Top 44 Best Sustainable Clothing Brands for 2023

Best Sustainable Clothing Brands

In putting together this list of the best sustainable clothing brands we tried to be inclusive as possible but we had to make some hard decisions.

There are hundreds of small brands producing amazing sustainable clothing of one kind or another. We salute them all!

In fact, we’ll be adding them as time goes by to our Sustainable Brand Directory. If you’d like to be included, just reach out to us.

In an effort to encourage sustainability, we encourage you to buy secondhand clothing at one of the reputable online thrift stores.


Sozy is a women’s clothing brand that makes soft and cozy casual wear for everyday style. A play on the words “soft” and “cozy”, the brand has worked on their carbon footprint and is now a carbon neutral business that donates 10% of its profits to survivors of sexual violence, committing to the betterment of women and the planet.

All pieces are designed by the founder, Lanai Moliterno, and made in the USA with custom-made sustainable fabric

Sozy women’s clothing brand

Sozy partners with RAINN, an organization that supports survivors of domestic violence, as well as 1% For The Planet. Because of their commitment to helping people and the planet, they are B Corp Certified.


everlane logo

Everlane is a company pushing for a more sustainable way. Their preferred “way” is through exceptional quality, ethical factories, an ethical and sustainable supply-chain and radical transparency.

They put a tremendous amount of effort in locating the best factories that can fulfil their ethical supply-chain goals.

They also invest a great deal of time and money into sourcing only the best and most sustainable materials.

Their ultimate goal is to make clothing that is not only sustainable but built to last.

everlane pants

This is their Utility Barrel Pants and they’re made of lightweight cotton and have a touch of stretch. They feature a high rise waist, an easy cropped length and overall they have a craftsman-inspired look.

Girlfriend Collective

girlfriend collective logo

Girlfriend Collective is a sustainable company that makes women’s clothing, and supports ethical and sustainable practices.

They make a lot of their clothing from fabrics made of recycled waste. They use plastic water bottles to make polyester and nylon with almost 2 million plastic bottles recycled and upcycle fishing nets to make a light and stretchy eco-friendly fabric they call LITE.

girlfriend collective leggings

They make many different products but I am particulary fond of their workout friendly clothing including their Compressive High-Rise Leggings.

Alternative Apparel

alternative apparel logo

Alternative Apparel loves our planet and are mindful of the impact they make. They are always striving to lessen their impact.

Just some of their sustainable traits are using organic cotton, post-consumer recycled polyester, low-impact dyes, and eco-friendly packaging.

alternative apparel romper

An example of their eco-friendly clothing is this romper made of their Eco-Jersey fabric that’s crafted from organic and recyled materials.


able logo

ABLE is a women’s clothing brand that’s challenging the fashion industry by creating transformative opportunities for women. They invest in, train, and educate women so they can earn a living, break the cycle of poverty, and thrive.

Their company staff even consists of 95% women. They’re also, of course, deeply commited to making quality products for an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle.

able jeans

This is the Clarissa High Rise Jeans, which are a beautiful pair of deep blue jeans with subtle hand-sanded details.

Threads 4 Thought

threads 4 thought

Threads 4 Thought is a sustainable clothing brand that creates products that leave a smaller impact on our environment.

Their company supports in-need communities, and assists in changing ethical standards within the fashion industry.

They make an effort to source the most sustainable materials including their organic cotton and recycled polyester. Their factories hold some of the highest standards and certifications in the industry.

They even partner with the International Rescue Committee allowing their profits to benefit in-need communities around the globe.

threads 4 thought joggers

These are their Liora Panel Joggers, made from their popular triblend fleece, it is one of the coziest and coolest joggers I’ve ever tried on.


outerknown logo

Outerknown is a clothing brand started by professional surfer Kelly Slater with the vision to create a new company that makes great clothing with a radical commitment to sustainability.

