Our Top Vegan Belt Brands for 2023

peta approved Vegan Belts Brands

Our search for the best vegan belt brands this year was a tough job. It seems like everyone’s making vegan belts these days!

And the choices of materials and the quality of craftsmanship continues to increase year over year. It’s a great time to be a belt-loving vegan!


couch belt

Couch is famous for it’s amazing vegan guitar straps but they also make a variety of other accessories like vegan wallets and vegan belts.

These cool belts from Couch are upcycled out of vintage Pontiac GTO or vintage Volkswagen upholstery.

Simple and functional the Couch vegan belts are like a rock song for your waist.


doshi vegan belt

Doshi offers non-leather (vegan leather) handbags, briefcases, backpacks, belts and accessories.

They are based in southern California and were founded to provide smart, fashionable, and quality vegan products to people who have ethical, religious, or environmental beliefs that lead them to seek vegan products.

Doshi designs their products to be practical and useful. They choose materials and construction methods that are meant to withstand modern life!

Brave Gentleman

brave gentleman black vegan belt

Brave Gentleman by Joshua Katcher was started way back in 2010 and was the first vegan lifestyle menswear brand in the world.

Joshua Katcher is a fashion designer, author, activist, and educator dedicated to understanding how and why animals are exploited in the fashion industry.

The Brave GentleMan New York Belt is artisan-crafted in New York City’s historic Garment District and retails for $95.

Kat Mendenhall

vegan dress belts

Kat Mendenhall considers herself a stuck in the city country girl on a mission to mend the world through whole-plant based nutrition and cruelty-free products. 

She is a master vegan lifestyle coach and educator certified by Main Street Vegan Academy.

This is her line of vegan dress belts ranging in colors from Black, Brown, and Satchel Tan to Rust Ostrich, Black Moccasin, and Cognac.


nae vegan braided belt

Nae (No Animal Exploitation) is a Portuguese vegan footwear brand.

They propose a fair and animal-friendly alternative against human exploitation and respect to the environment

They want to be an option for clients who identify themselves with this philosophy and who are looking for quality products that present an increased responsibility towards the environment.

This belt from Nae – the unisex vegan braided belt – is made of ecological and resistant microfiber, with a gold buckle free of nickel.


noani vegan belt

Noani stands for “no animal”, and not without reason: fair fashion requires empathy and social responsibility!

They produce fashionable and timeless accessories such as vegan belts and vegan bags from innovative and sustainable materials. 

Our “Single Waist Belt” consists of high quality, vegan apple leather and ranges in color from silver to gold to fashionable brass.

Risorse Future

risorse future colorful vegan belt

Risorse Future have been around since 1955, started in Monte Urano, Italy in the Marches region.

Their products have always been entirely designed and made in Italy, with top-quality materials and are skillfully handmade by the expert hands of craftsmen from the Marches. 

Our belts are easy to adjust, made to adapted to everyone. The edges are sewn with cotton yarn and the internal parts are in natural cellulose studied to be resistant.

Truth Belts

vegan reversible belt

Truth Belts knows that fashion doesn’t have to be cruel to be cool. In this day and age, you can be both stylish and ethical.

The livestock/leather industry is the largest contributor of pollution to our planet. The production of a leather hide is about 20 times more than the production of synthetic material.

That’s where the Star Reversible Belt comes in. This is a great reversible belt for the ladies. It has a black leather-look on one side and tan ultra suede on the other.