Thrift Stores in Brooklyn Guide

New York’s most hip and happening borough is definitely Brooklyn. And it’s one of our favorite places to go thrifting when we’re in the Big Apple.

With that in mind we thought we’d share our favorite stores for thrifting so that you can enjoy the bargains too!



Crossroads Trading is the thrift store that we hit IP when we want affordable prices on designer label items.

Seriously, we can’t get over how they keep these reasonable prices on such a decent selection of big names.

Bargain hunters are going to absolutely love spending hours in this store and they also offer great value for the clothing they buy in (we recommend a store credit if you want to make your old clothing deliver bigger value in this thrift store).

This is the kind of place that gets you addicted to thrifting (read the confessions of a thrift store addict to find out what that feels like).

Address: 135 N. 7th St. Brooklyn, NY

Check out Crossroads here.

Beacon’s Closet

Beacon's Closet

Thrift stores and vintage shops don’t get much better than Beacon’s Closet. They have three vintage stores now, dotted across Brooklyn and they are all among the best vintage shops that you can experience in the city.

Items such as dress shirts start at less than $20 in Beacon’s Closet! In fact, we find it hard to spend more than $20 on any given item of gently used clothing in this place.

They have a huge selection of thrifted clothes but you may need to hunt around the different locations of their stores in Brooklyn to get the best items.

We think that has the makings of a great day out, particularly if you love vintage pieces as much as we do.

Address: 23 Bogart St. or 92 5th Ave. or 74 Guernsey St. Brooklyn, NYC

Check out Beacon’s Closet here.

Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange is one of the biggest chains of thrift stores in the country and while you can find only one of their thrift stores in Brooklyn, NY you can find four more elsewhere in New York.

They carry vintage clothing, ordinary clothing, women’s clothing, fast fashion, work clothes, etc., and all of it at a reasonable price.

We have made any major vintage finds in this chain but we rarely leave empty-handed either.

If you find other thrift stores overwhelming, you can do much worse than start at Buffalo Exchange.

Psst… get our tips on for thrift shopping before you go too.

Address: 504 Driggs Ave. or 109 Boerum Pl. Brooklyn, NY

Check out Buffalo Exchange here.

Brooklyn Flea

Brooklyn Flea

Brooklyn Flea Market is better than all the best vintage stores put together for vintage clothing. That’s because there are dozens of stalls selling every type of vintage clothing (including amazing vintage dresses) and it’s also great to find furniture and artisan-made products.

However, don’t expect every purchase in a vintage shop to be dirt cheap. This popular vintage market knows exactly what things are worth and if you want great work from local artisans, you should be prepared to pay for it.

We like to think of it as “pretty affordable” as opposed to being inundated with great prices.

Address: 80 Pearl St. (Please Note: This only takes place on a SUNDAY, so don’t go any other day, it won’t be there).

Check out Brooklyn Flea here.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army

Perhaps, the biggest name in thrifting in the nation is The Salvation Army.

And while we won’t say their store is a “must visit” option on your trip to the borough, they offer good prices on select styles and if your next purchase needs to be a bargain – this is a great place to get real “thrift” for your money.

There are few places that will provide better value on items like shoes, accessories, jeans, jewelry, etc. and their racks are always full.

Address: 436 Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn, NYC

Check out The Salvation Army here.

Housing Works

Housing Works

Despite the name, Housing Works is all about kid’s stuff and some clothing rather than household items. Though the Brooklyn Heights branch does have some housewares in stock too.

The best items, however, are on the pricier side and are usually sold via an online auction rather than at their two locations in the borough.

Address: 150 Montague St. or 266 5th Ave. Brooklyn, NY

Check out Housing Works here.

Broadway Fashion

Broadway Fashion

One of our favorite places to find second hand clothing bargains is Broadway Fashion.

It’s not about high-end but rather quality second hand clothing at the lowest possible prices.

You can spend as little as $6 on a nice piece in this thrift store.

They still have a carefully curated selection on the shelves and it remains one of our favorite places to shop even if their vintage selection isn’t up to much.

Address: 234 Keap St., Brooklyn, New York

Check out Broadway Fashion here.

New Brooklyn Fashion

New Brooklyn Fashion

For a great selection of vintage stuff, get over to New Brooklyn Fashion! Well, at least, do if you’re a woman – their men’s clothing isn’t up to much to be fair.

This shop is also very affordable and everything in the store is within reach of a tight budget.

We’ve occasionally found things for as little as $5 in this store! It’s a hidden gem with no web presence at all.

Address: 1065 Broadway Ave, Brooklyn, NY


Green Village Used Furniture & Clothing

Green Village Used Furniture & Clothing

If you want a huge store full of vintage items? Then this is it.

It’s in Bushwick and we’d set aside a day or more to go through their incredibly wide selection of vintage offerings, the place really is big.

However, if you take your time, you can find vintage bargains that beat out every other store selling vintage products in the borough. Everything on the racks is priced to sell.

Address: 276 Starr Street, Brooklyn

Check out Green Village here.

Final Thoughts On Finding The Best Thrift Store In Brooklyn

If you still can’t find what you want after browsing all these awesome stores? Try our favorite online thrift stores, instead.

But we’d recommend a day out thrifting in Brooklyn over online shopping!