Outerknown is trying to prove to other fashion brands that you don’t have to compromise on sustainability or style because they can come in the same package.

outerknown shirt

They even did a collaboration with Bruce Brown Films to create this surfing inspired clothing line. We absolutely love their The Endless Summer Sillouette Tee.

Amour Vert

amour vert logo

Amour Vert is a company that strives to provide a product that is the most sustainable in all aspects of business; from their production, to their materials, even to their packaging. The whole process must be an ethical supply-chain.

They produce all their products locally in the state of California a few miles from their offices in San Francisco. They even plant a tree for every garment purchase.

amour vert dress

This is their Marianna Chiffon Dress in a pattern they call Nara Floral made from 100% mulberry silk chiffon.

People Tree

people tree logo

People Tree is a sustainable fair trade fashion company that strives to make every product as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible from start to finish.

From the very start their products had Global Organic Textile Standard certification and were even the first fashion company to be awarded the World Fair Trade Organisation product label.

people tree dress

This is the Morgan Blossum Print Maxi dress and is a beautiful dress made of 95% organic certified cotton.


pact logo

Pact is a sustainable clothing company that wants to push the motive that the stereotypes about organic aren’t true; that they’re pricy, and only for environmental activists.

Pact is a one stop shop where you can pick up everything you need to start living and wearing organic. Their clothes are practical, comfortable, and easy.

pact shirt

This is their Shelf Bra Camisole, it is a cute camisole top in a mint color and is super breathable and has a subtle stretch to it aswell.


boden logo

Boden is a sustainable clothing company that is obsessed with making clothing that’s crafted exceptionally well; that doesn’t shrink, is as comfortable as possible, and will last a life time.

They understand that there is more to clothing than just comfort and careful construction, that’s why they have pushed focus towards sustainability and eco-friendly practices.

boden green shirt

This is their green Linen Cotton Shirt made of breathable linen blended with cotton to make an amazing fabric to resist those creases.

Krochet Kids Intl.

krochet kids logo

Krochet Kids is a non-profit clothing company started by three high school friends crocheting, which has become a revolutionary organization.

Thier focus is to give back to the community that has given so much to them already, and to empower others and change the way they think about their social impacts.

krochet kids pullover

They are an amazing company that has already made a huge impact and will continue making an impact.

Thought Clothing

thought logo

Thought clothing is an ethical clothing brand and what drives them is their mission to live more thoughtfully – something they hope you inspire to do too.

They strive to design clothing that is effortless and has sustainability in mind. They exist to show that there are more sustainble ways to live and dress.

thought loungepants

This is their Dashka Comfy Bamboo Loungepants and true to their name, they are actually very comfortable, made of bamboo and organic cotton.


naadam logo

Naadam is a sustainable brand that has a mission to source the world’s best cashmere straight from Mongolia’s Gobi Desert at prices that are fair for them and for you.

Since the company was founded in 2013, they’ve been commited to transparency, ethical practices, sustainable supply-chain, environmental sustainability and cultural preservation.

naadam sweater

This is their Cashmere Boatneck Sweater and it’s one of the softest and comfortable sweaters I’ve ever tried on.


tentree logo

Tentree, a company started by environmentalists, they strive to educate you and empower you to do the best you can when it comes to the environment.

On top of that they have planted a whopping 43,000,000 trees as a result of their belief that we have a responsibility to protect and preserve the world we live in.

tentree sweatpants

This is their bestselling W Bamone Sweatpants, it’s just an easy pull-on jogger that’s comfy, eco-friendly and sustainable.

Tribe Alive

tribe alive logo

Trive Alive has a vision of moving the fashion industry toward a more humane approach, where the Earth and the maker are valued equally.

Above that as a company they measure success through their impact not through profits.

tribe alive linen tunic

Their Oversized Linen Tunic has an effortlessly chic and laid back look, and is handmade in India from %100 organic linen.

Outdoor Voices

outdoor voices logo

Ourdoor Voices is a sustainable sportswear brand that designs their clothes with longevity and circularity in mind to ultimately reduce environmental impact.

