8 Zero Waste Podcasts For 2024

According to the EPA, the average amount of waste generated, per person, in the United States each day is 4.9 pounds!

Only a third of this can be recycled or composted at this moment in time.

That leaves over 3 pounds of waste to end up in landfills, for each of us, every single day of the year. 

We can do better and these brilliant zero-waste podcasts make it easier for each of us to do better.

Of course, you can find plenty of general sustainability podcasts out there which touch on zero waste occasionally. The same is true for great science podcasts or clean beauty podcasts for that matter.

But these podcasts all specialize in getting you to zero waste and that’s why they’re awesome.

Practical(ly) Zero Waste

This is another great monthly podcast which focuses on practical tips for making a zero waste difference in your own life.

They want people to know how easy it is to cut down on waste without cutting down on the things that bring you joy in life. 

The whole tone is positive and upbeat and super easy to listen to. 
Check it out here.

Jonathan JK Zero Waste

Jonathan JK’s Zero Waste is a new entrant to the world of zero waste podcasts and instead of emulating those that have gone before it hones in on an important aspect of zero waste life. Saving money.

Yes, when you produce less waste, you buy less stuff to throw away in the first place and this means spending less money. 

That has to be a good thing, right? 
Check it out here.

How To Save The World

Meghan and Jamie release around 20 issues of this podcast each year but the episodes, sadly, are a super short 13 minutes long.

The good news is that this lets them deal with one topic, in-depth and without becoming boring or preachy. 

There’s a very hippie-like feel to this podcast and it’s super easy to fit into even the busiest of days.
Check it out here.

WAKEcup And Smell The Coffee

With only 5 episodes a year, our only complaint about this awesome zero waste podcast is there’s not much of it.

However, as it’s made by BBC Presenters Lizzie Daly and Tom “The Blowfish” Hird, you get an incredible level of production quality and data here. Don’t miss out!
Check it out here.

Zero Waste Life Hacks Podcast

Simple solutions to big problems is the objective of Zero Waste Life Hacks’ podcast and we think that they’ve succeeded in this. 

Each episode is designed to exhaustively examine a single item that might be thrown away, the impact on the planet and how you can make things better. 
Check it out here.

The Indisposable Podcast

There’s a real focus on getting rid of plastic as part of this podcast and we like that because it gives the Indisposable Podcast a distinct identity.

We also like the current, weekly approach to releasing decent (30 minutes or more) length episodes as they give us something to get excited about.  
Check it out here.

Starting Sustainably

Karlin of the Starting Sustainability blog shares her ideas and the ideas of her guests to help you achieve a zero waste lifestyle.

She says that we can all do better than just using reusable bags and cups and that just a few minor changes in all of our lives could lead to a huge impact on the future of the planet.

We tend to agree and we live the weekly format of this podcast, which has already reached its 90th episode, too. 
Check it out here.