Top 18 Best Vegan Wallet Brands for 2022

Our research in compiling this year’s reviews for the best vegan wallet brands was a true joy for this wallet lover.

With so many exciting new brands, and alternatives to traditional leather wallets readily available, you can bank on solid choices for your vegan wallet needs.

Some of these brands which craft exceptional vegan wallets also make vegan handbags and vegan purses.

Check out our Guide to Vegan Handbags.

Are Vegan Wallets Made From Leather?

We get this question a lot. Vegan wallets are made from leather replacement materials made out of everything from synthetics to Banana Leafs. (Check out our guide to vegan leather to learn more).

Best 100% Vegan Wallet Brands



Matt and Nat

matt & nat vegan wallets

Matt and Nat is one of our favorite vegan brands making wallets.

Started in Montreal, Canada they have evolved into a powerhouse brand on the international sustainable fashion stage.

We’ve featured the company in the past on Whole People. We urge everyone to get a Matt and Nat wallet.

wallets made by matt & nat

The companies motto – “live beautifully” – makes a lot of sense to us at Whole People.

They make exceptional vegan wallets and handbags and should be a top choice for anyone looking to buy a faux leather wallet. You will not be disappointed, we promise!

Matt and Nat wallets can be found online but also at boutiques internationally.


Couch is primarily a guitar strap maker but they also create very cool vegan wallets out of recycled vinyl.

couch vegan wallets

These cool wallets from Couch are upcycled out of vintage Pontiac GTO or vintage Volkswagen upholstery.

Simple and functional the Couch Wallet is like a rock song for your pocket.

Keep in mind that with the coolest Couch vegan wallets you’re often getting a limited edition. There is not an endless supply of deadstock vinyl available. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Hetty & Sam

hetty & sam logo

HETTY+SAM was started in 2013 with a clear vision to create an iconic and contemporary fashion accessory brand that stood out from the crowd.

The founders desperately wanted to create an alternative to the typical ‘black’ bag. Something equally stylish but with a deep, ethical soul.

hetty and sam best vegan wallet

Over the years, we managed to curate a growing collection of accessories and lifestyle products that are cruelty free and support artistic talent globally.

peat approved


doshi vegan designs

(5% profits donated to animal causes, men’s style billfold, women’s clutch and accordion wallets, $39 – $59)

best vegan wallets
doshi purse

Brave Gentleman

brave gentleman vegan lifestyle brand

Brave Gentleman by Joshua Katcher was started way back in 2010 and was the first vegan lifestyle menswear brand in the world.

The founder, Joshua Katcher, is a modern-day renaissance man dividing his time between his celebrated work as a fashion designer, activist and educator.

brave vegan bags

He’s also an author and published his first book, Fashion Animals, in 2018. It’s focus is identifying and understanding how and why animals are used and abused in the contemporary fashion industry.

There’s been no shortage of praise for Brave Gentlemen!

VOGUE says “The full scope of Katcher’s ethical commitment is rather head-spinning, just as it is to gape about his Williamsburg shop, with its complete future-is-now men’s range”.

PAPER MAG says “just about everything an mindful fashionisto could want”.

Sportswear International says, “vegan smart and cool menswear”.

brave gentleman vegan wallet

The Brave GentleMan Hand-Cut Wallet is crafted by artisans in New York City’s historic Garment District. It retails for $185. We like the details on the card slots.

So, be brave!

Check out Brave Gentlemen!

Denise Roobol

denise roobol logo

Denise Roobol began in 2013 when the founder had just graduated from the Willem de Kooning academy. She had been eating plant-based for a couple of years and had gone completely vegan.

denise roobol vegan products

Denise Roobol believes that no animals should be hurt to produce beautiful vegan handbags and vegan wallets.

I hope to inspire all woman how easy and nice it can be to wear vegan fashion.Denise Roobol

denise roobal

Green Banana Paper

green banana paper logo

Green Banana Paper was started by Matt Simpson.

As a young American high-school teacher in Micronesia, Matt observed that many of his former students were unemployed. There were strikingly few businesses and job opportunities on the island for Micronesians.

green banana vegan leather

“I set out to find a natural resource, already in abundance, which could be manufactured into high quality finished goods. The products needed to be lightweight, non-perishable, and sustainable. As it turns out, I found the answer in banana trees, and after some serious research, the idea actually checked out. I called my Mom who is a weaver and she said, ‘There’s fiber inside those banana trees, and people just throw it away!’ – Matt Simpson

banana leather wallets

The banana paper & banana fiber used to makeGreen Banana Paper products is certified PETA-approved vegan. 

Green Guru

green guru logo

Green Guru makes eco-friendly bags and accessories crafted from upcycled, salvaged materials. What a great company!


HFS Collective | Hipsters for Sisters

hfs collective logo

As a modern company, the HFS Collective believes it is their solemn responsibility to take into consideration the welfare of our planet in the development of each of their unique products.

They are committed to sustainability and source only the most innovative, animal and earth-friendly textiles they can find.

hfs plant-based wallets

Their belts and bags are made at a small, family-run factory a few miles from their head office in LA.

