Popular Sustainable Fashion Podcasts For 2024

Popular Sustainable Fashion Podcasts

Fashion is not at all sustainable. The industry is the second-most polluting business on Earth!

Garment workers are regularly treated terribly as well, with the fashion supply chain only serving corporations and business leaders.

Things are changing though, in part due to these brilliant sustainable fashion brand podcasts.

Not only will you learn about the systemic problems in the garment industry but they can help you become part of the solution through ethical fashion. 

Sustainable fashion could save the planet. Are you ready to take part?

Conscious Chatter

Kestrel Jenkins is a fashion podcaster with real life fashion industry experience having worked for People Tree in the UK.  She believes that sustainable and ethical fashion are the way forward for the fashion business.

It’s in the harmful fashion industry that she learned about fair trade fashion and environmentally friendly garments and it helped to inspire her to teach people about “how what we wear counts.” She’s a big fan of affordable and ethical clothing brands.

She’s a huge advocate for positive change as well as social and environmental justice and we think you’re going to love what she has to say on Conscious Chatter. Ethical fashion can only enhance your personal style.
Check it out here.

Wear Your Values

Wear Your Values is a relatively new podcast series that, sadly, only runs for a grand total of five episodes, we really would have liked more.  We like that they use industry insider guest slots it delivers an ethical fashion podcast with real substance.

However, what’s here is pretty impressive and the focus on sustainability is razor sharp, there’s no fat at all and their full investigative trip to an ECHTE factory is awesome – you get right behind the scenes of sustainable fashion. 

Check it out here.

Pre-Loved Podcast

One of the easiest ways to turn your fashion habits into something more sustainable is simply to wear pre-loved clothing, by using something again, you ensure that no further environmental damage is done by the fashion industry. 

Emily Stochl, of Brume & Daisy fame, is your host and she brings a fascinating range of guests together to explore how thrift, vintage and DIY fashion is the way to bring about a true revolution in fashion!

The future of sustainable fashion will definitely include ideas from this podcast.
Check it out here.

American Fashion

Charles and Cathy hose American Fashion which touches on every part of the industry and they’re happy to expose just how dirty the business can be too. 

They’ve examined everything from human trafficking to intellectual property abuses in fashion and it’s absolutely fascinating. 

This is the perfect podcast for those who really want to understand the fashion industry and all its nasty secrets. 
Check it out here.

Fashion Unzipped

This is produced by the British newspaper, The Telegraph’s, fashion columnist in conjunction with their other fashion journalists, correspondents, and editors. 

It’s an ethical fashion conversation that takes a hard look at issues such as fashion entrepreneurship sustainability and the wider sustainable fashion industry.

So, you get a slice of the cutting edge of the industry combined with takes on sustainability, worker’s rights, sizeism, and more. 

It’s super listenable and as you’d expect, very well-informed as the best fashion podcasts should be. 
Check it out here.

Who Made My Clothes?

Hailing from Down Under, Who Made My Clothes is a revolutionary podcast from 2017 which was made for the Fashion Revolution Week.

Sadly, they only made 7 episodes (one per day of the week) but Clare Press of Wardrobe Crisis is the host and top fashion journalist and she really digs down into the ethical issues of fashion. 

And she highlights those regional clothing suppliers and supply chain experts that are trying to make fashion a more sustainable and kinder business. She even touches on clothing recycling which could transform the fashion industry today.

It’s very much worth checking out, as it has aged very well, indeed. 
Check it out here.

Fashion No Filter

This is a great sustainable fashion podcast with two regular hosts Camille and Monica who are filled with enthusiasm for their subject.

They invite regular interviewees to help explore the industry from the inside out but the tone never becomes so serious that they put the listener off.  It’s nice to hear from fashion brands as to how the fashion industry operates.

The don’t just expose the issues, either, they offer practical guidance on how you can play a part in making the industry change. 

They have a strong idea of what a sustainable brand should look like and how a slow fashion company even in challenging and remote locations can make a real difference.
Check it out here.

Spirit of 608

Lorraine Sanders, the host, of Spirit of 608 takes a long hard look at how ethical fashion, entrepreneurialism, tech and sustainablity can be brought together to make the biggest difference in the industry. 

We’re also impressed with the focus on female empowerment here, with 80% of industry workers being women, it’s super important that the sustainable fashion space makes room for more female voices, they’re the future of the fashion business. 
Check it out here.

There’s no doubt in our minds that sustainable fashion is the future of fashion and these awesome top sustainable fashion podcastes can help inspire us all to drive the future of fashion in the right direction.