Camper Food & Stories Is At Heart A Cookbook

All over America there are thousands of people living in their camper vans and the movement is growing daily.

51% of those people live in their vans full time and they do so without compromising on the quality of their lives.

That’s where Els Sirejacob and Bram Debaenst’s book Camper Food Stories comes in. 

What We Love About Camper Food & Stories

The authors don’t live permanently in their van but they do spend a lot of time in it and they revel in the freedom and adventure it brings. 

Camper Food & Stories Cover

This book is, at heart, a cookbook and it shows you can eat incredible meals on the road with gorgeous backdrops everywhere if you know where to look. 

But while it is a tribute to great food, Camper Food & Stories is also a tribute to travel and the authors have really travelled, there’s barely a corner of Europe that they haven’t parked their van in at some point. 

Final Thoughts On Camper Food & Stories 

Anyone in the van life lifestyle can benefit from this book and it’s as valuable to a total newbie as it is to a long-term traveller. 

And even if you don’t camp, you may well find some wonderful food that you can cook at home, so why not give Camper Food Stories a try, today? 

If you’re looking for a camper to enjoy food and adventure in why not check out our favorite camper van brands or this Droplet trailer or the BMW luxury camper?

You can grab a copy online here.

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