Is This BMW Camper Van The Future of Luxury Camping?

Bradbuilds has seen the future with a clear vision of luxury camping in the great outdoors. In style!

We agree, thanks to the events of 2020, we’re positive that the coming years will see an explosion in people taking their vacations in the country that they live in and more and more people are going to choose a socially distanced campsite.

But how does someone with a BMW M4 justify purchasing a separate camper van? Well, they don’t.

bmw camper van

Bradbuilds has developed the ultimate camper van concept for this.

You can get everything you need for a good time in it – a bed, solar panels, and a kitchenette.

The suspension is lifted on the car to let it head off-road and they’ve given it chunkier tires too.

It’s a glampervan, if you like.

bmw glamper van

The Hard Limit On The Glampervan

If you want one of these then, for the moment, you’ll need to build it yourself as it’s not a production model. It's just a concept car for now.

But if you’re in the market for a camper van that is available, you should check out our Best Camper Vans article here. It’s packed with suggestions that will be available to buy and won’t cost as much as that BMW M4.

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