Top 7 Best Vegan Underwear Brands for 2023

In our quest for the best vegan underwear brands we spent alot of time in our basics focused on comfort. The following brands are our favorite picks for vegan undergarments. Enjoy!


pact logo

Pact is on a mission to make organic affordable, to break the stereotype that organic is expensive, they believe that affordability and sustainability can coexist.

Pact is the one-stop-shop if you are looking for organic alternatives for underwear, for all types of apparel in fact.

pact underwear

Pact underwear is so comfortable, they come tagless so you don’t have to deal with that pesky tag, they’re prewashed and even shrinkless, what else could you want?


wama logo

WAMA is a PETA-approved vegan company, that exclusively makes hemp underwear which are long lasting and so comfortable.

Hemp is naturally anti-bacterial killing off any bacteria while being extremely breathable. Hemp is also the world’s strongest natural fiber so there is no need to worry about them wearing out any time soon.

wama underwear

WAMA’s hemp underwear is just fantastic and they are super sustainable, in fact hemp is the most sustainable fabric in the world.


meundies logo

In the search for the best underwear you have definitely heard of MeUndies at some point, and here they are again.

But you may be surprised that all MeUndies underwear are actually vegan-friendly, and they are for sure the world’s most comfortable underwear as advertised.

meundies underwear

Make sure to give MeUndies a visit because they have many variations of underwear for both men and women, and feature dozens of different patterns and designs for fit your choices perfectly.

Daniela Paradeis 

daniela paradeis logo

Daniela Paradeis is an independent lingerie and loungewear designer who creates vegan-friendly and eco-friendly garmets.

Every single piece is designed and handmade in Vienna, Austria. Sporting vintage styles with a contemporary, yet feminine vision.

daniela paradeis underwear

Every single piece is handmade to order and the detail that goes into every item makes Daniela Paradeis exquisitely exclusive.

Kabak x Rilke

kabak logo

Kabak is a young company made to bring sustainable, vegan-friendly products into the European market, all their products are made inhouse in Poland ensuring the best quality they can deliver.

Their underwear comes in many different designs that are made in comfortable cuts made of delicate mesh which is perfect for everyday wear.

kabak underwear

This pair comes in blue with a beautiful golden frill and embroidered leaf for a individual, unique look. They have many different looks and designs to meet your preferences.


woron logo

Woron is a Copenhagen based company that is enthusiastic about sustainable, vegan-friendly, underwear and everyday essentials.

They believe the fashion industry has a bad rap these days making products in a way that’s not good for you nor the planet.

woron logo

Woron underwear are extremely comfy and feature a sleek seamless design that makes them great for tight or thin dresses, and just for everyday use to be honest.