Bowlus Trailer Is A Thing Of Beauty

The new Bowlus Trailer is a thing of real beauty and we want one, though, it may be a while before we can afford one.

The camper revolution is here and we’ve featured everything from the Nissan Electric Camper to the bike campers.

But this is on a whole new level!

bowlus trailer

The Bowlus Comes At A Price

At $265,000, the Bowlus Trailer is the world’s first truly luxury camper trailer. 

And it’s impressively specced up – it has a power system that combines with top-end water and air filters to allow you to live off grid for up to 2 weeks at a time. It only takes 4 hours to recharge too. 

It has a bedroom, a kitchen, an en-suite bathroom and more! It really is a home away from home. 

Most of all though, we love the 1930s retro exterior which makes us feel that it’s part of a better time when man’s eyes were on the heavens and the possibilities of outer space.

We want one, we think you will too. Check out Bowlus here.

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