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Botanical Paperworks Seed Paper Heart Confetti for Sustainable Weddings


Botanical Paperworks is one of the most innovative companies working in the eco-friendly sector. They’ve got a 20-year history of providing awesome paper products that don’t just biodegrade but are actually made of seeds.

When you throw away a sheet of Botanical Paperworks’ paper – you’re planting wildflowers, herbs or vegetables.

It’s no wonder that brands such as Starbucks and Sony are keen to use their products because it sends a very clear green message to everyone who comes into contact with them.

The Eco-Friendly Wedding

Getting married is a huge expense and for the average American, they will spend $33,391 on getting married.

Though if you marry in New Mexico the local average is just $17,584 compared to New York City’s breath taking $76,944!

That’s a lot of money to celebrate a special day and there ought to be some lasting benefit that comes out of that investment (though we do recommend focusing on the happiness of the bride and groom as part of the process too).

Botanical Paperworks’ Seed Paper Heart Confetti might be the way to do that. You can choose confetti in a range of shades and colors and with a range of seeds that will come from it when it biodegrades.

We really like the pastel mix which we think has a touch of the traditional about it but all of their confetti items are cute and each box has 350 items of confetti in it.

That’s an eco-friendly boost to the happiest day of your life

Check out the Botanical Paperworks’s Seed Paper Heart Confetti range on here.

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