They prioritize solutions for raw materials, specifically their fabrics and packaging, replacing them with sustainble, ethical, or recycled materials.

outdoor voices sportswear

Their sportswear is really a wonder when it comes to both sustainability and just being a good piece of fabric to work out in.

Eileen Fisher

eileen fisher logo

Eileen Fisher started a company that believes that clothes should ethical, timeless, effortless, well-made, and a part of a responsible lifecycle.

One cool system they use is Waste No More, which is a circular system where they take their clothes back once they are damaged and transform them into entirely new designs, having done so with over 1.4 million pieces so far.

eileen fisher blazer

This is their Organic Cotton Poplin Shaped Blazer which is lightweight and has slight stretch for comfort.

Nudie Jeans

nudie jeans logo

Nudie Jeans is a well known sustainble denim company that makes all their denim from 100% organic cotton.

Their jeans aren’t designed to be worn a few times then thrown away, their raw denim go through no extra treatments or washes and are meant to last you a life time.

nudie jeans jeans

This is their classic Hightop Tilde and features a mid blue wash with the subtle abrasions and indigo tones giving it character.


patagonia logo

Patagonia is another company that you have probably heard of, they as well follow a hard sustainability mission and make great clothing while doing it.

Some of the things that make them sustainable are, 72% of their line uses recycled materials, 100% of their electric needs were met with renewable electricity, and they have a goal to reduce their carbon footprint and become carbon neutral by 2025. They’re one of the best sustainable fashion brands out there.

patagonia jacket

This is their women’s Mountain View Windbreaker Jacket, and is just one example out of countless other pieces Patagonia offers.


kowtow logo

Kowtow is a label commited to creating positive change, a label that has a misison to preserve the planet and protect the people.

Their susutainability spreads wide with the use of organic cotton, natural fivers, and recycled materials. They also follow practices like respect for animals, having safe workplaces and having sustainable water management.

kowtow clothes

This is their wide leg pant that has front pleats and a relaxed fit made from organic cotton jersey.

Ninety Percent

ninety percent logo

Ninety Percent has a commitment that if they have the opinion to do something better, and kinder, they will.

They are discovering and exploring planet-friendly fabrics, reflecting on the past and present of the clothes they make and the impact their brand and other fashion brands have on the world.

ninety percent dress

This is their cami dress made of Tencel which is renewable, sustainably harvested wood pulp with a touch of elastane for stretch and comfort.

Mara Hoffman

mara hoffman logo

Mara Hoffman has an aim to design and manufacture their garments with greater care, reduce their impact, and spread awareness.

There are many options and alternatives in fashion to manufacture more responsibly.

mara hoffman bikini

This is the Abigail Bikini Top made from regenerated nylon and spandex. It even has UPF 50+ protection.


tradlands logo

Tradlands strives to create pieces you can wear with anything and wear for years to come, that’s why they make their clothing with the highest-quality eco-friendly materials they can get their hands on.

They put great effort into everything they do, the details of the clothing, the fit, the fabric, and have purpose behind their designs and choices.

tradlands jumpsuit

This is their beautiful Finn Jumpsuit made with sustainable linen and Tencel fabric, it comes with a sash belt and has a relaxed fit through the hips and thighs for maximum comfort.


kotn logo

Kotn makes quality essentials, ethically made from authentic Egyptian cotton, their cotton being a dying industry from big corporations opting for cheaper lower quality options.

By practicing fair trade and working directly with cotton farming families in Egypt, they want to rebuild the industry and offer you quality products made of quality material.

kotn workwear

This is a work jacket they offer in Nile Blue, it’s a durable everyday piece, warm enough for autumn days, and light enough to layer indoors.

United By Blue

united by blue logo

United by Blue is a sustainable company that has a specific goal of improving and preserving our oceans and waterways.

