The Best Vegan Gummy Bears for 2022 are Kind and Tasty

Living a plant-based life is more complicated than you might have thought and that’s why we have a guide to the best vegan gummy bears.

It’s easy to see that the natural ingredients in a plant-based diet are vegan but what about more complicated things like gummy bears? 

Well, the market leader, Haribo, according to a German documentary, uses slave labor to make their products and inflicts harm on pigs while they make their gelatin. So, not vegan.

Well, the good news is that whether you are new to plant-based living or an old-hand there are vegan gummy bears out there and they are delicious.  Check them out!

Organic Gummy Bears


Deliciously good and great value thanks to the bulk buying option. Our favorites!

Organic Gummy Cubs


These kosher vegan gummy bears taste amazing but aren’t quite chewy enough to take the top spot.

Organic Fruity Bears


Almost perfect in their resemblance to an old school gummy bear but the sour ones are coated in sugar.

Organic Gummy Bears

We think that a gummy bear is an everyday candy and not a candy that you save for special occasions and that means you may find you get through a lot of them.

If there were such thing as Haribo Gummy Bears (vegan) these would be very, very close to it.

These excellent Organic Cane Sugar Gummy bears come in bulk quantities so you can get your per bear pricing down to a good value level. Our vegan gummy bears collection relies heavily on this discounting.


You get six flavors in these bags, cherry, strawberry, grape, orange, grapefruit and lemon and they are all delicious.


1. They come in a big bag that should last a long time
2. Very cost-effective which is unusual for vegan candies


1. They’re addictive and candy is candy and it contains sugar
2. They can stick together if they get a little warm

Organic Gummy Cubs | Vegan & Kosher Gummy Bears 

You don’t need to be a Jewish person to enjoy kosher food and, in fact, kosher is simply a clean living way of preparing food, so it means it’s healthier than usual. 

We found that our favorite flavor of these Organic Gummy Candies was the peach which is super refreshing and made us feel good about eating it. 


These gummy bears have been fully certified as Kosher and that means they are safe to share with Jewish friends. 


1. Amazing and unusual flavors push the boundaries of gummy bear-ness
2. They are very tasty and filled with juice


1. They are expensive on a pack-by-pack basis so not an everyday bear
2. The texture isn’t quite gummy enough for our discerning palates

Surf Sweets Organic Fruity Bears

Surf Sweets is one of our favorite vegan brands and their sweets come packed with loads of healthy, natural ingredients (and sugar). 

These come in two types as well: regular and sour.

We confess, we like the sour ones best.


Surf Sweets donates 1% of its profits to charity to support eco-friendly activities and organizations. You can’t argue with that.


1. Just lack the kind of gummy bear you ate at school
2. The tea tree oil aroma is strong and invigorating 


1. They coat the sour ones in sugar which isn’t very healthy
2. They melt very easily in direct sunlight

Annie’s Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks

We know bunnies aren’t bears but as this is a super tasty organic gummy snack it’s close enough.

These Annie’s Organic Bunny gummies are also vegan and gluten-free and you’ll find that Annie’s products are all consistently great.


As they are made with real fruit juice – they contain 100% of the vitamin C that you need every day in a single portion.


1. They taste incredible and all flavorings are natural
2. The packaging is portion controlled


1. The packaging is individual which is wasteful
2. They’re not bears

SmartSweets Sweet Fish, Candy with Low Sugar

Also, not bears but close enough again. 

These SmartSweets Sweet Fish fish-shaped gummies are even more sour than the other sour gummies and contain less sugar!

This is due to the fact that they use stevia as a sweetener.


A pack of these gummies contains only 100 calories! That’s about ¼ of the calories in any other gummy!


1. Low calorie
2. Super sour taste


1. Be careful some SmartSweets products are not vegan
2. Some people have issues with Stevia as a sweetener

Final Thoughts

We hope you found something to sate your sweet tooth in our vegan gummy bears list which is free of cruelty to animals and slave labor. 

If you’re looking for snacks that are a little less sweet check out vegan chips. They’re so tasty!

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