Don’t Miss Zero Waste Books For 2023

The average American generates nearly five pounds of garbage each day, or 1,642 pounds per person per year.

That means a family of four will throw out over 6,500 lbs of trash annually!

That has to stop if we want to live on a clean planet. Everyone needs to join the zero waste movement and adopt a zero waste lifestyle. Everyone!

These excellent zero waste books can help you become part of the solution, generating less waste, saving you money, and preventing the destruction of our planet.

Life Without Plastic
by Chantal Plamondon and Jay Sinha

It was the birth of their child that led Chantal and Jay to opt for a zero-waste lifestyle. They wanted to make sure that there was a planet for them to inherit.

A sustainable future meant reducing waste, changing waste habits, opting for more natural resources and organic produce and avoiding plastic packaging.
Zero waste living began with a search for baby bottles that weren’t plastic and full of toxins and from there, things spiralled and this book is a result of their environmentally conscious quest for a better world.

Grab a copy online here.

How to Give Up Plastic
by Will McCallum

Will Mcallum is a well-established environmental activist with a simple mission, to help us all break our reliance on plastic.

He gives you the hard data on the impact of plastic on our planet and particularly the oceans and seas and then shows you how to stop being part of the problem. 

Grab a copy online here.

No. More. Plastic.
by Martin Dorey

Martin gets right to the point in his book and he offers a “2 minute solution” to help you stop generating plastic waste.

If you don’t want a long, heavy book, it doesn’t get much shorter or sweeter, while remaining impactful, than this. 

Grab a copy online here.

Cooking With Scraps
by Lindsay-Jean Hard

The 85 recipes in Cooking With Scraps help you to stop throwing out food waste and start using it to create super tasty dishes.

The best thing, of course, is that this doesn’t just save the planet, it also helps you save money, while never compromising on food quality. 

Grab a copy online here.

101 Ways To Go Zero Waste by Kathryn Kellong

Our long review of 101 Ways to Go Zero Waste should tell you that it’s one of our favorite zero waste lifestyle movement books, already. It makes your zero waste journey an easy one by focusing on zero waste habits and practical tips for handling household waste and more.

Kathryn Kellog leads a zero waste lifestyle herself and you can feel authenticity on every page. A zero waste home leads to a smaller carbon footprint, a plastic free existence and eliminating trash means no having to remember when the garbage collection comes too!

But if you missed it, Kathryn’s book is an endlessly practical guide to eliminating waste in all areas of your life without becoming a “waste perfectionist”. 

Grab a copy online here.

Zero Waste Home
by Bea Johnson

Bea and her family practice what they preach and Zero Waste Home is a great guide to how the whole family can cooperate to change the way they live for the good of the planet. We love the ideas for a zero waste kitchen, especially.

The focus in this zero waste book is on learning to value experiences over possessions and having a more fulfilled, more sustainable life. 

Grab a copy online here.

Zero Waste
by Shia Su

Shia Su is our hero and she’s a complete advocate for kinder living, as a vegan, tiny house dweller and all around zero waste nerd, you can’t go wrong with this guide to cutting down on trash.

Her own trash for a year fits in one small mason jar and she can help you do the same, plus she offers up some awesome vegan recipes as she does so, which make this book even tastier!

Grab a copy online here.

A Life Less Throwaway
by Tara Button

Tara founded Buy Me Once, an online store dedicated to helping reduce waste by selling products that last much, much longer than the regular versions do.

Her guiding principle to avoid waste is to avoid cheap junk that falls to pieces and needs replacing and, instead, to buy things that will last a lifetime or more. It’s great. 

Grab a copy online here.

Final Thoughts On Zero Waste Books

All of these zero waste books are excellent and the more you read, the more ideas you will have to lead a cleaner and simpler life that benefits you and the planet. 

If you want more zero waste ideas why not check out the best zero waste stores, our favorite zero waste TED talks and the best zero waste apps?