Best Vegan Multivitamins For Better Health In 2022

Best Vegan Multivitamins

We think that everyone ought to take one of these best vegan multivitamins every day.

Sure, a vegan diet has plenty of vitamins in it but it’s hard to ensure that you get the proper mix of vitamins, even if you follow our recent aphrodisiac eating plan.

However, unlike say protein powders, vitamins aren’t an optional part of our lives. Without getting enough vitamins we can get really sick.

If you live a vegan lifestyle, this is even more important, as a balanced vegan diet contains no Vitamin B, and thus, if you don’t take supplements eventually you will die.  Even if you’re a full-blown carnivore, being short on Vitamin D, for example, can ruin your immune system. 

So, don’t delay, grab some multivitamins and start taking them for your own good, today! All of our picks are completely suitable for someone on a vegan diet or any other kind of diet. You don’t need to be vegan to use a vegan multivitamin.

Vegan Multivitamins (B12 + Omega 3s + D3) From Future Kind+


Very much tailored to those living a vegan lifestyle, this multivitamin is the perfect vegan supplement.

Natures Dynamics Vegan Garden Gummy Adult Organic Multivitamin


What can we say? We love taking gummies and these are super tasty multivitamins. 

Deva Vegan Multivitamin


With plenty of vitamin B 12 and iron, they’re a great vegan and plant based diet supplement. 

Vegan Multivitamin (B12 + Omega 3s + D3) From Future Kind+

The first thing that struck us about Future Kind+’s multivitamin was how simple it is – there are no GMOs, it’s gluten free, and use whole foods like wheat, soy, sugar, yeast and nut-free, and there’s an absence of artificial coloring agents and preservatives.

That’s a whole food multivitamin if ever we saw one. Though if you just want the B12 – it’s better to use one of the best vegan vitamin B12 supplements.

We’re glad to see the Vitamin D and this vegan vitamin is ideal for any healthy diet to ensure you get all essential nutrients. Though, you may also choose to use a mineral supplement for maximum vegan-friendly living.

That’s excellent and so is the fact that it has a generous dose of Omega-3 fatty acids as a bonus.


Vegan diets lack Vitamin B12 and often Vitamin D too and they’re both found in a plentiful supply in this excellent vegan multivitamin supplement. We can wholeheartedly recommend it.


1. Free of all the usual suspects which can trigger food allergies and 100% vegan too
2. We found that this gave our energy levels a real boost
3. This combination of vitamins should improve your immune system


1. For now, at least, they have to be bought directly from their website
2. They have something of a fishy taste if you don’t swallow them quickly
3. The capsules can stick together a bit

Nature’s Dynamics Vegan Garden Gummy Adult Organic Multivitamin

Not everyone likes to swallow pills and, frankly, we don’t blame them and that’s why we loved Nature’s Dynamics gummy multivitamins. They taste just like apple chews and that’s a huge plus! (If you like vegan gummies – you’ll love these awesome vegan gummy bears!)

We like whole food multivitamin options that are made from organic fruits like this is.

And yes, they are aimed at and designed for adults, not children, you can be certain that you’ll get enough vitamins if you take the recommended dose every day.


There are always compromises to be made for chewable products and these gummies contain a few less essential vitamins and minerals than the tablet version.


1. We really liked the taste of these gummies and that’s important
2. There’s no soy and no GMO ingredients present
3. It’s the only (world’s first, they say) adult gummy essential vegan multivitamin


1. You get fewer essential vitamins and minerals though there’s B6, Vitamin C and Selenium
2. The ingredients aren’t all whole food choices 
3. They have a funny odor to them, it’s best to eat them not sniff them

Vegan Deva Multivitamin

The Deva Multivitamin is a great choice though it does have one startling side effect – it can turn your urine green, which could come as a bit of a shock if you don’t read the label.

It’s made from organic whole foods as you might expect and contains folic acid, though sadly no amino acids.

However, if we ignore that this is packed full of Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D2 which makes it an excellent companion on a vegan and plant based diet, as does the added Iron content.


These multivitamins are very heavy on the whole food ingredients which we love. They say the herbs, fruits and vegetables powders are the way to achieve the best vitamin balance. 


1. A very nicely balanced mix of minerals and vitamins that should give everyone a boost
2. If you’re a vegan, the high levels of vitamin B12 will be attractive
3. These are completely gluten free


1. A large tablet that can present a challenge to swallow
2. The change in color for your pee can be a bit alarming
3. If you don’t swallow quickly, they taste pretty awful

Healthycell Vegan Essentials

This multivitamin formulation is excellent and there’s a great number of minerals and vitamins present. 
They’ve got Vitamin A, B12, D, Omega-3 fatty acids and more. 

If you just want to feel better about life, this is a great way to go about it.

Check out Healthycell Vegan Essentials online.


The HealthyCell Vegan Essentials comes in a microgel which the company says is specifically designed to deliver a greater amount of micronutrients than other formulations.


1. Contains a nice range of nutrients that are really tailored to make you feel good
2. The flavors that it comes in are awesome
3. Very easy to mix into a smoothie or other fruity drink


1. The special formulation comes at a fairly steep cost 
2. The packaging isn’t the easiest to store
3. It tastes quite sweet until you get used to it

NutriGenesis® Multivitamin

Although it comes with bulk buying options, it’s fair to say that the NutriGenesis mutivitamin is not the cheapest in our tests though, to be fair it does come with a nice mix of 17 vitamins and minerals to give you a great level of health. 

We’d recommend this vitamin if you spend a lot of time working out in the gym as it’s great for cardio workouts.


We were pleased to see that this was not just 100% vegan but also gluten-free, GMO-free and caffeine-free.


1. Great for people who workout 
2. Ensures that you skin, hair, nails, etc. stay healthy
3. Has a lot of different vitamins and minerals


1. It’s pretty expensive
2. They have a fairly unpleasant odor
3. You have to take 4 of them at a time

SugarBearHair Women’s Multi Vegan MultiVitamin

We love the bright cheerful packaging on the SugarBearHair (yes, all one word) women’s multivitamin. 

As the name suggests these are specifically tailored to women’s needs and may not be suitable for men.


This multivitamin contains 16 different vitamins and minerals that are meant to supplement your daily diet whether or not you are a vegan.


1. They smell lovely! Sweet and delicious
2. They don’t taste too bad either
3. 100% vegan


1. Slightly fewer vitamins than some other brands
2. Some users say that they seem to cause them to break out in acne
3. No iron in the supplement

Final Thoughts On Vegan Multivitamins

Whether you are vegan or not, the best way to ensure you get enough vegan vitamins in your life is to take a multivitamin. It can become part of your daily routine and it’s not expensive.

Any of our picks can help you feel better and more alive every day though you may need to experiment to find the right vitamin blend for you. Once you do, though, you’ll never go back to a life without a multivitamin again.

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