5 Best Vegan Foundations for 2022 And Beyond

There really is no need for animal cruelty in makeup and that’s why you need our best vegan foundation choices.

Vegan products ensure that there’s no animal cruelty and no animal exploitation involved in their manufacture. We love vegan and cruelty-free brands here. Vegan foundations never involved animal cruelty.

And more and more products in our bathroom are now vegan – from shampoos to shaving creams.

And now, so is our vegan foundation and we think that your foundation should be vegan foundation too, because each of these products holds its own against other, less kind, foundations. 



This amazing liquid foundation from Ecco Bella is also a treatment and a beauty shield.

Milani Even Touch Powder Foundation


When you need a vegan foundation for full to medium coverage Milani’s is a great choice.

Too Faced Born This Way Medium-to-Full Coverage


For 12 hours between touch ups, this liquid foundation is an ideal choice!

Best Vegan Foundations


One thing that we like when we buy beauty products is value for money and when we get three products in one, we know we’re getting that value. 

This FLOWERCOLOR liquid foundation from Ecco Bella is both a treatment and a beauty shield as well as a foundation and it’s completely water-based too.  It works well on oily skin and we found it was just fine on sensitive skin too.

We found this to be very natural looking. It’s one of our all-time favorite vegan foundations.


This uses aloe vera and natural sugars to help trap water in the skin and keep it feeling moist and soft all day long, it’s an awesome feeling.


1. This product is gluten-free, paraben-free and vegan
2. The Ecco Shield protects your skin from environmental effects, preventing oily skin.
3. You get three products in one


1. Colors are a little lighter on the face than on the bottle, it can match your skin tone though with some care
2. Could feel a little creamier in application but you do get full coverage
3. Some users feel it’s a bit thick in the hand

Milani Even Touch Powder Foundation

We love this Milani Even Touch Powder for full to medium coverage on our face and you apply it in layers to get the exact level of coverage that you need.  It’s an excellent matte foundation.
This product works best when you apply it with Milani’s own face puff or foundation brushes which are designed to work in harmony with it. It’s OK on acne prone skin and excellent on dry skin.


Milani is based in Los Angeles and it prides itself on the level of diversity not just in the company but also in their neighborhood. You could say this one of our best vegan foundations is an expert in skin tones.


1. You can build this powder foundation up to the ideal coverage for your skin tone
2. Covers just the way that a liquid foundation would
3. Reasonably priced for a vegan makeup product


1. Only 7 shades so you may not find the perfect match for your skin type
2. Coverage is a bit on the sheer side
3. Some users say that this product is difficult to apply

Too Faced Born This Way Medium-to-Full Coverage Liquid Foundation

The Too Faced Born This Way Foundation is in the third place slot in our roundup but only because we feel it’s a bit on the expensive side, otherwise, it’s an excellent product that we highly recommend. It’s a true skin serum foundation.

One thing that we noted is that this stuff lasts, you should get 12 hours of full coverage out of it before you need to re-apply and that’s really good value for money.


Another thing that makes the Too Faced product great value for money is that you only need a single pump on the dispenser to cover your whole face. Full coverage has never been easier.


1. Gives great full coverage from just a single pump on the dispenser
2. Lasts for a long time – 12 hours is awesome
3. Nice dry, powdery style finish that is easy to blend with your tone


1. It is an expensive product for a matte foundation though it does last a long time
2. It can be hard to get the right shade from their color chart
3. It’s not hydrating for dry skin

Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup

Without a doubt the Urban Decay Naked Skin Liquid Foundation is the most expensive foundation that we tried but it is very good, all the same.  We love the vegan formula that leaves your skin healthy feeling.

It is the most lightweight of products and it really does make you feel like your skin is nakedonce it dries, you look bright and refreshed when you wear it.


The demi-matte finish is a luxurious natural one that other, less expensive, products can only envy and it works on all skin types too.


1. The coverage of this foundation is absolutely superb
2. You get a very natural finish thanks to the demi-matte endpoint
3. It’s almost weightless when you wear it


1. It’s oh so expensive – more a treat than a daily use product
2. Only one ounce of product for the money
3. It’s hard to get the last of the product out of the bottle

Ere Perez – All Natural Oat Milk Liquid Foundation

The base of this all Ere Perez Liquid Foundation is all natural oat milk and it was chosen because it is very hydrating for the user’s skin. 
We like the peach and Vitamin E blend that promotes skin health too.


Users of this product rave about its hydrating properties more so than with any other foundation in our lineup.


1. It has a very creamy feel
2. It has a non-greasy finish
3. It’s super hydrating


1. It’s still quite expensive
2. There aren’t very many shades to choose from
3. Amount of product in the tubes seems to be inconsistent

Final Thoughts On Vegan Foundations

One easy way to cut down on products in your life that are tested on animals is to use PETA’s list of beauty brands that use cruel testing and cut them out of your life. You could also check out our list of the best cruelty-free makeup brands.

Another way is to use one of the foundations from our best vegan foundation list or if you like from our best natural foundations list.

Every woman uses a foundation, it’s one of the easiest things to transition to vegan and it’s good for you, good for the planet and very good for animals. 

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