Cariuma Is The Brazilian Sneaker Of My Dreams

Sometimes going green is the only thing you can do to get what you love.

That’s why David and Fernando co-founded Cariuma. 

They wanted just one thing – a sustainable sneaker, made by a socially responsible company that was actually comfortable and fit for purpose.

They couldn’t find it, so they decided to make it themselves.

Rolling The Dice

The two Brazilians took a big risk at this point – they quit their high-flying corporate jobs and founded a sneaker company. 

cariuma pink shoes

It’s paid off in spades though as Cariuma has forced its way into the consciousness of the environmentally aware all over the planet.

Why? Because they did what they set out to do!

Cariuma sneakers are comfortable and they’re made out of fully sustainable materials.

You asked for a greener sneaker. We listened. We’ve crafted our vegan collection with plants & recycled plastics from heel to toe. We chose bamboo for its rapid self-regeneration – it’s cut from the stalk and grows back – leaving tree & soil intact.


No Compromise On Quality

They’ve reduced carbon emissions throughout the manufacturing process and most importantly of all – they’ve done it without compromising on the quality of the sneakers they produce. 

Many brands make recycled shoes but when it comes to sneakers, they need a bit more than the average shoe – you want a sneaker to support you as you run and exercise and Cariuana does just that.

cariuma red shoes

With designs such as the OCA Low for both men and women – you really can’t go wrong with these sneakers. 

No wonder these sneakers are so desirable!

Final Thoughts On Cariuma

As one of our favorite recycled shoe brands Cariuma is always on our recommendation list and their contributions to the planet should be celebrated.

Get more info on the Cariuma website here.

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