The CasusGrill Is Fully Biodegradable And Made From Flame-Free Bamboo

Everyone loves BBQ! Some of my happiest memories as a child combine family trips and BBQs in far-flung picnic grounds. My dad loved a good road trip!

So we get it! It’s super tempting to buy a disposable BBQ to facilitate spur of the moment BBQing. It makes life much easier than lugging around a Weber in the trunk.

But this is terrible for the planet.


Well, it was but CasusGrill has changed that.

A Sustainable Disposable BBQ?

Absolutey! The CasusGrill is a fully sustainable and still utterly disposable BBQ solution that will completely biodegrade once you’ve eaten your fill and allowed it to go out.

It’s so clever and yet, so simple, that it made the list of the top 100 inventions of the year at Time Magazine!

They use bamboo and cardboard as the basis for their grills and reusable lava stone to set things off nicely for the non-disposable component.

All you do after use is remove the lava stone and then leave the whole thing in place, it will very quickly, return to nature without damaging anything in its wake. How cool is that?

If that’s got your mouth watering, then why not check out the best vegan plant-based bacon brands? They go nicely with a BBQ.

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