5 Best States for Homesteading In The USA

There’s a burgeoning “back to the land” movement in the USA but it’s not always easy to be a homesteader.

We put together our list of the top states for homesteading because while you can run a homestead in your backyard or in a suburban setting, it’s always easiest to do it in a place that welcomes your efforts.

How We Chose The Best States for Homesteading

Everybody’s needs for a homestead are different and that means there’s no one size fits all “perfect state” but we took into account the following factors in composing our rankings:

  • The legal framework – the state’s laws should support homesteading wherever possible
  • The cost of land – the lower the better (including property taxes)
  • The land safety – taking into account anything from natural disasters to fracking
  • The accessibility of water – it’s hard to grow anything without it
  • The growing environment – is the climate, humidity, etc. conducive to growing food?
  • The homeschooling environment – does the state make it easy to homeschool?
  • The homesteading community – the more support available to you, the better
  • The overall climate – it’s easier to live in Hawaii than Alaska for obvious reasons
  • The natural world – is it beautiful and appealing? 
  • The healthcare environment – access to medical care matters


Famous for amazing potatoes this state is gorgeous with plenty of green space and a comfortable climate to enjoy it in.

The state laws are decently supportive of homesteading and you won’t lack for medical facilities. 

You can get away from it all in Idaho but never end up totally isolated.


A state that’s absolutely lovely for siting a homestead, Tennessee is one of the best places in America to grow nearly all year round.

They have a great legal framework and you’ll find that they have low property costs AND low property taxes which is important to keep the costs down. 

You can also collect rainwater without a permit.

West Virginia

We find ourselves humming “take me home…” whenever we turn to the idea of homesteading in West Virginia.

The good news is that property taxes are very low but they are toughening up their zoning laws, so if you want to homestead in this exceptionally pleasant state, you want to get a move on. 


We can’t think of a more traditional homesteading state than Oregon and it’s a fantastic place not just to grow food but also to sell it at one of the abundant farmer’s markets.

The state has a solid legal framework that supports homesteading and you should have no problem finding other homesteaders to network with and the community is exceptionally strong. 


The climate in Missouri is warmer than average, hot summers and mild winters, and we think that’s going to make it super appealing to many people.

The legal framework is very free and you should have no problem creating the homestead of your dreams here. 

Whether you want to go entirely off-grid or you’re going for something a little more connected, the top states for homesteading are ideal locations to get your project started.

Of course, it ought to be possible to start a homestead in most states, so, if you find you’re stuck somewhere and can’t move, this doesn’t mean “no homestead”, it just means a bit more work to get the ball rolling. 

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