11 Best Wooden Sunglasses Brands + Bamboo

Wooden Sunglasses

Wooden sunglasses have become increasingly popular in recent years, thanks to their unique and natural look, as well as their eco-friendly nature. These sunglasses are made from sustainable woods such as bamboo, cherry, and ebony, which are lightweight, durable, and often hypoallergenic.

There are many wooden sunglasses brands on the market, but not all of them are created equal. Some brands use sustainable woods, while others use cheap and unsustainable materials. Some brands have a good reputation for quality and customer service, while others have had negative reviews. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best wooden sunglasses brands, to help you find the perfect pair of wooden sunglasses that not only look great but are also ethically and environmentally responsible.

The US is the largest sunglasses market in the world with over 4.66 billion dollars in revenue for 2018. Imagine the impact if we could swap sustainable bamboo products with ex

Blue Planet Delmar Sunglasses

Blue Planet Delmar Sunglasses

California’s top wooden sunglasses brand is Blue Planet and they hail from Santa Barbara. Not only do they make really stylish shades with a minimum of non-recyclable materials but for each pair that you buy they give a pair of glasses to someone in need of them but who couldn’t afford them. That’s why we love them so much.

They also offer one of the widest ranges of lens choices and you can go for anything from maximum UV protection to something lighter for reading in the sunshine.

Everyone should own a pair of Blue Planet glasses.

Woodies Bamboo Wood Sunglasses

best sunglasses by woodies

You know they’re all about the wood when their name has “wood” in it.

Woodies specializes in unique and retrodesigns which are fun to wear and make you stand out in a crowd.

We’ve picked their Bamboo Sunglasses as our top pick for their best wooden sunglasses but truthfully, you could pick anything from the Woodies range and be happy. Some of the woods they use are truly unusual including zebra wood! But for sustainability, we vote for bamboo!

The lenses are great too – they’re fully polarized lenses and top quality. They provide 100% UV protection.

They are the best-selling bamboo wood sunglasses online.


best wooden by cloudfield

Cloudfield sunglasses are made with one eye squarely focused on style and the other on durability.

They are made with top quality bamboo and that translates into a light, flexible and sturdy pair of glasses.

The lenses are polarized polycarbonate and block 100% of UV rays and also reduce glare.

In case you change your mind or are unhappy with your sunglass purchase, Cloudfield offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can request a full refund or a replacement.

Check out Cloudfield wood sunglasses here.

Mr. Woodini

mr woodini

These eco-friendly pair of sunglasses are made out of recycled materials and wood.

They want you to feel that their products are really innovative and a bit of a change in an ever more crowded sunglasses market.

We like that fact that the lenses are top rated by Australian authorities for UV protection and that means your eyes are always going to be safe in Mr. Woodini’s Wood Sunglasses.

Woodeer Sunglasses

wood glasses woodeer

Woodeer hail from Riga, Lativia and we like their unashamed Eastern European influences in their lines.

They don’t just make polarized sunglasses, either, they also make watches which are the perfect companion to a stylish pair of their shades.

They use a wide range of European woods and we loved their walnut cat eye shades from last year but now, we’re huge fans of the Woodeer Wooden Sunglasses in natural oak wood.

4EST Shades Wood Sunglasses

The 4EST sunglasses are made from Maple with 100% polarized shades. And of course, they float!

best wooden sunglass 4est

4EST Shades are cool. They tick alot of the usual boxes. High-quality bamboo? Check. Unique and handmade? Check. Polarized, UV busting lenses? Check.

And they plant two tree with every purchase. Plus, they are priced very reasonably. The eco-friendly bamboo case is a nice touch as well.


wooden sunglasses gowood

GoWood are not cheaply made with stiff plastic hinges like some brands. They are good quality and should last a long time as long as you care for them.

The GoWood’s are perfect for outdoor lovers who hike and fish regularly. And equally, for busy professionals who want to make a sustainable choice with their style.

They have polarized thermally cured lenses with perfect clarity and glare protection. Providing clear vision and protection against glare and 100% UV protection against radiation. They have an anti-reflective coating and are designed to withstand accidental impacts. The anti-reflective qualities are great by the way.


best sunglass wood

Treetribe sunglasses come with an exceptional quality bamboo frame. Bamboo is natural wood and it is sustainable bamboo. We love bamboo frames and composite, polarized lenses.

We had one of the interns wear them around the office for a few days and they held up well. Clear vision that performed well under a hot sun. They survived a team birthday party intact, so are effectively scratch resistant as well.

Did we mention that because of the porous nature of bamboo, these wood sunglasses will float in water? Great products!

Tree Tribe is an outdoor lifestyle brand inspired by nature that gives back by planting trees with the purchase of every pair.

Wise Owl

wood sunglass wise owl

Wise Owl wooden sunglasses are handcrafted from real wood and each pair is unique. The mixed-media Clubmaster comes in three awesome styles. We really like the wayfarer style with the walnut wood frame.

The lenses seemed high-quality and is UV 400 polarized.The bamboo case and microfiber cloth is a really nice touch. This is a pretty solid choice for shades. One great thing about Wise Owl is they plant two trees for every pair.

Benefits of Bamboo & Wood Frames

If you’re still not sold on the idea of wood sunglasses let’s take a closer look at all the benefits of buying a pair today!

  1. They are environmentally friendly and sustainable (bamboo). No pesticides are used when growing bamboo. This is a good thing. And bamboo needs next to no water to grow.
  2. They are super lightweight and the bamboo sunglasses versions are super-strong and will last nearly forever.
  3. They are perfect for swimming and other watersports as they’re water-resistant and, you guessed it, they float!
  4. They are unique as most of them are crafted by hand. They are a cool twist to timeless classics and come in a variety of natural colors for women.

How To Care For Your New Wood Sunglasses

  1. Be extra careful unpackaging your new bamboo sunglasses. This is when accidental nicks or scratches on the polarized lenses commonly occur.
  2. If your particular bamboo sunglasses brand did not provide a protective case or a micro-fiber cloth for cleaning then we highly recommend you go out and purchase them immediately to care for your bamboo sunglasses. They are easy to find products at any sunglasses kiosk in a mall or a variety of sites online.
  3. Not using your sunglasses? Store them safely in the case. Always protect your lenses.
  4. Don’t clean the bamboo frame or polarized lenses on your bamboo sunglasses with toxic home-cleaners. Choose an organic cleaning product if possible or use standard sunglass cleaner fluid available at any optometrist. And only use a proper sunglass microfiber on your products for lense cleaning.
  5. Repair your glasses immediately if damaged or experiencing some wear and tear. Tighten those screws and consider keeping some replacement screws on hand. Take care of your bamboo sunglasses.