21 Sustainable Swimwear Brands for Summer 2023

Searching for the best sustainable swimwear brands? Want an eco-friendly swimsuit? Ethical brands?

The choices for sustainable swimsuits have exploded in the last couple of years. As a result, our picks for the best of the best have ballooned to twenty-four brands for this edition.

There is definitely something for everyone and there are plenty of interesting and unique designs that blur the lines of what you expect from a bikini or a one-piece suit.

Do Good Swimwear

do good

Do Good Swimwear is a swimsuit brand that supports ethical, eco-friendly practices. They provide sustainable, ethical, and affordable swim suits.

Each suit is made out of recycled materials using ocean waste and turned into a beautiful and comfy swimsuit. They make truly sustainable and ethical swimwear.

Their ‘Coco’ Triangle Top is a classic and comfortable swimsuit, made of recycled materials. This piece comes with adjustable straps, no-clasp back, and removable padding.

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 Jessica Rey

jessica rey

Jessica Rey is a sustainable swimwear brand that makes beautiful swimsuits made of recycled fabrics and materials.

Their swimsuits are made of recycled fishing nets and all their cellulose fibers are made of beech wood and are all natural and bio-degradable.

This is one of the one pieces from them, it a ruffled neckline and a soft shirring, has removeable soft pads, is fully lined, adjustable straps and made with love in the USA.

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Summersalt Swimwear


Summersalt creates sustainable swimwear that are comfortable, stylish, and made for people that are on the go.

Their products come in the best quality with the best prices, made from recycled materials because if we want to explore this world, we have to take care of it.

This bathing suit from them features a deep vee front, a stunning open back, and cute ruffles, their one-pieces have it all!

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Manakai Swimwear


Manakai Swimwear is an eco-friendly swimwear brand that makes swimwear out of sustainable techno-fabric created from Econyl regenerated nylon.

They even have scientific evidence to back them up that their fabric not only the best option for the planet but lasts 2x longer than any other fabrics available on the market.

Their bathing suits are made of 100% Ecolyn regenerated nylon fiber from fishnets and other post-consumer regenerated nylon waste, which when woven turns into the softest swimwear fabric available and has excellent UV protection.

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Patagonia, a brand you probably have heard of have been making great outdoorsy apparel for the longest time, and are highly respected as a brand.

But you may be surprised that their swimwear is made of sustainable, recycled polyester. Some pieces even being made of 100% recycled polyster – free of micro plastics.

This is a lightweight, stretchy, fast-drying, cropped silhouette surf rashguard that is absolutely amazing. But they do have many more options of swimwear to meet your wants.

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Vitamin A

vitamin a swimwear

Vitamin A is a swimwear line that is aimed at female empowerment and the idea that feeling sexy meant feeling healthy and confident.

They set out to reduce their eco-footprint, from using recycled nylon fibers and recycled packaging materials, to choosing energy-efficient and local factories, they are always seeking out new sustainable practices and ways to improve working conditions.

They have half a dozen of their own signature performance fabrics which are all sustainably awesome, from recycled polyester to even plant-based fabrics, they have it all when it comes to sustainability.

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arkitaip swim bikini

Arkitaip is a brand that is driven with a mission to create effortless, timeless, and durable garments without the need to hurt our planet.

All of their crochet garments are handmade in Europe with the highest quality recycled and virgin linen, they are truely beautiful and quite frankly a piece of art in themselves.

Their Frida Crochet Bikini is made-to-order making every piece a one of a kind, featuring a detailed crochet job and adjustable hip ties.

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woodlike bikini

Woodlike is a feminine eco-friendly swimwear brand thats goal is to help create healthy oceans by bringing highly sustainable swimwear.

Their swimwear is made from ocean recovered old fishing nets and other recycled materials. Not only can you help clean up the oceans and ocean waste but you can also look great doing so.

Their comfortable eco Capri Triangle Top not only looks great but also feels great both while sunbathing or even jumping in and out of the water.

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Mara Hoffman

mara hoffman

Mara Hoffman is a clothing brand that choose their materials with thought and care. Prioritizing natural, recycled, and organic fibers when sourcing for materials.

As for their swimwear, they are made of 100% recycled nylon and recycled polyester, since 2017 their use of this alternative fabric has diverted over 17,767 lbs of waste from landfills.

This Abigail Bikini comes in this pretty looking watercolor design and is made of recycled polyester and spandex, it even offers UPF 50+ protection.

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boden swimwear

Boden is a sustainable and eco-conscious swimwear, clothing and footwear brand. Their swimwear is awesome and their motto is to make clothing that will last the test of time.

