The Camper Van Cookbook Is Worth The Trip

The Camper Van Cookbook is an invaluable resource! It's a natural companion to Martin Dorey's classic Camper Van Bible.

There’s nothing quite like getting out into nature in a camper van or an RV but what do you cook when you get there?

That’s the question that Martin Dorey and Sara Randell set out to answer in The Camper Van Cookbook which acknowledges the challenge of cooking on the road without compromising on taste and nutrition.

Camper Van Cookbook

About The Authors

Martin lives life on the road with his family and Pootle, a VW Camper van that is coming up on its 30th birthday!

Sarah, on the other hand, is a food industry pro with experience working for Delia Smith and one of the UK’s biggest food magazines.

Together, they’ve brought you a camping bible which is designed to help you get out on the road and eat like a king with just a fire and a two ring stove for you to cook on.

There’s no slacking off in taking care of the environment either and the vast majority of recipes are designed to take advantage of seasonal ingredients.

Our Favorite On The Road Treat

We absolutely love the breakfast frittata with bacon, though you can always skip the bacon (or not if you use our best vegan bacon brands) if you are vegan or vegetarian or use a plant-based substitute.

But every word in this is like an adventure in cookery and it’s all combined with a real appreciation for the natural world around them.

The authors have released a cookbook that is more than just a cookbook and if you love to camp, this ought to be your constant companion for years to come.

You can find The Camper Van Cookbook: Life On 4 Wheels, Cooking On 2 Rings online.

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