Blueland Is Cleaning Up In Sustainable Homes

One of the hardest things to do in the quest for a life in better balance with the needs of the planet is to find decent cleaning products.

Oh sure, there are plenty of eco-friendly items out there but many of them are super expensive.

Who wants to spend $30 on hand soap when the “bad version” is a couple of bucks in Walmart?

Well, that’s where Blueland comes in.


Blueland was co-founded by Sarah Paiji who says:

I founded Blueland with the belief that we shouldn’t have to sacrifice a clean home for a clean planet. Our mission is simple, make being eco easy with innovative products in reusable packaging that are convenient, effective and affordable. I hope you’ll join us as we clean up the planet!

It wasn’t all smooth sailing on their way to success in the increasingly competitive eco-friendly cleaning products market. For more on their challenges check out this article from Inc.

Reasonably Priced, Kind Cleaning Agents

Blueland’s mission is to develop products using ingredients that are meant to promote your health in harmony with the health of the planet.

They use non-toxic items to keep the planet healthy and have received the Platinum Material Health Certificate for their cleaning products.

These include cleaning sprays, powdered dish soap (need other options for dish soap? Then check out these awesome sustainable dish soap brands), and tablets for both laundry and dishwashers.

blueland gift pack

In addition to their eco-creds, they’re also cruelty-free as certified by Leaping Bunny and completely vegan, non-GMO and gluten-free.

That’s a fairly substantial list of credentials.

how blueland works

Sourcing That Makes Sense

None of their ingredients appear on the Prop 65 banned ingredients list and none of them are on the EWG unacceptable list either and, in fact, they stick to the EPA safer chemical ingredients list.

Of course, this doesn’t stop them from using fragrances because cleaning products are meant to smell nice but the fragrances, they use are low-allergen and completely non-toxic.

All the oils they use including coconut oil and palm oil are fully ethically sourced.

blueland products are non-toxic

In fact, they require their suppliers to disclose all the materials they use, including trace amounts, in order to better understand their impact on the planet and in order to reduce that impact.

They never work with suppliers that cannot demonstrate their products haven’t been ethically produced.

blueland mission statement

All their products are refill based and you never need to throw away another plastic bottle again. All the Blueland eco-friendly cleaning products have been third party certified too.

If you’ve been impressed by Blueland, you might want to check out some of the other brands on our list of the best natural organic cleaning products.

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