Our Top 11 Fave Ethical & Eco-Friendly Fashion Blogs

sustainable fashion blogs

It’s pretty hard to come up with only ten best sustainable fashion blogs to feature each year. There are tons of high-quality blogs on the interwebs that deserve a mention.

This list could have easily gone to 50 even 100 great blogs about sustainable fashion and the ethical clothing industry. We will add to it in the future so send us your recommendations!

Like us, you probably want to dress impeccably but you want to ensure that you’re not destroying the planet while you do? Then slow fashion from sustainable fashion brands that are also ethical brands leads to a sustainable lifestyle.

Well, we’ve got some great news. We’ve found what we feel are the top ethical fashion blogs on the Internet today to help you make informed decisions about your fashion choices and build a sustainable wardrobe. (Take my advice, check out our fave thrift stores post.)

Check them out! And remember, if you’ve got a suggestion to add to the list just shoot us a message. We are listening. We love to hear how you’re putting an end to fast fashion in favor of sustainable and ethical fashion.

P.S. If you want to know what sustainable fashion is we have a guide to sustainable fashion too. We can also show you what we think is the future of sustainable fashion.

Conscious Life & Style

Conscious Life & Style

Conscious Life & Style is a sustainable fashion and lifestyle website with curated brand guides, step-by-step resources, and in-depth researched articles. The site covers topics like slow fashion — from secondhand & eco brand roundups to tips on fashion activism — sustainable home, clean beauty, responsible travel, and eco-minded living.

This mindful media platform also has a podcast, the Conscious Style Podcast, which explores what it will take to create a better future for fashion.

Check out Conscious Life & Style online here.

Eco Chick

Best Sustainable Fashion Blogs

Eco-chick has been sharing the news about sustainable fashion and slow fashion since October 2005 and that means they were the first site online to do so.

We really like their Heroines for the Planet series which profiles women making a genuine difference for the planet. There’s something fabulous about their personal style and the stories of their sustainable journey and decision to lead a life of conscious consumerism.

They are the pioneers of Ecofeminism which they believe will help the planet and its population into the best version of themselves.

Ethical and sustainable fashion has never been so enthralling!

Wardrobe Crisis

Sustainable Fashion Blogs

Clare Press of Vogue brings you everything that she can on slow fashion, culture, ethics, the environment, and more on her blog Wardrobe Crisis.

We really love her podcasts which dig much deeper into sustainable lifestyle issues than many other boggers can.

Every week, Clare interviews a series of designers, change-makers, academics, creatives, and fashion insiders all about fashion, ethics, the environment, and sustainability. She takes on fast fashion and embraces an ethical fashion community that is about more than a sustainable fashion journey and strays into areas such as the zero waste lifestyle too.

Clare is the Global Ambassador for the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Make Fashion Circular initiative and she has a lot of experience in sustainable fashion from an industry perspective. (We’ve got a great article explaining circular fashion too).

My Beauty Bunny

Best Fashion Blogs

Jen Matthews runs My Beauty Bunny which is a cruelty-free beauty, travel, health, lifestyle, sustainable life, and fashion blog. So, more than an ethical fashion blog.

It’s also a vegan blog and that means a guarantee of all-natural and cruelty-free recommendations. We think she’d like our clean beauty influencers list. There’s no love for fast fashion brands on this ethical fashion journey, that’s for sure.

When she’s not blogging, she’s running the advertising agency Top Tier Media.

We like that she digs into nearly every aspect of slow fashion, it’s not all about the clothes.

This piece where she looks at the utility of Glamcor Mirrors really embodies what she does.

Ethical Elephant

Best Sustainable Fashion Blogs

Ethical Elephant is another vegan fashion blog and we like the fact that they put the products first and foremost and the personality of the owners is carefully masked.

It means you have to think about the issues, and you can’t kick back and let the point sail by you.

One thing we find especially useful and keep returning to time and again is their extensive Cruelty-Free Brand List.

This is a great blog and we look forward to reading it regularly.

The Green Hub

Best Sustainable Blogs

Kira was appalled to learn that many of her “beauty products” were ugly.

They had been tested on animals, stuffed into non-sustainable packaging and were made in sweatshops.

She didn’t want to be a part of that anymore.

That’s why she runs The Green Hub, so she can help make sure nobody buys products like that again.

It’s a superb resource for sustainable fashion choices.

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Style Destino

Sustainable Fashion Blog

Shruti Jain’s passionate about sustainable living and the vegan lifestyle.

She brings her master’s degree in finance to bear on the issues and she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty when it comes to finding out where the real ethical decisions lay.

Style Destino is her brainchild and it’s full of hardcore reporting and lighter moments of joy that bring the green fashion industry into real perspective.

It’s an unmissable choice.

Season & Salt

Best Sustainable Fashion Blog

Season & Salt is a step up the sustainable fashion food chain and it works directly with a group of ethical, independent designers to showcase their work and bring it to a large audience.

Andrea from Portland, Oregon is the woman in charge and she really knows her stuff.

We feel that articles like The Platform Boot Trend show that Andrea has a better understanding of the fashion industry than many other bloggers.

It’s good stuff.

The Indie Blog

Sustainable Blogs

Many of the other ethical fashion blogs only touch on women’s fashion – The Indie Blog is unashamedly unisex, and we think that’s important.

After all, if you can’t persuade the other half of the planet to live sustainably, what’s the point of it all?

There’s so much great information on this blog that you could lose a whole day browsing around its pages.

Sustainably Chic

Best  Blogs

Somebody had to get the word sustainable into their blog title, right?

Well, it was Sustainably Chic that pulled it off and the good news is that their blog is a highly credible and well-written source of superb information for the ethical shopper.

Their shoe recommendations are an absolutely essential part of our lives now.


Best Sustainable Blogs

They’re never afraid to take a strong view and we love them for it, Ecocult is sustainable fashion blogging with an opinionated edge.

We think if you’re going to delve into ethical issues, you’ve got to have a sense of purpose and they really do.

Alden Wicker’s editorial work makes Ecocult one of the best blogs for sustainable fashion on the planet.