Incredible Transformation Of Old Table Top With Pennies

26 Apr , 2016  

ShabbyDIY updates the look of this old dining room table. They liked the large clawfoot legs so they decided to focus on the top. They show us how to create a penny table top using a durable product called glaze coat. The end result is simply amazing!

Design, Home, Inspire

How To Turn An Old T-shirt Into A Pillow Cover Without Sewing

6 Apr , 2016  

Here’s a fun way to upcycle your old t-shirts into a pillow covers. Very easy and… no sew!

Beauty, Design

The Bride Puts On A New Invention And It Might Look Silly, But It Solves A Common Problem… GENIUS!

5 Apr , 2016   Video

It’s stressful being a bride. You want your wedding to be perfect but there’s so many things that could go wrong. Introducing the Bridal Buddy… the perfect companion and invention for any bride. No bride should ever worry about using the bathroom again as a bride. The Bridal Buddy allows a bride to have hassle-free and stress-fee […]

Doubleback VW Camper

Design, Technology

Is It A Van? Is It A Small Camper? You Have to See for Yourself… Wow!

31 Mar , 2016   Video

The big thing right now? Getting small. We’ve seen the trend in tiny homes and micro apartments, and now we’re seeing it expand to the next-biggest purchase most of us will ever make: our cars! This Volkswagen vehicle is a prime example. It looks like a normal van, but in reality it’s a camper that […]


These Real Flower Mobile Phone Cases Are Perfect To Celebrate Spring

23 Mar , 2016  

Everyone has a mobile phone these days. They are everywhere and people are glued to them. No one has  time to stop and smell the roses! Well, now you can with these beautiful mobile phone cases made from real flowers! Made by House Of Blings and available on Etsy, they contain real pressed flowers and […]


The Most Advanced Flushing System Is Amazing

10 Mar , 2016   Video

Check out the Eco QUATTRO Flushing Technology. Dubbed “the most advanced flushing system on the market today” it easily flushes down two pounds of carrots, 20 golf balls, and more. Although not sure you should be flushing 2 pounds of carrots down ANY toilet. According to the company’s website, in addition to having the best technology on […]


This Plush Doll Transforms Unicorn Poop Into A Strangely Compelling Scarf

6 Mar , 2016  

I love to look through the new projects on Kickstarter and I recently ran across this weirdly awesome idea for a unicorn pooping rainbows plush doll and scarf. Because we all know that unicorns poop rainbows, right? Who wouldn’t want to wrap themselves in a scarf made of unicorn rainbow poop? I sure would!