Top 11 Best Wooden Watches Brands, According to Afficianados

The clock was ticking on our deadline to submit this best wooden watches brands review. We reviewed over 35 makers of wood watches but it was tough to make a decision on time.

We finally narrowed it down to 11 watch brands that really ticked all our boxes. Phew! Just in the nick of time.

Our priorities were brands that sustainably produce ethical, eco-friendly watches that will stand the test of time!

We are fond of timeless watch design so that informed our choices as well. We have many of these brands in our watch collection.

You can’t go wrong with these sustainable brands and their dedication to excellence.

Enjoy your sustainable, ethical, eco-friendly wood timepiece.


Jord Watches

Jord is a watch company that specializes in making wood watches. They are arguably the maker of the best wooden watches. Their beautiful craftsmanship comes in a variety of styles.

They even make wooden sunglasses as well, and theny have free shipping worldwide which is amazing.

Each wooden watch is handmade from the exotic woods and rugged steel and it’s what makes their watches visually stunning.

jord wooden watch

This watch is the Dover II, a 42mm automatic watch. This watch is beautiful due to it’s signature skeleton design making the internal mechanics visable, and it’s very durable from it’s band construction that protects the wood with a steel endoskeleton.


spinnaker logo

Spinnaker is a respected watch brand that have now branched off into wooden watch territory and the way they execute it is honestly mesmerizing.

Their wooden watches feature wooden accents rather than a full wooden construction, this gives the watch a much more durable and sturdy feeling to it and brings wooden watches into a luxurious light.

spinnaker wooden watch

The Spinnaker Vessel is inspired by the luxurious wooden runabouts in the Italian Mediterranean, it’s a sporty watch with a Riviera style.


plantwear logo

Plantwear is another company that specializes in wooden watches and what makes theirs special is they’re constructed almost 100% out of wood.

Their watches have another different sort of look with the full wooden watch body and band, but I appreciate it, I think it looks gorgeous.

plantwear wooden watch

This watch from them is the Select Chronograph and looks so unique but sleek at the same time. It’s definitely a watch to impress.


vejrhoj logo

Vejrhøj is a watch brand based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The company combines natural hardwood, stainless steel, and minimalism to create simple, yet luxurious designs.

This watch the Nautic 58° North is crafted from natural walnut wood merged with stainless steel. It is truely a minimalists dream watch.

vejrhoj wooden watch

The distinctive dial designs take inspiration from old navigation instruments, it is equipped with quality Swiss movement from Ronda, is water resistant, and has a scratch resistant sapphire coating.

Ovi Watches

ovi watch logo

Ovi Watch has a mission to make a high-quality, unique wooden watch that will bring a wow factor to your everyday life, and it truely does bring a wow factor.

This watch design is just beautiful, it looks like it was carved from a single piece of wood with an amazing wood grain. It’s minimal but still looks like a piece of art on your wrist.

ovi watch wooden watch

The Aesthetic design of this watch really brings out the character of the watch itself, bringing class and highlights the natural browns of the walnut wood. They also have free shipping worldwide which is great.


kerbholz logo

Kerbholz is a German based company that specializes in wooden watches and accessories. Their wooden is always sustainably sourced.

Their watches are produced in Shenzhen, which is a city in China that is pursuing the idea of a true green city. There’s no better place to do it!

kerbholz wooden watch

This is the Kerbholz Franz. It’s a chronograph with a minimalistic design featuring a frame made of natural wood. A timeless design, you can’t go wrong with it.

Lux Woods

lux woods logo

Lux woods is a small business that has a passion for the earth, and a more sustainable path forward, and also a passion in wooden watches of course.

All of their watches are handmade, so you can say that every wood watch from them is different and will be unique to you.

lux woods wooden watch

This clean, modern design from them is made from chanate wood, this wood is hard and dense, it feels sturdy in the hand but is still lightweight at the same time.

Original Grain

original grain logo

Original Grain is an environmentally conscious wooden watch brand, making sure the least wood possible is going to waste during the crafting of a watch, they even plant a tree for every watch sold.

They use reclaimed and sustainably sourced materials to make their watches, and over the past 6 years they have helped Trees for the Future plant 500,000 trees.

original grain wooden watch

This is the Original Grain Whiskey Espresso and has a double layer dial construction and is made out of reclaimed oak whiskey barrels with an amazing wood grain.

Analog Watch Co.

analog logo

Analog Watch Co makes some of the most simplistic and minimalistic wooden watches on the market, they’re just plain, but in a weirdly appealing way.

Their Carpenter Watch is designed to be sleek and subtle, also left plain to retain the beauty and patterns of the natural raw wood.

analog wooden watch

This watch is lightweight and designed for long lasting comfort, you almost forget you’re even wearing it. The design is even 80% biodegradeable.


treehut logo

Treehut is a small business ran out of San Francisco, California and they have a high appreciation for natural materials, this is the seed of inspiration for Treehut.

This watch from them The Classic Bamboo Nova is afully wooden watch that has high-quality Japanese quartz movement.

treehut wooden watch

This watch is great, it’s high-quality, minimalist, water resistance, durable, and long lasting. It’s just a stunning looking watch.

Bobo Bird

Bobo Bird is a brand that commits to providing you high quality, natural, stylish and unique wooden watches, manufactured combining modern and traditional craftmanship.

They make watches with original desings that have been manufactured out of natural recycled and reclaimed wood.

bobo bird wooden watch

This watch from them is the beautiful Piton made of ebony wood and black stainless steel, it is absolutely gorgeous and sleek.

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