Top 8 Best Solar Power Banks For 2022

There’s no excuse these days to not have the very best solar power banks for your needs. Everybody needs power these days. And they need it on the go!

Smartphones, smartwatches, cameras, tablets – the list goes on. They all have thirsty batteries which need constant charging. A portable solar power bank means that you can charge your stuff wherever you go.

Solar energy is becoming increasingly popular. Check out the latest solar energy statistics here.

best solar power bank reviews

If you want to make your power consumption as green as possible, then you need to go with a solar power bank but which one should you choose? Well, we tested 20 solar power banks to try and answer that question for you.

How To Pick The Best Solar Power Bank For Your Needs

The place to start is with the size of the power bank, you want a solar power bank that doesn’t weigh too much and is as compact as possible but be aware – that the smaller a solar power bank gets, the more it costs.

So, it’s important to balance price with size. You also need to consider the capacity of the power bank.

The best rule of thumb is that the capacity of your solar power bank should always be greater than the capacity of the product you’re charging – so for most smartphones that means you want something bigger than 3,000 mAh (that’s milliamp hours).

Then make certain that your power bank is designed with safety in mind.

solar power

You want short circuit protection built in to your power bank and an overcharge cut out. If the power bank doesn’t have those two things – definitely don’t buy it.

It’s also worth noting that while most power banks can easily handle a phone or a watch, if you want to charge your laptop – you need a power bank that will deliver the right wattage to charge it this will be around 12 Watts or 2.4 Amps.

If the power bank can’t do that, it won’t charge the laptop even if it contains enough store electricity.

Then the last thing to pay attention to is whether or not your power bank has the right ports for your devices.

There’s nothing worse than having to buy convertor cables because you forgot to check, and the bank has an unusual output or input port.

Best Solar Power Banks

BigBlue 3 USB 28-Watt Solar Charger (Foldable Version)

Solar Charger

This has 4 built-in solar panels and 3 USB ports which mean you can charge a bunch of different devices at once. The solar panels are well made and flexible as solar panels should be.

This is the ideal companion for a family camping trip but isn’t always the most portable choice on offer here.

You can find the BigBlue 3 USB 28-Watt Solar Charger (Foldable Version) online.

Renogy Portable E Lumen With Built-In Flashlight

Portable E Lumen With Built-In Flashlight

This also comes with a handy flashlight and a single internal battery and that means it can charge your devices even when out of the sun.

It has a small integrated solar panel which is OK for solar charging.

We’d use this as a backup power supply though not as our first point of call as it’s not going to handle multiple devices or wireless charging.

You can find the Renogy Portable E Lumen With Built-In Flashlight online

20 Watt SunPower Solar Charger

SunPower Solar Charger

We love that this one of our solar chargers is designed to easily clip onto a backpack and even comes with a carabiner clip to make this happen. The solar panel then gets plenty of sun as your devices benefit from solar charging on the move.

It can charge two devices at once with it and there’s a pocket to hold a device on the charger itself. Getting battery power on the go doesn’t get much easier than this.

You can find the 20 Watt SunPower Solar Charger online.

21 Watt Solar Charger Nekteck

21 Watt Solar Charger

This neat folding panel charger has two clips that let you set it up everywhere and it’s very good for charging camera batteries but watch out, it’s a bit longer than some of the other models.

You can find the 21 Watt Solar Charger Nekteck online.

Goal Zero Nomad 10 Charger

Nomad 10 Charger

This is about the same size as a sheet of A4 when it’s folder up and it’s one of the lightest models to use – the included kickstand is a nice touch which makes using it anywhere super convenient.

You can find the Goal Zero Nomad 10 Charger online.

25000 mAh Solar Power Bank For Camping

Power Bank For Camping

This neat little charger from GoerTeK is completely waterproof and built for dropping – it would be very hard to break this in the great outdoors. Sadly, it’s a bit heavier than most other similar devices.

You can find the 25000 mAh Solar Power Bank For Camping online.

Solar Charger BearTwo 10000 mAh Charger


If you want something cheap, cheerful and good enough to charge your phone with – you can’t beat this and it’s both waterproof and made out of tough rubber.

Sure, it won’t cover all your devices but at this price?

Who would expect it to?

You can find the Solar Charger BearTwo 10000 mAh Charger online.

Soxono 16000mAH Solar Charger With Qi Wireless

Solar Charger With Qi Wireless

We like the inbuilt Qi wireless charging and you can charge 3 phones with a full charge from this device.

It’s also fully waterproof which we like a lot. It’s super value for money.

You can find the Soxono 16000mAH Solar Charger With Qi Wireless online.

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