Thrift Stores in Nashville Guide

Best Thrift Stores in Nashville

Nashville is a vibrant and exciting destination with some of the best thrifting opportunities in the country.

We love a bargain in the country-capital of the nation and we think you will too.

So enjoy our list of the best shops to grab a bargain in Nashville.

Goodbuy Girls: Cowgirl And Cowboy Clothes

Goodbuy Girls: Cowgirl And Cowboy Clothes

Perhaps, the most famous store in the city due to its eclectic collection of cowboy boots for women and its emphasis on selling artisanal handmade products.

We love that Goodbuy Girls blends the modern styles of today with some classic vintage aesthetics.

Address: 1108 Woodland St Unit E, Nashville, TN 37206

Check out Goodbuy Girls here.

Buffalo Exchange: Brand Recognition

Buffalo Exchange: Brand Recognition

They are the nation’s biggest chain in the thrifting game and if you need to sell as well as buy, this is one of the best places to do so.

You will have to wait until your merchandise is sold to get paid but this is very standard in stores of this nature because they can’t be certain of clearing their inventory no matter how good quality your garments are.

You should definitely read our tips on sustainable thrift shopping before you visit this store.

Address: 2214 Elliston Pl, Nashville, TN 37203

Check out Buffalo Exchange here.

Black Shag Thrift: Vintage Clothes

Black Shag Thrift: Vintage Clothes

If you like a thrift store with a distinct identity you can’t go wrong with this hidden gem, which doesn’t just offer reasonable prices and vintage t-shirts.

It also has some of the best biker great we’ve ever seen in a thrift shop and a ton of music-themed apparel too. Thrift stores don’t get better than this.

Address: 1220 Gallatin Ave. Nashville TN 37206

Check out Black Shag Thrift here.

Cool Stuff, Weird Things: Home Decor

Cool Stuff, Weird Things: Home Decor

Vintage shops and stores in Nashville are often all about the clothes but here they’re all about being the best antique store you can find on a budget.

They also do a great range of home decor and furnishings. We love shopping at this place.

Address: 4900 Charlotte Ave. Nashville, TN 37209

Check out Cool Stuff, Weird Things here.

This N That: Art & Jewelry

This N That: Art & Jewelry

We would note that if you want to volunteer in the community and do some good, then This N That is one of the best places to get hooked up with a volunteering role in the city.

They excel at providing amazing china, art, and jewelry alongside some solid home furnishings offerings too.

Address: 5007 Georgia Ave. Nashville, TN 37209

Check out This N That here.

The College Crib: College Clothes

The College Crib: College Clothes

Of course, you might guess from the name of this cool and great place that they’re all about the college gear but they have another unique contribution to the city’s thrifting scene.

They’re the best source of Greek apparel anywhere in Nashville and if you want a brand new style that you know very few others are rocking, this can be a great way to find it.

Address: 2719 Jefferson St. Suite D Nashville, TN 37208

Check out The College Crib here.

12th Avenue Thrift: Household Appliances

12th Avenue Thrift: Household Appliances

Not many stores trade in small appliances as well as furniture but 12th Avenue Thrift is one such place.

They also have clothing and are one of the best stores to go to if you want to ensure that you can get a great volunteering opportunity.

It’s not the biggest store in the city, mind you, but they always have plenty of new items and the occasional vintage piece too.

Address: 1125 12th Ave. S Nashville, TN 37203

Check out 12th Avenue Thrift here.

Southern Thrift Stores: Any Kind Of Clothing

Southern Thrift Stores: Any Kind Of Clothing

Address: Multiple Locations Across The City, See Website For Details

Check out Southern Thrift Stores here.

Local Honey: Locally Designed Clothes

Local Honey: Locally Designed Clothes

We can shop ’til we drop here and that’s because they’re the best place in Nashville to pick up some locally designed garments.

They’re also pretty good for a range of vintage/classic apparel and we’d give yourself an hour or two to pick through the rails effectively.

You can also get your hair done in the salon above the store.

This is the kind of store that got us into thrifting (read our confessions of a thrift store addict to find out more).

Address: 2009 Belmont Blvd. |Nashville, TN 37212

Check out Local Honey here.

Pre-To-Post Modern: Novelties And Furniture

Pre-To-Post Modern: Novelties And Furniture

Yes! A novelties shop! We understand that most of the time you go to the store for some clothing or some other pre-defined need but every now and again, we all need a bit of a surprise.

That’s where Pre-to-Post Modern comes in. You can always find something here that surprises and delights you. Interesting collectibles and accessories for every occasion. We often buy gifts from here.

Address: 2110 8th Ave. S | Nashville, TN 37204 

Check out Pre-To-Post Modern here.

ThriftSmart: Volunteer Opportunities

ThriftSmart: Volunteer Opportunities

Definitely, the best place to get into volunteering in the city is ThriftSmart and their location is pretty convenient to visit from most parts of the city too.

We don’t always make a purchase here but their inventory of home decor items is always really impressive and their sale prices are super fair!

Address: 4890 Nolensville Rd. Nashville, TN 37211

Check out ThriftSmart here.

Goodwill: Low Prices

Goodwill: Low Prices

The Goodwill shop is worth visiting, particularly if it’s only a short walk from where you are.

As you’d expect from this massive brand in the thrift store world – you can find pretty much every type of clothing imaginable here and at super low prices. Don’t miss out.

Address: 780 Berry Rd. Nashville, TN 37204

Check out Goodwill here.

Final Thoughts On Nashville Thrift Stores

We love going thrifting in Nashville, we’re big fans of the local country scene and like to dress the part when we go to a gig! We’re sure you’ll love the experience there too.

And if you’ve had some fun in the thrift stores of Nashville and still can’t find what you want? Why not try one of these awesome online thrift stores and see if they can help?

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