Best Tiny House Plans for 2022: Exquisite Tiny Living

A great step toward financial security is to pay off your home. A great way to get there is to build your own tiny home from our best tiny house plans.

After all, not only is there a great variety of tiny homes out there but they are much cheaper to build, buy and maintain than a regular house.

And no, you don’t miss the floor space in a tiny house.  That’s because they’re designed to make much better use of the living space that you do have.

So, check out our best tiny house plans and see if you can make some big plans to change how you live to boost your bank balance, enjoy life more and for the sake of the planet in tiny houses. 

2 Bedroom Small House

This tiny houses floor plan allows you to build an elegant 2 bedroom home, ideal for a couple of small family. It has a spacious living room, outdoor living spaces, storage space and all the features you'd expect on a modern home.

The plans include a full materials lists, tools and construction methods you need to employ to get the job done. You don't need construction experience when you have step by step instructions on a tiny house floor plan to build your tiny house from.

The total estimated cost of building this tiny house completely by yourself is $21,000 though, of course, if you have to hire help it can go up. 

The Tiny Living
A Towable Tiny Home Plan

If you want your tiny home to be mobile (and we suspect that many of you will really appreciate the ability to take your home with you as you travel the country connecting with the real America) then this is the tiny house for you.

The tiny house floor plans will make tiny house living so simple for you. The tall windows are a really nice touch to keep it bright with natural light inside and the gabled roof keeos you dry.

This beautiful tiny house consists of a large family room and then other rooms either side of it and it comes in a range of different sizes depending on how much space you need too. The entire house, when completed, can be attached to your car and taken anywhere.

1 Bedroom Small House

This tiny houses plan package is somewhat more complex.

You can tailor the tiny house floor plans as you order them to meet your needs – including the type of foundations you want to use as well as the ability to order reverse sets.

This is smart design thinking because if you want something extra it's easy to add it from extra space, to a reading nook, to two bedrooms, an office area, to additional square footage, it's no problem.

The Folkestone is a cute 1 bedroom place that covers just 899 square feet of floor space. This tiny house features exactly what you want in a home.

Super Small Tudor Cottage Plan

At 300 square feet this is going to be the ideal starter home for some or an additional property for guests or, perhaps, as a summer home somewhere a little remote?

The plans include a full set of elevated exterior drawings, the foundation plans (you can opt for a slab foundation if you want) and notes on any compliance standards, etc. that you might need to meet.

3 Bedrooms
A Family Home Plan

Despite still staying under the 900 square feet of space mark, this incredibly tiny home has a full 3-bedrooms.

It’s perfect for a family of four that wants to cut down on the space they take up and spend more time together as a result.

It also incorporates a full kitchen, living room, nook, and 2 bathrooms! We’d love to live in one of these.

Bigger Than It Looks
The Barbara House Plans

We think you’re going to fall in love with this miniature home that’s still big enough for a whole family of four.

We like that the plans come with CAD drawings as standard.

They also provide their book on how to construct your tiny house to make things easier and that’s all included in the price.

How they get 3 bedrooms into just 430 square feet is a miracle of engineering. 

Ms. Bohemian Soul
Tiny House Plans

A drop dead gorgeous tiny house design based on the original tiny house built by Jewel Pearson, a major tiny house figure, back in 2005.

It’s a very comfortable layout that’s ideal for a couple or a single person to create their perfect living space in.

We also like the way that it utilizes outdoor space too – it makes it feel much bigger than it is. 

The Sabrina 1 Bedroom
Contemporary Style House Plan

This is so nice.

At just 312 square feet this tiny house will fit nearly anywhere and it’s the simplicity and solid design that make it so appealing.

Not only does it have real eye catching appeal from the outside but inside everything is designed for you to make the maximum use of the space – it’s a bit like being in a place that’s bigger on the inside than on the outside!

A 2 Bedroom Beauty
18-402 Plan

It seems a bit harsh to name a home after a number but that doesn’t diminish the style and verve of the 18-402 2 bedroom layout.

It even offers a double carport in its 569 square feet footprint! There are options to customize these plans to your exact needs too!

Last Word on Tiny House Plans

Reducing your ecological footprint doesn’t have to be a challenge – if you live in an amazing tiny home built from the best tiny house plans. 

Then all you need to do is cut your carbon emissions by using solar power to go off-grid and you’ll have even more money and time on your hands!

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