8 Vegan Socks Brands Our Feet Love

When it comes to socks there are many variables that need to be considered. What is the use case? Urban daily wear? Hiking? Winter? Summer?

If you’re looking to live a fully plant-based lifestyle you’ll want to isolate the perfect animal-friendly socks for your needs.

Our favorite vegan socks brands offer up tons of versatility and you’ll find what you need for sure!

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pact socks

Pact makes organic affordable which they believe can help inspire change.

They want individuals to not only care about what they put in their bodies, but what they put on their bodies.

They believe that the best ingredients make the best products and that the people who make the clothes are just as important as the people who wear them.

Conscious Step

conscious step tree socks

Conscious Step believes that they have a responsibility to create clothing that makes you feel good about what you wear.

They think it’s more than about how it looks, feels, or lasts, but also knowing that it’s creation didn’t happen at the expense of any people or the planet.

For every purchase you make from Conscious Step, they donate a part of the profits to a cause. These socks go towards planting trees in Uganda.

Their socks support more than 10 different causes from environmental to equality issues and more.

Start shopping with a purpose and take a conscious step today.


dedicated ET socks

Dedicated started as an environmental retail chain back in 2006 and they realized that there weren’t any sustainable brands with flavor.

Flavor in terms of graphics or relevant collaborations. So they created Dedicated to fill that gap.

“We bring flavor to sustainable fashion. Low impact, high standards. That’s our promise.”
– Johan Graffner, Founder


meundies black ankle socks

You may have heard about MeUndies through well, their undies.

But they make great, softer-than-soft, socks aswell. Made from long staple Supima cotton for ultimate comfort.

As you may have heard about how soft MeUndies’ undies are that also applies to their socks. So what are you waiting for? Pick up a pair today!


kabak badger socks

Kabak was a company created in order to bring well-designed, original socks into the European market.

Their socks are made of the best quality combed cotton. For this reason their socks are soft and pleasant to use.

These are the Kabak Badger Socks, for those of you who like cute and comfy socks.


woron aqua green socks

Woron is a collaboration based in Copenhagen between two sisters – Arina and Anya Woron. 

They are very passionate about their work and they find it is very important for you to feel good every step you take. 

They are sustainably conscious all the way from the crafting to the handling of each product, then finally to the timeless design that will stay in your wardrobe season after season.