She Couldn’t Grow Real Plants So She Made These Paper Ones

28 Apr , 2016  

It all started because Corrie Beth Hogg wanted a fiddle leaf fig tree in her very dark living room. She knew a live one would never survive so she made one using paper, paper mache, wood dowels, and paint. Turned out she loved making them! It has been a challenge and a treat for her to discover what other plants […]

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Firemen From Australia Release Calendar With Puppies For Charity. Fires Break Out On Internets.

20 Apr , 2016  

The Firefighters Calendar is a yearly tradition down under in Australia. Their latest upcoming release includes puppies. Is it getting hot in here?      

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He Puts A Ring From A Tree Trunk On A Record Player. When It Starts To Play, I Got Goose Bumps!!

7 Apr , 2016   Video

Music is all around us, but who could have guessed that hidden within a cross-section of a tree was a sublime piece of musc. Artist Bartholomaus Traubeck designed/built a record player that reads the texture and color variations of tree rings and interprets them as music. Because every tree has its own unique configuration of […]

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Russian Photographer Will Amaze You With Marvelous Images Of Her Ginger Cat Called Kotleta

21 Mar , 2016  

Russian photographer Kristina Makeeva is a super talented Russian photographer who stages amazing and sometimes hilarious photos of her cat Kotleta. You can check out more of her work on her Instagram account. Enjoy!


No One Can Agree How Many Girls Are In This Photo. What Do You Think?

17 Mar , 2016  

Posted on Instagram last week by Swiss photographer Tiziana Vergari, this photo is the latest brain teaser that is heating up social media. With over 750 comments, no one can agree how many girls there are…Three? Four? Two? Identical twins? Is there a mirror? Where is the mirror? What do you think? Same but different […]


Hungarian Chef Turns Ordinary Cookies Into Beautiful Embroidery-Inspired Art

5 Mar , 2016   Video

Feeling hungry? Happen to be in Hungary? Then head to Mézesmanna, a cake-decorating shop that makes what might just be the most amazing cookies you’ve ever seen. The only problem is, you won’t want to eat them. No. You’ll want to put them in a frame and hang them on your wall. Because these are […]


These 17 Never Before Published Photographs From The National Geographic Archives Will Leave You Speechless

19 Feb , 2016  

National Geographic is well known for their photographs. Here’s a look at some never before published images. More than captivating, they provide an eye into the past and other cultures. The project called Found was established in 2013 to honor NatGeo’s 125th anniversary. The project’s team says that their mission is to bring the pictures […]


Mexican Designer Imagines A World Where Oreos Are Yo-Yo’s And Lipsticks Are Bullets

12 Feb , 2016  

Based in Mexico City, designer Paul Fuentes takes everyday objects and repurposes them in surreal and sometimes unsettling ways. Lipstick becomes bullets, bananas become telephones, and Oreos become yo-yos. It’s a topsy-turvy vision of the world. Colorful and unique. We love it! Enjoy. You can see more of Paul’s work on Instagram. SHARE the Love! […]


Imaginary Friends Come To Life In This Incredible Exhibition

12 Feb , 2016   Video

A new exhibition,titled ‘The Imaginary Friends Collection, opened on February 1 at the V&A Museum of Childhood in the East End of London. Starting back in September 2015, they invited more than 60 children to their workshop where they described their imaginary friends in as much detail as possible. Then they were brought to life […]


Spanish Sculptor Discovers Incredible Way To Knead Stones

12 Feb , 2016  

José Manuel Castro López is a Spanish sculptor with mad skills. He skilfully carves granite and quartz, making hard stones appear to be malleable, soft and squishy. He calls himself a “druid” and attempts to connect with each stone, breathing life back into it. Take a look! What an artist…


Husband Illustrates Every Single Day He Spends With His Beloved Wife In 365 Drawings

12 Feb , 2016  

Curtis Wiklund’s illustrations are nothing short of spectacular. Miraculous in a wonderful way. This Michigan-based wedding photographer has documented his love of his wife – Jordan – and his life with a series of 365 drawings – 1 of course, for each day of the year. He says, “During that year, many people told us […]


