Top 10 Best Zero Waste Online Stores For 2022

I think it’s fair to say that there’s no “best zero waste stores”. If your shop is zero waste, then you’re already top of the pops in our book. (Oh and speaking of books, there are some awesome zero waste books here too).

Online shopping is growing every day and most online stores generate reams of waste that could be avoided. That’s why we recommend buying from zero waste shops. A zero waste store generates as little waste (or the equivalent of no waste at all) as possible.

The Package Free Shop

Package Free Shop

Probably the biggest name in the zero waste store market is the Package Free Shop. Their zero waste kits are guaranteed to be filled with plastic-free alternatives and help minimize waste in your home.

Their eco friendly goods are also palm oil free which is a big deal to ethical consumers and not only is every thing shipped plastic free but it’s in compostable packaging where necessary.

They stock a wide range of personal and home items and on top of that, they also offer a subscription service, something you only get from online zero waste stores, if you enjoy getting a nice bundle of surprises every month.

trash is for tossers

Their “trash is for tossers” motto is a surprisingly effective way to frame the whole issue of excess waste too. Check out our full review of Package Free Shop here.

The Wild Minimalist

wild minimalist logo

The Wild Minimalist is one of our favorite zero waste online shops and again they carry a broad range of zero waste products (and plastic free products)

And in particular, their bath and beauty products take some beating, as they are all made from sustainable resources.

Their bag range is also great if you want to eliminate waste in the rest of your life. We hope you’re already using reusable product bags, mind you as they’re a key part of zero waste shipping.

Reduce your waste and join the zero waste lifestyle.

wild minimalist press

Say goodbye to sad, wilted greens. They’re also quite affordable.

Check out our full review of the Wild Minimalist here.


zerro waste storefront

From the big players to a much smaller one. Zerovana is a Dallas-based family business that wants to help us all move to a waste-free life by bringing you plastic free essentials that cause no unnecessary waste.

It’s not quite package free shipping but they use 100% recycled packaging which contains absolutely no plastic packaging and they work with their suppliers to eliminate their excess packaging too.

We really like their self-care gift sets and the compostable bandages are a superb idea.

Check out all that Zerovna has to offer here on their site.



This may be the best of the waste-free subscription box services but Earthlove is definitely at the luxury end of the market

And you may find that they’re simply too expensive for your tastes, we got some awesome shampoo bars on our trial of this zero waste club.

If you can afford it their boxes are superb, they have been recommended by everyone from Oprah Winfrey to Rolling Stone magazine.

They also tend to contain products that are substantially better quality than the average subscription service.

You can check out Earthlove here.

Tiny Yellow Bungalow

Jessie of Tiny Yellow Bungalow is a big believe in being kind to “Mama Earth” and her zero-waste shop has completely eliminated plastic in all their shipping materials, we love plastic free shipping.

We really like the fact that they have a range of unique vintage items that you can’t find anywhere else online.

There’s always an interesting discovery!

They also have their own Zero Waste Vegan Cookbook which allows you to take your commitment to zero waste into the kitchen!

Eco Girl Shop

eco girl logo

Eco Girl is an all-female owned eco-friendly company which has completely waste and plastic free shipping in its supply chain.

One thing that caught our eye about Eco Girl is that they’ve decided to work with One Tree Planted and they promise that every time you order from them, you will fund the planting of at least one tree.

Their travel accessories are absolutely essential, and we also love their hair care range which is so kind to your scalp. Upgrade your zero waste journey.

Well Earth Goods

well earth goods logo

Well Earth reminds us of settling in with one of those luxury catalogs of your parent’s era. We like to think of it as a zero market, in fact. It’s more than just a zero waste online shop, that’s for sure.

There are so many great zero waste products that you find yourself wrapped up in their site for hours at a time and it’s very easy to decide that you just want to buy everything you see.

We particularly liked the fact that they make it easy to donate to other good causes such as Wildfire Relief as you shop.

Don’t miss out on their toothpaste tablets which will keep your mouth feeling amazing!

Life Without Plastic

life without plastic

As the name says, this zero waste shop is all about eliminating plastic in every part of your life.

Life Without Plastic simply notes that the oil industry which sustains plastic manufacture is one of the worst polluters and causes of environmental harm. Plastic pollution sucks.

They also want you to be aware of the impact that plastics can have on your health.

This is an amazing zero waste online store too – if there’s a product that’s made out of plastic that they don’t have an alternative for, we don’t know what it is.

This is an essential stop on every zero-waste shopper’s list for zero waste supplies.


EarthHero is a massive online store with just about every product imaginable for facilitating a sustainable lifestyle. It’s a plastic free shop where we loved to do our plastic free shopping.

They are not just committed to zero waste in their packaging but they also boast that they have a zero waste policy in their office – everything they use must be reusable, recyclable or compostable or it doesn’t come in the building.

All packaging in EarthHero orders is eco-friendly and even the stickers on the zero waste essentials box they come in will be fully compostable.

We love their tentree range because every time you buy something, they plant ten trees on your behalf! Eco-friendly as heck!


Last, but by no means least, is Etee whose name means “everything touches everything else”.

They’re one of the best brands in the zero-waste online stores space and were founded when the owner went to go kayaking and found the river overflowing with plastic waste and junk.

All their packaging is completely plastic free, and they make everything from natural materials that can be recycled or placed into a composter when you’re done with it.

One thing every home ought to have from their lineup is the reusable beeswax food wraps which make lunches a brighter occasion without harming the taste of your sandwiches.

Last Word on Zero Waste Stores

Most zero waste shops are sustainable social enterprises with a mission to make the world a better place. By buying your goods from these places rather than from mega-corporations like Amazon, you can make the world a better place for you and for future generations.

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