They have a promise where for every product purchased they will remove 1 pound of trash from the oceans and waterways, and so far they have removed over 3 million pounds of trash from the ocean.

united by blue button up

This is their Natural Short Sleeved Button Down made of 91% organic cotton, 6% hemp, and 3% yak. It’s really just a great shirt for everyday use.


cuyana logo

Cuyana is a company that wants to spread awareness and change how the fashion industry operates, in pursuit for a better, cleaner, eco-friendly world.

On average Americans buy 68 items of clothing a year, and a UK study shows that each garment is worn only 7 times before being discarded. So Cuyana is on a mission to change this. To make fewer, but better products that last a life time.

cuyana top

In pursuit of that goal they are commited to producing products that enable you to maximize their wear, and provide a way to recycle through second life programs.


vetta logo

Vetta is a sustainable company that is commited to sustainable fabrics and responsible factories, their woven clothing is made in a family run factory in New York City.

Their commitment to sustainable fabrics include primarily using Tencel, Organic Cotton, and deadstock fabrics, seeking out fabric with the highest quality and best performance.

vetta wrap sweater

This blouse from them is one of the cutest and softest I’ve ever tried on, having an effortless yet cozy look to them.

Hackwith Design House

hackwith logo

Hackwith began with the purpose of making long lasting and versatile clothing that’s just as unique as it’s wearer, releasing a limited line of clothing every week.

They have a simple and clean aesthetic, use quality eco-friendly materials, and have amazing attention to detail making it one of my favorites.

hackwith top

This collared button-up from them is a simple and comfortable piece that can be styled in many different ways if you get creative.

Fair Trade Winds

fair trade winds logo

Fair Trade Winds is a family business and believe that if we’re all on this planet together, we can work cooperatively to create incredible change.

They are even fair trade certified by the Fair Trade Federation, so you can trust that their products are all fairly traded and handmade.

fair trade winds jumpsuit

Their jumpsuits are so cute and are made in India out of 95% cotton and 5% Lycra. They’re just so comfy to wear around the town.


sezane logo

Sezane is another sustainable fashion brand with the idea of making high-quality eco-friendly products that can be worn forever, while offering them at a fair and accessible price.

Sezane are trying hard to become more and more sustainable everyday. 70% of their sustainable materials are already eco-responsible, and they have obtained 3 certifications including GOTS certification. We love their GOTS certified organic cotton.

sezane blouse

This is there Fleurine Blouse that has a flowy fit and rounded neckline, it’s even made fully of viscose, a sustainable material made of cellulose fibers from wood.

Petite Studio

petite studio

Petite studio is a brand that has a strong dislike for fast fashion, they believe in investing in piece that will last for years, so they have picked up on some “slow fashion” principles.

Some of these principles include having full control over production, spending time on their constrution, sourcing luxurious fabrics, and having an ethical and sustainable approach.

petite studio dress

This is their Carly Midi Dress in a red floral pattern, it’s made of delicate and lightweight fabric.


encircled logo

Encircled is a Canada based company that makes thoughtfully-designed and versatile wardrobe essentials.

Their eco-friendly fabrics are some of the best in the game, they’re super soft against your skin, drape beautifully, and are resistant to fading.

encircled pants

These pants from them are some of the comfiest I’ve worn in a while, their wide leg design doesn’t get hot or make it hard for you to move.


indigenous logo

Indigenous is one of those clothing brands that puts their artisans before themselves, and have made a huge impact not only to local communities but to the Earth aswell.

They have employed over 1000 artisans, saved millions of gallons of water, and actively practice fair trade and other sustainable practices. Some of the fabrics they use include organic cotton, free-range alpaca fur, and Tencel a highly eco-friendly fabric.

indigenous scarf

This is a showcase of some of their unique ideas, this is a scarf they make and it’s of those pieces that is really unique and just accentuates your outfit.

Back Beat Co.

back beat co logo

Back Beat Co is a sustainable company that makes vintage-inspired clothing in a fresh and modern look.

