7 Vegan Dog Food Brands We Recommend

best vegan dog food

Our picks for the best vegan dog foods were driven by a love of dogs. Choosing a dog food is an important decision and after fully vetting the science we left the final decision up to the dogs. That’s right. These are the top picks, according to the pups.

One of the things about going vegan is that you likely want your whole life to reflect your principles. That means looking to feed your pets healthy food that allows them to enjoy vegan diet too, rather than one containing animal products.

Please talk to your veterinarian before switching a pet to vegan pet food. Dogs are omnivores by nature so they may need supplements.

They might also suffer from food allergies which means certain grains and proteins are out of bounds.

Working with your veterinarian means that you can ensure that your dog has a safe and happy transition to their new vegan diet and that it doesn’t put their health at risk.

Once you’ve done that you can check out our recommended dog food brands and find new vegetarian and vegan-based diets for your dog that are 100% cruelty-free.

Wild Earth Clean Protein Formula With Superfoods For Dogs

Wild Earth are proud to let their customers do the talking.

They say that after just 3 bags of their dry dog food formula, 78% of dog owners said their dogs appeared healthier and that 92% of the dogs enjoyed the taste of the dry food.

The formula is loaded with the 10 essential amino acids and fatty acids that your adult dogs need.

You can find Wild Earth Clean Protein Formula With Superfoods For Dogs at Wild Earth online.

Halo Vegan Natural Wet Dog Food, Garden of Vegan Recipe

This canned food, dog foods brand is completely sustainably sourced and made in the USA. They guarantee that this protein-rich formula is 100% plant-based too. It is also very rich in vitamin B12 which your dog needs.

They say that if your dog has sensitivities to certain types of protein then they may find that Halo is the easiest wet food for them to digest.

You can find the Halo Vegan Natural Wet Dog Food, Garden of Vegan Recipe online.

Veg-To-Bowl Grain-Free Dog Food Premix

As the name suggests this dog food contains no grain or brown rice which is kinder to their tummies and helps avoid food sensitivities.
It also has no synthetic ingredients and is free of chemical dyes and preservatives.

Our dog loved this vegetable-based vegan food, though it is a little more expensive than we’d like. It’s worth it when you know they’re eating good vegan dog foods with all the essential nutrients of traditional dog food.

You can find the Veg-To-Bowl Grain-Free Vegetable Dog Food Premix at Dr. Harvey’s online.

Natural Balance Ultra Premium Formula

Natural Balance’s “vegetarian diet” formula is vegan and meat-free, nutrtionally complete with no animal derived ingredients, but it’s made by a company which does also make meat-based products.

We like to support initiatives like this though as it can help a manufacturer see a demand for cruelty-free products and to make a switch to producing these products only.

You can find Natural Balance Ultra Premium Formula on the Natural Balance website.

HALO Vegan Adult Dog Food

Natural, Holistic Garden of Vegan Recipe

Halo’s dry dog food is every bit as good as their wet food and this “Garden of Vegan” plant-based diet recipe goes down really well with our dogs.

We think this is one of the better value dog food products in the vegan world at the moment and we always make sure to have a couple of bags handy at home for when our pets get hungry.

You can find HALO® Vegan Adult Dry Dog Food – Natural, Holistic Garden of Vegan Recipe online.

Gather Endless Valley Vegan Recipe For Adult Dogs

Gather offer a certified organic and sustainably grown recipe based on pea proteins for their vegan dry dog food. They only use clean plant-based proteins and they guarantee no GMO ingredients too.

They add Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids and essential amino acids from other vegetable-based sources to make sure that your dog’s coat stays lush and healthy too.

They say that their philosophy is to ensure that they never add a single ingredient that isn’t 100% necessary to the mix.

You can find the Gather Endless Valley – Vegan Recipe For Adult Sized Dogs online.

V-Dog Kind Kibble Vegan Dog Food

V-Dog stress that this brand is for the sensitive and/or itchy dog and it’s very kind to the animal’s body as a whole. It’s ideal to ensure your dog has healthy skin, something that the dog food industry sometimes struggles with as food allergies are common.

V-Dog’s formula is AAFCO approved which means that it’s been certified as having enough nutrition for a complete and balanced diet to ensure the healthy development of your dog, which we think is pretty important.

It’s also produced entirely in California and we love American produced vegan foods products.

You can find the V-Dog Kind Kibble on their website online.

The future of dog food is vegan, and we hope that you found the right meal for your dog in our top picks for vegan dog foods.

Either way, a vegan-based diet for your dog can always be flexible so you can keep searching for the perfect meal for your little pup. Many of these products are ideal for vegan puppy food too.