by Humankind Is Sustainable Clean Beauty

Did you know that each year the cosmetics industry creates 120 billion units of packaging and that most of it ends up landfill. 

Many major cosmetic brands also use ingredients that are terrible for the planet and potentially damaging to the user. 

That’s why we love by Humankind.

Why We Love by Humankind

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This is a personal care brand that actually cares. 

Their main objective is to reduce the world’s dependence on single-use plastics but there’s also an emphasis on clean beauty and, in fact, we discovered by Humankind on one of our favorite clean beauty podcasts

They then work on a low-cost subscription model providing you with a refillable container and a refill. 

The container is free with a subscription. 

Then according to your preferred schedule, they send you two refills (at a discount) when you need them. 

This reduces your single-use plastic consumption in cosmetics and personal care by around 90%. 

by humankind products

Our Favorite by Humankind Products

We adore their grapefruit conditioner which keeps hair looking shiny and well kept with no frizziness all day long. 

We’re also big fans of their Bergamot body wash which smells fantastic and makes us feel super clean. 

Final Thoughts On by Humankind

Our only complaint about by Humankind is that their range isn’t big enough, yet, but we’re confident that it will be soon, other than that? 

by Humankind is now one of our favorite clean beauty brands

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After all, beauty can be kind to creatures as well as to us and the planet. 

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