They are commited to running rigorous tests on their products to ensure that the product you buy is the best version of itself it can be.

Their bathing suits just look and feel amazing, they’re some of my favorite one-pieces because of their classic minimalistic looks.

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Arrow + Phoenix

arrow + phoenix

Arrow + Phoenix promotes body positivity, but also promotes living a lifestyle that benefits the lives of others as well.

Their swimwear is made from recycled materials and recycled nylon yarn, and even uses 75% less energy to produce than traditional apparel.

This swimsuit really is a head turner, for those days when you want to look good on the beach, or look good for an instagram pic even.

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Londre is a eco-loving swimwear brand that uses compostable packaging (made of corn), recycled materials for their suits, and has the ability to reuse all the water used in their manufacturing processes.

Londre says that each swimsuit contains at least 6 recycled plastic bottles, and they have cleaned up and recycled more than 90,000 plastic bottles off the beaches and streets of Taiwan. All of their swimsuits are made from recycled plastic bottles.

One of their best-selling one-pieces, the Minimalist comes in different colors but red is my favorite!

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prana swimwear

From farm to factory to your closet, Prana takes all the opportunities they have to reduce the carbon footprint and greenhouse gases created by their products.

From the farms where their organic cotton and hemp are grown to the beaches where countless recycled plastic bottles have been collected, sustainability is their pride and joy.

This swimsuit has a unique look to it that I absolutely adore, the print is pretty and the back is stunning. Spice up your swimwear collection with this piece.

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Baiia is all about making unique and flattering swimwear the empowers women and honors sustainable practices at the same time.

The amount of platic produced between 2000-2010 was around the same amount made in the entire last century and Baiia thinks it’s time for a change.

This bathing suit is an elegant stunner, featuring a full body fit and a contrasting calming floral pattern. Perfect for a coastal stroll.

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bikyni swimming

Bikyni, a Los Angeles based company, creates swimwear that is easy to shop and easy to wear. Sticking to the minimalist designs, without being overdesigned or overpriced.

The focus was placed on providing premium materials made from recycled nylon and polyester, creating time-less pieces that anyone would appeal.

Their Longline is a versatile swimsuit that feels premium. It could maybe even pass for a top on a hot summer night out.

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Bold Swim

bold swim swim suits

Bold Swim was created to empower women through beautifully designed bespoke swimwear, and even goes beyond just sustainability but is designed for versatility as well.

If you are drawn to minimalist design and saturated colors then you will fall in love with Bold Swim.

Their swimsuits are eco-friendly, soft, comfortable, and even biodegradable. It can’t get better than that.

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aerie swims

Aerie is a line of clothing made by American Eagle that is a sustainability-focused venture. Making an effort for a better world.

Their swimsuits are made of pre-consumer recycled nylon fabric that comes from saving leftover fiber scraps and turning them into beautiful new suits.

Aerie’s products have great, fun designs to them and their swimwear line is surprisingly budget-friendly for a fully sustainable swim piece.

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Madewell is a sustainable brand that mainly focuses on denim but have starting making swimwear and they have done it absolutely right.

Their swimsuits are made stylish and sustainable, and were made in pursuit of the perfect suit.

This swimsuit comes with a smocked underwire bikini top and has a vintage look to it with the mini floral print.

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maaji swimwear

Maaji is a sustainability-focused company that aims to make the Earth a better place than how they found it and promises to make every day Earth Day.

They are commited to preserving the ocean because it is the heart and soul of our planet. And preserving it is one of the most important steps towards a better world.

This swimsuit is basically a piece of art handmade by a Columbian Artisan, being dyed individually your piece will be unique to you.

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Hackwith Design House

hackwith design house swimwear

Hackwith Design House has the goal of making long-lasting, versatile and sustainable clothing that is as unique as its wearer. 

They’re so actively trying to make a change that they have a limited edition design made and published every single week with no more than 25 made of each.

Everything is made in their studio in Minnesota and to reduce waste many of the items are not made until you order them. Hooray for zero waste.

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seea swimwear

Seea is a collection of ‘waterwomen’ and the sea is their temple. They are a Los Angeles-based brand pushing hard for fashion sustainability and protecting the Earth and its oceans

Seea swimsuits are made from recycled garments and textile waste, and deadstock fabrics that were discarded. To add onto that they replace neoprene with a plant-based Yulex technology.

The Rini Bikini Bottom is a perfect swimsuit for those warm days with a low-rise fit and textured fabric makes them feel elegant and special.

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