Best Vegan Iron Supplements for 2022

Best Vegan Iron Supplements

Everyone needs some iron in their diet to live a healthy life.

It’s the chemical that allows our blood to transport oxygen around and if you have too little of it – it’s known as anemia and it can make you very sick.

The trouble is that the main source of dietary iron for many people is meat or fish and vegans don’t eat those things.

While it is possible, on a vegan diet, to get enough iron many vegans opt for a supplement, instead.

That’s where our best vegan iron supplements come in, they’re all perfect for supporting your vegan lifestyle without any animal cruelty involved. 

We should note that because iron absorption differs from person to person you should keep a careful eye on how iron supplements perform for you.

If you think you have an iron deficiency and your iron supplements aren’t working – talk to your doctor about your iron deficiency.

We like to use them in conjunction with a good vegan apple cider vinegar supplement too for the maximum health benefits.

Future Kind Iron And Vitamin C Supplement


The Internet’s favorite ferrous Iron supplements for vegans are also our favorite and Future Kind is famous for its quality manufacturing. 

Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw Iron Supplement


If you’re looking for a little extra from Iron Supplements for vegans you’ll find this also has B6, B12 and Vitamin C. 

Snap Iron Builder with Vitamins B & C Absorption Boosters


This is one of the kindest supplements out there and it is ideal for pregnant women who may suffer from iron deficiency anemia if they don’t know how much iron they need to take.

Future Kind Iron And Vitamin C Supplement

Future Kind is a very well-respected supplement brand in the vegan world and as we’d expect their Iron and Vitamin C Supplement is top quality. 

Because of the challenges of iron absorption you will find it hard to end up with too much iron in your blood and this form of iron is ideal for regular iron intake.

They use their own form of Iron known as Ferrochel (a ferric iron) that is entirely derived from non-GMO crops and it is combined with Acerola Cherry to deliver a decent Vitamin C punch. 


Every Future Kind product receives independent FDA-compliant testing to ensure that what’s written on the bottle matches what’s inside the bottle. 


1. The capsules are very easy to swallow and they don’t stick to your tongue or taste unpleasant
2. They are meant to have the fastest rate of absorption of any iron supplement
3. They are very much 100% cruelty free and vegan compliant


1. It’s got no taste and some people wish that it did – even a hint of heme iron would be nice
2. It’s slightly more expensive than the average vegan iron supplement
3. One customer reports that their order never arrived 

Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw Iron Supplement

Garden of Life is one of those brands that vegans have come to trust implicitly and their long history of providing high-quality products is a guarantee that you get what you pay for.

This heme iron supplement is super popular and is said to offer great iron absorption rates. We felt that it significantly raised our own iron intake while using this iron supplementation. We also like this brand’s folic acid supplement.

This Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw Iron Supplement is one of the most popular in online stores and we can see why. 
It really does what we wanted it to without upsetting your stomach. 


This iron supplement is the only one in our tests that also contains a probiotic supplement. This helps to work with the flora of your gut to ensure no digestive problems 


1. Has a very high level of iron in each pill and should work for everyone
2. There is no gluten used in this product
3. It gives a definite boost to your energy and your skin feels healthier for it


1. The pill is much larger than some people are going to be comfortable with
2. When you use a dose this high, it’s hard to cut down at a later date
3. There are several users reporting constipation as a potential side-effect

Snap Iron Builder with Vitamins B & C Absorption Boosters

We really liked the Snap Iron Builder and it might even have topped our list if it wasn’t for the fact that you have to take two tablets rather than one each day.

That means though this supplement delivers excellent results, it’s equivalent to getting half a bottle of other supplements. 
However, they do compensate for this by including an absorption booster that really achieves rapid results. 


These supplements also contain B-vitamins, Vitamin C, extra fiber and Cherry Extract. This means that you might not need some other supplements when taking them. 


1. We could feel real improvements in our overall energy levels when using this
2. It works extremely fast when compared to other products in our tests
3. The capsules are small and easy to swallow


1. You have to take two tablets rather than one when you need to dose on this
2. They are quite expensive compared to some other options
3. We couldn’t find any other reviews online to compare our experience with

Deva Nutrition Deva Vegan Chelated Iron 29 Mg

A very popular low cost vegan iron supplement is the Deva Vegan Chelated Iron from Deva Nutrition. 

This product contains a large does of iron at 29 mg per tablet and it’s important to follow the recommended dose even if you suffer from anemia. 

It also contains enough Vitamin B12 that you probably don’t need an additional B12 supplement.


This product is suitable for even the most hypoallergenic needs and it contains no soy, no sugar, no gluten, no preservatives and absolutely no yeast. 


1. It’s a budget product which represents excellent value for money
2. The tablets themselves are very small and thus very easy to swallow
3. Great for even the most sensitive stomachs – users report no belly pain at all


1. Some users report experiencing constipation when using this supplement
2. The plastic bottles that it comes in are not environmentally friendly
3. It tastes pretty awful though if you swallow quickly, you may not notice 

PlantFusion Complete Iron Vegan Vitamin 25 mg

Some people, particularly those who use other supplements, are likely to want to use as simple an iron supplement as possible. 

Those folks are going to want to look at the PlantFusion Complete Iron Vegan Vitamin which just has a little bit of Vitamin B12 and some folate added to the mix.  


The only other ingredients in this iron supplement are cellulose and silica and they are used to make the capsule that the supplement comes in. 


1. A very plain and simple supplement ideal for mixing with other supplements
2. They work very well and give you a very good boost of energy
3. They are manufactured in the USA and we love companies that stay local 


1. It’s really hard to get to the last bills in the bottle, we had to break ours to get them out
2. The flavor of these pills isn’t very nice and we wouldn’t recommend them for kids
3. They’re not the easiest pill shape to swallow either 

Final Thoughts On The Very Best Vegan Iron Supplements

We hope that you have found the right iron supplement for you in our best iron supplements. 

If you’ve been short of iron in your diet, you’ll find that they will give you a wonderful boost of well-being and your skin will probably look much healthier too. 

If you’re looking for other ways to top up on your vegan diet, you may also want to check out vegan creatine, vegan multivitamins and vegan collagen. (There are some really good benefits to vegan collagen, in particular).

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