10 Best Teardrop Trailers Brands for 2022

We absolutely adore tear drop campers here at Whole People! So researching the best teardrop trailers brands was a labor of love.

Through most of the middle of the 20th century teardrop trailer campers were the height of glamping. Then came the excesses of the RV era. But now these super-practical, cute little teardrop trailers and teardrop campers are making a comeback. Big time!

We love the simple minimalism of a teardrop trailer. We have a few out back the Whole People HQ and we use them fairly regularly. They double as guest bedrooms for when friends of friends show up out of the blue, some of the best teardrop trailers can even fit a queen size bed in them.

A teardrop camper is a solid first step if you aim to “elevate” your camping experience. Add an organic memory foam mattress and you’re getting close to campsite Nirvana. Getting your bed off the ground is a nice bit of luxury. No apologies.

Best Teardrop Trailers



Our personal favorite for overlanding.


Earth Traveller

Handbuilt. Custom-Made. These are amazing!

Vintage Overland

Vintage Overland

Distinctively beautiful teardrop trailers.


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What Exactly Is A Teardrop Trailer (or Teardrop Camper)?

Teardrop trailers – or teardrop campers – are lightweight, towable mini-RVs distinguishable by their distinctive teardrop shape. A typical model sleeps two people and has a basic tiny kitchen (rear galley) in the back.

Short History of The Teardrop Trailer (Teardrop Camper)

Teardrop trailers evolved in the 1930’s and became extremely popular in the 1940’s after World War II. The Depression was over and the war had given the economy a large boost. The citizens of the US wanted to go on vacation with their families.

The United States was developing the highway system and that made travel easier. The teardrop trailer was light weight and could easily be pulled behind the family car which in the 1930’s and 1940’s had an engine under 100 horse power, or in some cases a motorcycle.

Source: The Teardrop Trailer

Choosing Your Trailer or Camper

When choosing the best RV’s or the best teardrop trailers there are two important variables to consider.

  1. Where will you be camping?
  2. Who will you be camping with? Two people?

The answers to these questions will lead you in the right direction and assist in choosing the best trailer to start your teardrop camping trip experience. If you need extra storage space you can always go with a roof rack.

Vintage Overland

Vintage Overland makes some of the most unique looking teardrop trailers on the market. They are definitely one of the best teardrop trailers brands.

They call their teardrop campers caravans. Each caravan is made by hand and is definitely high quality craftmanship.

Each caravan offers shelter for 2 adults and with a few additions up to a family of 4.

The caravans are very high quality. They are also built tough and are able to traverse even the most rugged terrain.

Shaped like a teardrop, Vintage Overland makes meticulously constructed trailers that are lightweight and are able to hitch onto any vehicle of any size.

“You don’t need much, even in the most barren, exposed places. Just a small feeling of home.”
– Popular Mechanics Magazine

Earth Traveler

Earth Traveler teardrop camper trailers are hand-built, custom-made, and lightweight. The Earth Traveler gives you the ability to turn any car into an RVing experience.

The focus of Ear Traveler is to provide an adaptable living shelter, they are even weatherproof and aerodynamic.

Each Earth Traveler is sculpted and built by hand in Santa Fe, NM. The design philosophy utilizes biomimicry to realize it’s organic avian shape.

Hütte Hut Wooden Trailers

Hutte Hut makes custom trailers that are just unbelievably gorgeous. They are constructed fully of wood and are durable and watertight.

They’re aerodynamic, lightweight, and maneueverable, they look like they’re almost out of a fantasy. I personally think they are one of the best teardrop trailers, if not the best, when it comes to its looks.

I am a huge fan of the design of these trailers to say the least. They look and feel like they are built with true craftsmanship.
These beauties are not for the frugal as they start at $65,000.

Hütte Hut explores the idea of mobile space beyond the context of camping through premium materials, modernist design values, and the development of proprietary boutique manufacturing methods.

Little Guy Mini Max

Little Guy Trailers make more traditional trailers but they sure pack a punch. The Little Guy Max and Little Guy Mini Max sure has some features hidden inside. These are some impressive and some of the best teardrop campers.

It has a kitchen area with a large sized fridge, bathroom and shower area, a sleeping area that converts into a dining room, and even large panoramic window panes.

Little Guy teardrop trailers are arguably the most popular and best-selling teardrops in the world. This is a direct reflection of the company’s commitment to producing high-quality, innovative products.

It is just a great trailer with it’s real world functionality. We are also a fan of the size and functionality of the Little Guy Max. And it even has the option to add a stargazing window that runs along the roof.


nuCamp builds some of the most spacious teardrop campers in the game. Their interiors are extremely functional while maintaining a spacious airy feeling.

Inside the camper you get a large queen size sleeping area, a nice bathroom, a large kitchen and a dining area that can be converted into a secondary sleeping area.

The nuCamp is basically a home away from home. It’s like a Los Angeles apartment on wheels.

