Top 9 Best Sustainable Slippers Brands for 2022

Some people think our quest for the best sustainable slipper is a fool’s errand. A slipper is just a slipper, they say. Here’s the thing: it’s important to be comfortable! It’s true.

So, there’s two things we never scrimp on at Whole People – quality bed sheets and great slippers. We love a good pair of slippers to wear around the house.

Here are the sustainable, ethical, and eco-friendly slippers brands we recommend to keep your dogs comfy this year.


baabuk logo

Baabuk is a sustainable company that specializes in wool footwear.

With every step in their manufacturing they strive to do it the most sustainable way.

Their sheep are even certified mulesing- free, and live in the Serra de Estela Natural Park, the largest protected area in Portugal.

baabuk slippers

Their Mel slippers are made almost fully of wool, are so comfy, and are even made by hand.


betterfelt logo

Betterfelt is a Danish-owned company that strives to bring you high quality, unique wool footwear. Their slippers are even hand-felted.

Their wool is 100% natural and sustainably collected. The secret to their craft is their wool still contains lanolin, which protects their wool from dirt and odor.

betterfelt slippers

Their Classic Woolen Felted Slippers have a thick sole which provides a good sense of grip and comfort to make you feel great while wearing them.


freewaters logo

Freewaters is a sustainable company that has dedicated to giving back. The way they do this is a percent of every sale made is funded into their clean water projects in Haiti, Kenya, and the Philippines.

Not only do they give back, but their slippers are absolutely adorable.

freewaters slipper

But unlike typical slippers that are flimsy and unsupportive, these slippers are designed specifically for incredible cushioning, arch support, and a modern fit.

freewaters slippers

These are their Chloe 2 slippers and come with all the features that a perfect slipper would come with. I also just love the design of them.


toast logo

Toast is a company that offers a great load of products, but had began their company making loungewear and nightwear in 1997.

So you could say they might know what they’re doing when it comes to comfort-wear.

Their main focuses are to craft quality products that have longevity, they try their hardest to make products that will last you a lifetime and are worth the money you spend.

toast slippers

This pair of slippers from them has a durable suede top, a super cozy inner lining, and a cork and latex footbed that mold to your feet and last you forever.


thought logo

Thought is commited to bring you style that is effortless with sustainability in mind, responsible sourcing, and bringing a change to our planet.

Their slippers are great because they are so light and breathable, they feel like you’re wearing the softest, warmest socks in the world.

thought slippers

The reason their slippers are so sustainable and comfy is because they’re made of bamboo and organic cotton. Bamboo is also what makes these socks so breathable.


kyrgies logo

Kyrgies are a brand that focuses solely on woolen products, with all their products being hand made from all natural wool.

Their flippers are made of wool felt which is naturally odor-resistant, breathable, and durable. They also never disappoint me with their comfort.

kyrgies slippers

These are the Kyrgies Molded All Naturals which are a beautiful slipper that has arch support.

They are also the perfect slipper for people who suffer chemical sensitivity, not using any chemicals to manufacture at all.


rikumo logo

Rikumo is a sustainable brand that celebrates Japanese craftsmanship, design, and aesthetics. A showcase of Japanese culture and lifestyle.

The Lana slippers are 100% cotton and is weaved in a way that makes the texture feel as soft as cashmere.

rikumo slippers

These slippers are a designed after traditional Japanese room shoes and are ensured to keep your feet warm and comfortable after a long day at work.


toms logo

Toms is an amazing company with giving back at its core. Their idea is for every pair of shoes sold, a new pair would be given to a child in need.

Since the inception of the company in 2006, Toms has given back nearly 100 million pairs of shoes to people in need. That is absolutely amazing.

toms slippers

This is their Nova Leather Wrap Slip-ons and they have some of the softest and coziest fits to them. Warm up your morning with a pair of these.


feelgoodz logo

Feelgoodz is an eco-conscious company that bring you premium footwear products, using solely natural, sustainable materials.

They are also fully commited to fair trade practices and conscious sourcing.

Their products are crafted by local artisans, supporting the local communities.

feelgoodz slippers

Their Woven Slippers are inspired by the vibrant colors and weaving traditions of Vietnam.

These handcrafted beauties are just so cozy and warm.

Last Word on Slippers

You should treat your feet to a pair of sustainable slippers today! It’s time to chill, sustainably!

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HONORABLE MENTION: – Dooeys – they have changed the game with their hybrid vegan shoe/slipper for indoor use.

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