Artist Recreates Van Gogh’s Iconic Bedroom And Puts It Up For Rent On Airbnb

10 Feb , 2016  

For the first time in North America, all three versions of Van Gogh’s famous painting of his bedroom in Arles, France, will be displayed in Chicago along with some of his other work. To celebrate the occasion, the Art Institute of Chicago has recreated the room and put it up for rent on Airbnb for […]


Recycled ‘Pasture’ Rugs Bring The Wonders Of Nature Directly Into Your Home

9 Feb , 2016  

Artist Alexandra Kehayoglou recycles old scraps and thread from her family’s carpet factory in Buenos Aires. Then she creates amazingly lush rugs she calls “pastures” and “refuges”. These are beautiful rugs that bring the sweet ambience of nature – moss, grass, sand, pastures, snow – into your living room. Amazing! © Alexandra Kehayoglou   © Alexandra Kehayoglou […]


Firemen From France Release The Most Stunning 2016 Calendar You’ll Ever See

6 Feb , 2016  

French photographer Fred Goudon created a series of photographs of firefighters and put them together into a steamy 2016 charity calendar. Proceeds benefit Pompiers Sans Frontières – which if my high-school French serves me correctly, means “Firefighters Without Borders.” Take a deep breath. Wow! You’re welcome! SHARE the story! SHARE the love!

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What This Artist Creates With Drywall Will Blow Your Mind

5 Feb , 2016   Video

With enough creativity, almost any material— from tennis rackets to honeycombs—can be used to create art. And compared to one artist’s chewing paper art, sculptor Bernie Mitchell’s choice of drywall as a medium is pretty tame. Still, it’s not a substance that’s immediately associated with artistic endeavors. Mitchell, however, makes it look easy. In the video above, Mitchell uses a mix […]


Beautiful Liberty Prints Will Transport You Back To A Simpler Time

1 Feb , 2016  

Back in the day almost every woman had a Liberty print blouse or two in their closet. Recently, they’re not as popular as most young people don’t learn the requisite sewing skills necessary to make one. A maker with an Singer sewing machine could easily turn one of these prints into a whole bunch of cute […]


Artist Creates Amazing Giant Pine Cones And You’ll Never Guess How

31 Jan , 2016  

Canadian artist, Floyd Elzinga, creates these giant pine cone sculptures made from old shovel blades and discarded shovels. Their great size expresses what he calls “the aggressive nature of seeds.“ Beautiful!


Welcome To The Most Beautiful 3 Minutes Of Your Day

31 Jan , 2016   Video

Leif Smith is a 23-year old freelance photographer and videographer from Portland, Oregon. He recently released his latest short film, Vista, on Vimeo. Vista is the culmination of nearly 3 years of shooting around the northwest coast of the U.S. and Canada as well as the Himalayas. It’s been Leif’s passion project for quite awhile and […]


Mind-blowing Drawings Look Like Real Household Objects

30 Jan , 2016   Video

19-year-old Indian artist Sushant Rane draws these incredibly realistic drawings. You can follow Sushant at:


Illustrator Uses Her Coffee To Create Purrfect Portraits Of Cats

29 Jan , 2016  

While you and I sip our no-fat lattes in the comfort of Starbucks, Russian illustrator Elena Efremova is turning coffee into art. It’s purrfect! “Here are my coffee cats,” Efremova writes on Behance. According to Efremova, “each has its own character, as well as every type of coffee has its own flavour.” Americano, macchiato, cappuccino cats […]


Stunningly Crafted Cake Reveals A Shining Amethyst Geode!

29 Jan , 2016  

The folks at Intricate Icing Cake Designs take cake making to a whole new level with their ingenious creations. Baker Rachael Teufel recently came up with this incredible confection. It’s a unique bake that reveals a gorgeous amethyst geode. Wow!


10 Astonishing Photographs Of The Human Race

28 Dec , 2014  

These 10 astonishing photographs of people around the world are inspiring. The world is such a diverse place!