They know every single person that cuts and sews their bags.

They provide them with a fair, living wage in a safe, happy and healthy workplace. Perfect!


mechaly logo

The mission statement from Mechaly says it all: Look Killer Without Killing.

Started in 2014, Mechaly was inpsired by a desire to blend social action with the founder’s love of fashion and style.

you had me at hello purse

Mechaly is inspired by people who lead busy lives and are looking for accessories that encompass style and comfort, while fulfilling a higher cause. Mechaly is all about design, fashion, the environment, social responsibility, excellence, inclusiveness, integrity, authenticity and, of course, being a voice for animals. The mission is to take animals out of the equation.

Mechaly is the proud recepient of the “Best Women’s Accessory” award presented by Unicorn Goods.

mechaly vegan products

Mechaly is proud to be certified 100% vegan by and a PETA-approved cruelty-free brand.

Tree Tribe

Tree Tribe is an outdoor lifestyle brand that plants a tree with every sale on their site.

They’re on a mission to plant millions of trees and make a positive impact on the world. So far they’ve planted over 400,000 trees in 12 different countries! Check out their Tree Map to see where we plant.


Tree Tribe is a US based company but we’re spread all over the planet… always looking for the next adventure.

Their goal is to spread positive energy and build a thriving community that inspires a strong connection with the Earth, while inspiring more businesses to give back to meaningful social causes.


mohop logo

In 2005 architect Annie Mohaupt had a hankering to make shoes. And eventually a wallet or two.

Having spent her childhood on a sheep farm she has a strong connection to animals and sustainability.

mohop wallets

She also has flat feet so her shoes would need to provide orthopaedic support.

She was joined in 2012 by co-found, Justin Walker, and the modern-day Mohop so many love was born!

Justin and Annie are dedicated to developing innovative, 21st-century manufacturing processes that will help bring fashion production back to the United States.

room for credit cards
Credit Cards Card Slots

Nae Vegan Shoes

nae vegan shoes

The name of this brand – nae – stands for “No Animal Exploitation”.

They are a well-known Portuguese vegan footwear brand. And they also make wallets!

nae purses and bags

All of the Nae products are made from ecological, sustainable and recycled materials and are environmentally friendly.


noharm logo

NOHARM offers cruelty-free non-leather footwear, clothing and accessories. All NOHARM footwear is crafted in Italy by artisans in fair labour environments.

noharm wallets

NOHARM was a pioneer in offering the world’s first vegan men’s designer footwear in 2004.

From the beginning NOHARM Research & Development was focused on ethical & environmental concerns.

They set out to prove footwear could be produced using perfect ethical vegan materials and production methods that could surpass designer brands using leather and other animal materials.

Sans Beast

sans beast

Sans Beast was founded by Cathryn Wills.

Cathryn had been working in Australian fashion retail for nearly 30 years with over a decade of that time spent working in the world of leather handbags.

Wills progressively realized there was a disconnect between her professional role and her ethics on animal welfare and the environment.

sans beast black wallet

As Wills studied more about the fashion industry’s views on animal welfare, she came to learn that it was often the case that businesses claimed to uphold the Five Freedoms in the animal derived raw materials from where they were sourced.

Wills realised it was close to impossible to guarantee these freedoms were upheld when it came to the mass nature of fashion retail + sourcing of materials so Sans Beast was her solution.

Ro & Co

ro & co logo

Ro & Co has been providing goods for a cruelty-free lifestyle for over a decade. They are proud to feature cruelty free accessories, taking steps to ensure that we all live in a humane society.

They strive to maintain high quality designs and are honored to be PETA approved. What you get is premium quality products comprising of alternative materials other than leather.

ro & co wallet

They have even been featured by PETA as one of their recommended vegan wallets.

It’s time to say goodbye to your old leather wallet. Ro & Co vegan wallets come in many different unique shapes and sizes.

Vegan Collection

the vegan collection logo

The Vegan Collection was founded in 2008 in Los Angelos by a vegan of 29 years and counting!

They are committed to providing cruelty free products at reasonable prices.

With their committment to animals they donate a portion of all profits to animal advocacy organizations.

the vegan collection wallet

The Vegan Collection also cares deeply about the environmental impact of their products. They use recycled products whenever possible. Their shipping boxes contain a minimum of 30% recycled content.

Additionally, all vendors are required to submit a signed notarized statement providing that all products are not manufactured using child labor or sweatshop conditions. Plus, each worker is paid a fair wage.

Vegetarian Shoes

vegetarian shoes

Veggie Shoes has come a long way since it first opened in the UK in 1990.

When Robin Webb first started the business back then he made all the shoes by hand.

In fact, he originally only made one style of shoe- a basic lace up shoe.

It was when Webb made an exciting discovery – a synthetic Microfibre material used for yachting upholstery – that things changed forever.

For Webb, it looked and felt like supple leather but it was ‘breathable’ unlike plastics. After experimenting, Webb realised that this was what he had been searching for!

Vegetarian Shoes was born.

The range of styles quickly grew and they began to make many styles of shoes as well as boots, sandals, belts and wallets from this new fabric.

vegetarian shoes wallet

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