

You can find the Creative Design Solar Lights For Christmas online.

Vmanoo Solar Christmas Lights 8 Modes

Solar Christmas

These lights are super value and run up to 72-feet in length. The solar panel is included for these solar outdoor string lights which is very handy.

They’re great value and if you want some cool-looking long strings of blue or white light, this is the place to start.

There are 400 bulbs in each pack which means there’s plenty of light being generated.

The downside? They’re not officially waterproof though in our experience; they are fine in the rain. We’ve been using them as solar Christmas pathway lights and had no issues at all.

You can find the Vmanoo Solar Christmas Lights 8 Modes online.

Gigalumi 2 Pack Solar String Lights

Solar lighting

We love these flower shaped light

They do, however, have a feeling of spring more than Christmas but their big advantage is that they’re quite small and can be focused very easily.

That means when you need light in a very specific place, this is where you want to end up.

They’re fairly priced for what they do too.

We even hang them on our tree, we like them that much.

You can find the Gigalumi 2 Pack Solar String Lights online.

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