The 8 Best Veganism Books , According To Vegans

There’s two and a half million vegans in the United States! Huzzah!

And more and more joining the movement every day, so there’s never been a better time to start living a plant-based lifestyle.

These awesome books can help guide the way for you and make changing over, from animal to ethical, so much easier. Check out all our choices that were handpicked by the vegans at Whole People HQ.

Some We Love, Some We Hate, Some We Eat
by Hal Herzog

Hal Herzog is a renowned zoologist and the purpose of this book is simple. It’s to help us think clearly about our ethical relationship with the animal kingdom.

There’s no preaching here, just hard science that shows how inconsistent and paradoxical we can be while trying to find the right ethical balance in life.

My Year of Meats
by Ruth L. Ozeki

This is an incredible novel which explores much more than just a plant-based diet and it won the Kiriyama Prize for Literature in the Pacific Rim!

Once you’ve finished, you’ll have been thoroughly entertained and you’ll understand every one of the most unethical practices of the meat industry!

This is one of the best ways to learn why people go vegan.

How Not to Die
by Dr. Michael Greger MD

The premise of How Not to Die couldn’t be any simpler.

Michael Greger explores the scientific evidence for a plant-based diet.

Then he shows how this relates to a much longer life and a disease-free time on this Earth, you really can’t go wrong with this approach.

Becoming Vegan
by Brenda Davis
and Vesanto Melina

This is one of the greatest resources for vegans ever made. It contains everything you need to know about going vegan and the benefits of it.

They also examine the moral, ethical and motivational issues around a plant-based lifestyle.

Animals: A Novel
by Don LePan

This is a very clever novel which takes us about 100 years into the future and explores the final dystopian relationship between man and the animals that he mistreats. 

The world’s species have been dying off and now, the world needs to re-examine its relationship with food in order to survive.

It’s a strange and disturbing tale with obvious parallels to right now.

The Bloodless Revolution: A Cultural History of Vegetarianism from 1600 to Modern Times
by Tristram Stuart

While the ideas of veganism and vegetarianism are relatively new to the Western world, many of the people of India have been trying to pursue a better diet for centuries.

The Bloodless Revolution explores how early travelers to India brought back tales of the “bloodless diet” and by doing so, triggered a thorough examination of our own way of life.

Covering over 300 years of changing thought, this is an epic work that vegans will adore.

Eating Animals
by Jonathan Safran Foer

This is a deeply intellectual, but almost novel-like, work that stares into our relationship with eating animals and the ethics surrounding it.

There’s no preaching here though, just brutal facts and critical questioning that enables you to make all the decisions.

Final Thoughts

Going plant-based is the right thing to do for yourself and for the planet and these awesome veganism books can really help make that transition much easier. 

Why not pick up one of these titles today and see what you can learn? There’s never been a better time to get started with plant-based living than right now. 

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