Build Your Own Electric Motorcycle

There’s no better way to make a bold, eco-friendly statement these days than to drive an electric vehicle that’s been completely customized. 

And the easiest way to ensure your vehicle is custom is to build your own and Carl Vogel can teach you how. 

Why We Love Build Your Own Electric Motorcycle

Carl Vogel is an automotive professor and director of the Electric Auto Association, so as you might imagine, he’s fully qualified to help you build your own electric motorcycle.

Inside you’ll find a step-by-step guide that anyone can follow to get the job done from how to source your parts and the energy savings you’ll make onwards. 

build your own electric motorcycle book cover

It’s packed with illustrations and tips on how to customize your bike to your exact tastes whether you want a chopper or an in-town ride. 

It also offers comprehensive safety, maintenance and troubleshooting instructions to ensure that your bike is always on the road when you need it to be. 

Final Thoughts On Build Your Own Electric Motorcycle

When we were young, we loved Lego and the freedom to build what we wanted, building an electric bike is even better than that.

Carl Vogel is the perfect companion to teach you how to create a unique vehicle that will be the envy of your friends and give you the freedom of the road. 

If you’re not ready to build one, you can buy an electric motorcycle from one of these awesome brands or if you fancy something slower, why not opt for an electric bicycle or an e-bike conversion kit

You can grab a copy of this great book online here.

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  1. I love riding on a bike. It’s like I take on a whole different personality when riding. It’s nice wind blowing thru your hair, if your riding some where no helmet law. I’m ready to win

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