Though they have those vintage-inspired pieces they still experiment with colourful and fun pieces of clothing.

back beat co clothes

They recently released a collection of “Underthings”; a collection of bras and underwear that you can wear for lounging, layering, doing light activities, and more.

Whimsy and Row

whimsy and row logo

Whimisy and Row is an eco-conscious lifestlye brand that was founded in 2014 and is based in Los Angeles, with a love for quality goods and sustainable practices.

Their clothing is handcrafted under ethical conditions using locally sourced deadstock textiles and eco-friendly materials, sourcing out only the best eco-friendly fabrics.

whimsy and row dress

There Perri Dress is made of the softest, most comfortable linen. It’s great for the environment, your skin, and is just a cute outfit. Ethical fashion made cute.


matter logo

Matter is a sustainble company that loves traditional clothing, sourcing heritage designs and styles to reinterprete them in a modern manner.

There designs definately have the heritage design and are made of great eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics.

matter clothes

This look from them looks like a laid back comfortable fit that I think anybody could get behind.

Vege Threads

vege threads logo

Vege Threads cares about the planet they live on, so they try to tread lightly and make things simple and locally.

They produce all of their products locally in Australia using only organic and eco-friendly materials and dyes in limited numbers.

vege threads sweatpants

These sweatpants and sweatshirt from them is great for when you’re just chilling around the house or don’t feel like dressing up.


tonle logo

Tonlé is a zero-waste, ethical brand that has a big mission to reduce waste generated and change the way business is done in the fashion industry.

You can see some of our other best zero waste online store brands here.

Their process starts with scrap waste sourced from mass clothing manufacturers, making handmade clothing and accessories in Cambodia, a truely sustainable supply-chain.

tonle kaftan

This is the Long Kaftan from them and is made of a soft and organic cotton gauze material, great for a day at the beach or casual daywear.

Jenni Kayne

jenni kayne logo

Jenni Kayne is a Californian lifestlye brand that wants to inspire women to live an ethical fashion lifestyle without sacrificing style, comfort, or the environment.

They focus on quality construction and attention to detail so that their pieces can stand the test of time.

jenni kayne sweater

This simple sweater from them is great for a chilly day where you need something cozy but not too warm to wear.


monsoon logo

Monsoon is a great UK based company that makes children’s and women’s clothing.

Their lines of clothing include unique, fun, and colorful designs that make you feel great and you will want to have a fun time in them.

monsoon dress

This dress from them has a sort of randomized polka dot design and has a perfect comfortable fit.



Sotela is a California based company that celebrates the human form by promoting body positivity, strength, and resilience.

They exclusively use eco-friendly fabrics such as tencel, modal, and linen. Every piece being handmade from start to finish in house in their studio.

sotela shirt

This is their Pomela Button Up Shirt, where they took a modern take on the classic short sleeved button up, simultaneously being masculine and feminine.


lacausa logo

Lacausa, by definition in Spanish meaning “The Cause”, is redefining the basics, bringing romantic silhouettes to you under ethical and sustainable conditions.

Lacausa takes everything they can into account through out the designing and manufacturing process, because the fashion industry is in fact one the world’s biggest polluters

lacausa jumpsuit

The Woodstock Jumpsuit is a loose fit, wide leg summer jumpsuit made of the softest and coziest cotton gauze, it’s an easy everyday staple.


reformation logo

Reformation has a design mission to make effortless silhouettes that celebrate the the feminine figure, while doing so as ethically and sustainably possible.

They souce the most beautiful and sustianble fabrics possible to bring their designs to live.

reformation top

The Soren Top is one of my favorites from them fitted with a fully smocked back and rustled elastic straps, giving a comfortable fit while still looking cute. We learned about this brand from one of our best sustainable fashion blogs.

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Pro Tip: You can find pre-loved secondhand clothing from these brands in a thrift store. Thrifting has gone online in a big way recently! Don’t miss our guide to online thrift stores.