Buy Me Once Only Sells Things That are Built to Last

Are you sick of constantly buying things, then eventually throwing them out and buying new ones?

Tara Button is sick of it as well and is resolved to do something about it!

After quitting her job in advertising she started Buy Me Once, an online retailer that searches far and wide to find manufacturers who actually build things that were made to last.

“In a world where we build satellites and send people to space, we can make a kettle that doesn’t break after three years,” Button told Mother Nature Network.

[And yet] we haven’t been able to find a Buy Me Once electric kettle. The guarantees from the companies are really short, and online reviews say they all break really soon. For me, that’s not good enough…. There used to be kettles that lasted longer. If you find a kettle from the 1950s, they often still work. That kind of thing gets my goat.

Got an idea for the site? You can submit suggestions here.

On the site there is also an Articles & Tips section, featuring hints on how to reduce your possessions and advice for how to make stuff last longer.

The site just went live last December and it’s growing fast! I love this site!

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