The Ethical, Sustainable Dress Brands for 2023

10% of all the world’s carbon emissions stem from the apparel industry. 

The production, manufacture, and transport of the garments we buy are killing the planet.

We can do better and that doesn’t mean compromising on the way we look or the fashion statement that we make.

Our best sustainable fashion brands are all proof of that, check them out, we think you’re going to be impressed. 


Valani’s dresses have an emphasis on the feminine and there’s a flow throughout their lineup that just works.

Their fabrics are all sustainably sourced, they use dyes that are toxin-free and low-impact and they even have a vegan range!

See our guide to sustainable fabric to learn more about this concept.

You can’t go wrong with Valani. That’s why they’re one of our favorite sustainable fashion companies.

Our Commonplace

Our Commonplace is a marketplace that’s aimed at bringing lifestyles plus sustainable brands in fashion, together under a sustainable umbrella.

We were really impressed by their ranges of dresses that use reclaimed materials (or recycled materials) combined with organic fibers such as organic cotton.

Sustainable practices are a good guide to a changing fashion industry and ethical practices when it comes to our clothes.

Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it at Our Commonplace.

People Tree

The UK’s People Tree brings a vibrant, hip aura to ethical, sustainable fashion and if you’re looking to accentuate your sense of fun in your clothing, you can’t go wrong with their dresses.

In addition to their sustainable creds, they’re also fair-trade certified which means that everyone involved in the manufacture and processing of their clothes is rewarded fairly for their efforts.

Their commitment to ethical and sustainable practices make this a sustainable brand that you can rely on.


Pact is one of our favorite all-round sustainable clothing brands and one of the first we discovered when we began to get interested in slow fashion. (We heard about it on one of our favorite sustainable fashion podcasts).

All of their dresses use GOTS certified organic cotton and their very minimal chic appeal is likely to connect with a lot of our readers’ fashion ideals. 

A transparent supply chain which shows you that raw materials are certified and fair trade is vital for a responsible fashion brand like Pact and it’s why they’re among the leaders in slow fashion.


Portland’s very own Altar uses both sustainable materials (such as natural fibers, organic cotton and recycled plastic bottles) and those that have been placed on “deadstock” lists at other fashion houses (thus, preventing waste).

They create their pieces in limited edition runs, so be warned, if you find something you like, you’ll want to snap it up or it might not be there when you come back for it.

They’re big believers in the body positive movement too. 

Amour Vert

Nearly all of Amour Vert’s dresses are made in California and they believe in eco-friendly sourcing combined with local manufacturing to deliver a truly sustainable product.

We like that the sustainable fashion movement puts an emphasis on local and we think that it’s the heart of real “slow fashion” as it really reduces transport miles and carbon emissions.

Their clothing is very flattering but we’d like to see them cater to some larger sizes too, it’s fair to say this isn’t a line that can accomodate everyone, yet.

Thought Clothing

We head back over the pond to the UK where Thought Clothing resides.

We love the way that these dresses are designed to provide that classic level of modesty while still introducing a light and breezy aesthetic that really turns heads.

The fabrics are all eco-friendly and where possible, they’re also organic. Organic cotton is so comfortable!

Two Days Off

As the name suggests, Two Days Off is all about the weekend and if you want elegant casual clothes there are few brands out there that can match their sense of style and playfulness.

You can wear their numbers while sipping on champagne over brunch or while wandering the grocery store picking up your weekly shopping, they look good everywhere!

The brand is black-women owned and use sustainable fabrics and is also very focused on small batch production. 

Eileen Fisher

If you want something classic with a neutral tone to it, then Eileen Fisher is where you want to go, you can find her pieces in capsule wardrobes throughout the land for their minimalist approach.

Not only do they use sustainable fabrics, but they also run a take back program to reduce waste at the end of the dress’s lifecycle. 


Mie is a Nigerian based brand that always works with natural, breathable textiles and creates a look that’s totally unique.

If you want something that’s comfort fit and still eye-catching and trendy then you want to check out Mie, their dresses are next level awesome.

Final Thoughts

It’s not hard to find amazing looks that are as kind to the planet as they are to your style and these sustainable clothing brands are super easy to recommend.

If you’re interested in other ways that your fashion choices could be more eco-friendly, why not read up on the benefits of circular fashion. We think you’ll like it.