“nuCamp RV manufactures the highest quality recreational vehicles and truck campers available in North America. The dedicated craftsmen and women who work at nuCamp RV in Sugarcreek, Ohio, are committed to the principles of integrity and excellence. We embrace innovative design and adhere to the highest-quality construction techniques and processes. We have learned that this is a recipe for creating fanatical customers. We treat our customers like family, and they repay the favor by spreading the news about how much they love their campers. We’re not perfect, of course, so we make it right whenever we fall short. That’s our commitment to you.”

Polydrops Trailers

This isn’t your average camper.

The Polydrops trailer has a space-capsule feel to it but inside it’s got all the features you’ll need even featuring a full kitchen cooking space and fridge in the back.

The team at Polydrops are obsessed with coziness and the excellent insulation creates a warm comforting feeling when inside your Polydrop trailer.

We really love the Polydrop’s energy system that runs on a 100w solar panel and battery.

The Polydrop Trailer is relatively lightweight at only 1150LBS and can be towed by most standard passenger vehicles. For safety, hydraulic disc brakes come standard on all of their models.

The unique design of the Polydrops trailer really catches the eye. It almost looks like the Tesla Cybertruck.

Mink Campers

Mink Campers is an innovative travel company founded in Iceland. Tthey strive to combine the intimacy of camping in nature with the world of luxury travel.

The Mink Camper is a simple but yet stunning camper, as you can see in the second photo the camper features a full glass roof above your sleeping space that really immerses you with your surroundings.

Not only does the does the panoramic roof immerse you in with nature it also is absolutely fantastic for stargazing.

You can also rent a Mink Camper if you happen to be in Norway or Scotland.

Colorado Teardrops

Colorado Teardrops makes campers that are built for extreme off-road, off the beaten path. They sure are a tough trailer and sturdy and rugged look to it.

One thing we love is they are made right in the USA in Colorado. All their research and testing is done in the Rocky Mountains nearby. In a 50 mile radius of the Colorado Teardrops headquarters there are over 50 campgrounds!

The trailers have enough room and storage space to take your family, grandchildren or even dogs on memorable adventures. Being fully insulated is perfect for both summer and winter trips.

The Colorado Teardrops Summit is a trailer built for off-roading, built to keep up with you on the dirt path and sustain no damages.


Escapod is a company specialized in making trailers, specifically capable trailers for you to get off the grid with. They also feature many add on features that can change how the trailer works entirely. It is one of the best teardrop campers when it comes to add ons.

The Escapod TOPO Series teardrop trailer is designed to handle the most rugged terrain, this teardrop will follow you anywhere you can go. 

With independent suspension rated to 3500 lbs and triple redundant water-proofing, you’re truly free to roam. This is truely an off-road best friend.

One thing we love about the Escapod is they are made in Utah right here in the good-old USA.

If you’d like to try before you buy then we recommend you rent a teardrop trailer. You can rent one directly from Escapod or via Outdoorsy.

Rustic Trail

Rustic Trail Teardrop Campers have a goal to build affordable, lightweight, and easy to tow campers that are excellent quality for the money.

 The Kodiak Stealth being their best seller was designed with a rugged look, given heavy-duty stand on flat fenders and can be towed by most small SUVs and vans. 

All Rustic Trail Teardrops are built to last and the Kodiak Stealth is no exception. It will last you for years to come and for a lifetime of memories. It sleeps two adults.

Final Thoughts | Are Teardrop Trailers Worth It?

If you love the outdoors but you prefer a bit of an elevated experience then a small camper might be right for you. If you have a bigger family, you should check out these pop up campers, they’re great!

If you want to minimize your environmental impact while at the same time getting your bed off the ground then a small camper is definitely a better choice than a full-blown RV.


  1. As a young family, we camped in a small tent trailer that opened up like a Transformer.
    The teardrops that we saw were very small and limited in features.
    The models you show are ideal for us as an aging couple, weatherproof but accessible, small but fully equipped.

  2. I have always wanted one esp the Hutte! I would take my pottery on a cross country mobile marketing trip with my wee ones in tow.

  3. I love the Mink Camper for the glass roof. Falling asleep under the moon and stars would be a magic I would never forget!

  4. My husband and I love camping with our 4 dogs. We just got back from camping out this weekend at Table Rock State Park. We use a tent but as we walked the dogs through the campground we both said we would love a camper. We would love to win!

  5. My husband and I just got back from camping at Table Rock State Park in SC with our 4 dogs. We used a tent and as we walked our dogs around the campground we talked about how great it would be to have a camper. It would be great to win one!

  6. I really think the nuCamp is the one I’d want! I am a 63 year old female who loves the outdoors. I am young enough to go, but a little too old for roughing it. Also it would provide for a feeling of safety at night. Love it!!!

  7. I really love the looks of these campers. Also, I love the fact that they can be pulled with a car/SUV. Makes it more convenient for most people.

  8. Pretty great! I don’t think my old bones could handle a couple of these but I appreciate the designs!

  9. From retro to futuristic, these teardrop trailers are works of art with many space saving innovations thrown into the mix.

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