Top 5 Best Solar Deck Lights for 2022: Illuminating

Our search for the best solar-powered deck lights ended up being a lot of fun.

We spent a couple of weeks out on the Whole People deck each evening testing out various options of solar deck lights. Of course, there was wine involved!

Aside from the obvious environmental benefits, one thing about the availability of solar charging in the modern era is the ability to light up your deck at night without overlighting it with a floodlight.

Solar deck lights are also surprisingly affordable and a solar deck light represents no real fire hazard, either.

We’ve been out and tested a bunch of different lights to help you narrow down the choices for your deck and we’ve come up with the best options for outdoor use, steps, waterproofing, post lights, and all-around use.

Check them out, we think you’ll love them. Get lit!

Best Solar Deck Lights

Best Outdoor Deck Lighting | Brightech Ambience Pro Waterproof Outdoor String Lights

outdoor solar string lights

If your deck is exposed to the elements at all, it’s probably best to use waterproof lights wherever it’s possible that they might be rained on.

However, these solar deck lights come with a solar panel, and these solar-powered lights put out a really pleasant light.

These Brightech solar deck lights are happy to shrug off a storm (even resisting 50-mile an hour winds). They’re really well-built and we wouldn’t expect to need the 3-year warranty they come with.

You can find Brightech Ambience Pro Waterproof Outdoor String Lights online.

Best Stair Lights | XLUX Solar Lights For Steps

xlux solar lights for deck steps

These solar deck lights are designed to avoid you developing a trip hazard on your stairs as a trade-off for illumination. They’re quite corporate-looking, which may not always be a bad thing.

We liked the fact they came in smaller packs of 2 as well as larger packs of 6 for increased value for money. Though we do wonder why we can't buy a single solar deck light…

They have inbuilt solar panels and each solar light has their own solar panel.

We don’t like to buy more lights than we need and the XLUX lights were very easy to install and use. They’re not that bright though and you shouldn’t expect to use them as your main deck lights – they’re not up to the job.

You can find XLUX Solar Lights For Steps online. It's an excellent solar lighting solution and the deck light it produces is really good.

Best Motion Activated Lights | URPOWER Waterproof Solar Lights

URPOWER are some of the best solar deck lights

We like these motion-sensitive lights a lot and the 50,000-hour battery lifespan should be more than good enough for lights that only come on when someone is moving. These are very easy to install solar deck lights.

We think 5-10 years is a reasonable expectation of their lifespan. The individual solar panels will probably be the final cause of failure as they often are for outdoor solar lights, just make sure they get the most direct sunlight possible.

They also pack a reasonable punch when it comes to brightness and we’d suggest buying fewer lights than you think you need and then testing them before buying more.

URPOWER has an excellent reputation for customer service too. So, if anything goes wrong with your solar deck lamps, you can get it fixed easily.

You can find URPOWER Waterproof Solar Lights online.

Best Solar Post Lights | Davinci Lighting Solar Post Lights

davinci solar post lights

You pop these lights on top of the posts on our deck and they’re more for decoration than serious illumination.

They should stay lit for up to 8 hours overnight and they are said to have a 100,000-hour battery life.

We thought that they were very easy to install and we’d recommend them for most deck owners unless you have smooth railings, in which case they may not stick to them.

You can find Davinci Lighting Solar Post Lights online.

Best Deck Lights Of Them All | OTHWAY Solar Fence Posts Lights

We found that these lights were incredibly easy to stick to posts and walls. They’re very bright and we found that they lit up a huge area for each light.

They have built-in day/night sensors which ensure they only turn on when there’s not enough light to see without illumination. That keeps the cost of use down which is good and the lithium batteries they are supplied with are very hardy too.

They come with a 12-month warranty but we doubt that you’ll need it – these are lights built to last.

You can find OTHWAY Solar Fence Posts Lights online.

For more ideas for solar power around the home and natural living don't miss our Guide to sustainable living.

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