Top 5 Best Wood Burning Stoves for 2022

Reconnecting with nature means making choices that reflect how we are meant to live.

One easy way to do this is to stop using heating systems that rely on fossil fuels and switch to a wood burning stove instead.

Check out our best wood burning stoves, they’re ideal for use in your home or for camping in nature or for an RV for that matter.



Made in Canada with a great burn time and an amazing output this is the best wood burning stove of all.

Catalyst Wood Stove with Door in Emerald Green


The world’s first smart wood burning stove and it’s fantastic but expensive.

2,500 sq. ft. Pellet Stove


A best in class heating performance wood burning stoveproduct which is fully EPA compliant.

Drolet HT-3000 WOOD STOVE

Balancing top quality performance with a reasonably friendly price tag this Drolet wood burning stove is our top pick for good reason.

It can take up 22” logs in a 3.5 cubic feet firebox which means that you can run this stove all night long without running out of fuel (up to 10 hours).

You can easily heat a space of up to 2,700 square feet with it. 


This wood burning stove can produce an output of 110,000 BTUs (that’s British Thermal Units) that’s about 10 times more heat output than a modern air conditioner removes in an hour. 


1. Absolutely gorgeous traditional design one of the best looking wood stoves
2. Comes with a lifetime warranty
3. Already certified for us in mobile homes/RVs


1. Optional accessories are not included in the price
2. Might be overkill for smaller spaces
3. Quite pricey but should last forever

There’s no doubt about it that this Catalyst Wood Stove is something special and it belongs on our best wood stove list.

Freestanding wood stoves like this are often the most efficient wood stove you can buy.

It’s the world’s first “smart stove” and that means you can get information and control on the heat via their smartphone app (yup, really). Sadly, it's not a cooking stove because that would be handy.

We like the ceramic glass window which really improves a wood stove's heating capacity and increases the amount of square feet it can heat.

It warms up super fast and you can be toasting yourself within 3 minutes of using it. We like that it comes in a range of colors too.


This is a completely clean burning stove which means no nasty smoke or irritants coming out of it unlike some other wood burning stoves.


1. The smartphone app is brilliant
2. This is a gorgeous stove that makes you feel like it's a wood burning fireplace
3. Maximum output of 60,000 BTUs which is a lot of heat output


1. It is very expensive as you might expect a best wood burning stove to be
2. A lot of accessories are not included and cost more on top
3. A bit less traditional looking than you might like

2,500 sq. ft. Pellet Stove

Not everyone has time to chop wood and that means you might also want to consider a Pellet burning stove. This makes burning wood super easy because you just buy wood pellets and then throw them in.

This small stove, ideal for replacing an existing fireplace with, uses wood in pellet form which is made from compressed sawdust and they burn very cleanly compared to some other wood stoves even catalytic wood stoves.

They offer a 1-year warranty for the 2,500 square feet product and a lifetime of phone support which is reasonable but not as generous as we might like for one of our best wood stoves.


This stove has an automatic safety shut off which prevents it from catching fire or exploding, which is very handy, we’d think.


1. Up to 50,000 BTU output which is a decent heating capacity and cover 2,500 square feet
2. More wood stover features such as a blower included (unlike the other models in our tests)
3. Burns 3 times cleaner than previous models did, might be the most efficient wood stove in our test


1. Warranty could be longer for these wood burning stove models
2. Requires assembly, though it’s not too hard to do
3. Some users have reported faulty products being delivered though they were all replaced without qualms

Fltom Camp Tent Stove, Portable Wood Stove

It’s not just at home that you might want the benefits of a wood stove and this Fltom Camp Tent Stove is a portable (and super cheap) wood stove that you can take camping with you.

Everything you need for a safe experience including chimney pipes is in the box too.

You won’t end up choking on smoke when you use this Fltom camp stove.


This model is very easy to take to pieces and assemble as you’d expect but please wear gloves to do so – pipes and other fittings may have sharp edges.


1. Very easy to use and to transport with you
2. Flat top makes it easy to cook on too
3. Heats up a tent perfectly


1. Set up instruction guide could be clearer
2. Probably won’t last forever
3. No official warranty in the box

MF Fire Nova Tower Wood Burning Stove with Legs

If you want a stove that will captivate the viewers attention with a ton of storage inside for firewood then look no farther than this wonderful MF Fire Nova Tower.

The glass front offers a wonderful view of the flames and the cabinet underneath ensures you aren’t going to need to hunt around for wood at an inconvenient time.


This fire is designed for the casual user and there is no need to tinker with the burn settings it provides the perfect output every time.


1. Exceeds the current 2020 EPA emissions standards
2. Certified 79% efficient which is impressive for a wood fire
3. Up to 50,000 BTUs of heat


1. It’s a bit expensive
2. It can be hard to clean
3. Some customers don’t like the non-traditional design

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