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Homeless Woman Gets a Makeover In The Most Beautiful Way

27 May , 2016   Video

Watch as a Valentine’s Day gesture of kindness turns into pure inspiration and hope for humanity. Enjoy!


The Surprising Secret To Living With A Lot, Lot Less… And Being Happier!

27 May , 2016  

Graham Hill was on top of the world. As a self-made millionaire, he enjoyed a luxurious lifestyle full of all the perks you can dream of. While living large was fun, he gradually felt his lifestyle wasn’t fulfilling. It made him proud, but it didn’t make him happy. He soon realized he was wasting his […]


9 Life-Changing Food Hacks You’ll Wish You Had Known Sooner

9 May , 2016  

Cooking is fun and rewarding – but when you know the right tricks, it really becomes a breeze. Whether you’re packing food, making it, or storing it, these tips will surely come in handy.

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80-Year-Old Grandma Asks Her Granddaughter For A Makeover And Becomes Internet Sensation

9 May , 2016  

When 80-year-old Livia asked her granddaughter for a makeup, she didn’t expect she would become an overnight internet sensation… but that is what’s happening! Croatian makeup artist Tea Flego shows the whole world how a clever use of makeup can take off at least 20 years. What was supposed to be a showcase of the artist’s incredible contouring skills […]

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JetBlue’s Mother’s Day Promotion Rewards Passengers Every Time A Baby Cries

3 May , 2016   Video

Flying with a crying baby is tough on all of us, but it’s especially hard for moms.  In honor of Mother’s Day, JetBlue is giving everyone a reason to smile every time a baby cries.


Husband Posts Wife’s Goodbye Letter to Facebook After Her Death

26 Apr , 2016  

Hello all, I am posting this on behalf of the love of my life. These are her words. Much love to all. – Jeff McManamy So…I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is, apparently, I’m dead. The good news, if you’re reading this, is that you are most definitely not […]


Awesome Seniors Get Playful And Wear Organic Materials to Personify Nature

22 Apr , 2016  

This series of amazing photographs is called Eyes as Big as Plates and it features senior citizens wearing organic materials. The brainchild of Finnish photographer Riitta Ikonen and Norwegian photographer Karoline Hjorth, it was a collaborative project began as “a play on characters and protagonists from Norwegian folklore.” It has evolved into a collection that explores “mental landscapes” and reflects […]

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We Had No Idea Why She Was Boiling Popsicle Sticks. But After Seeing Why? I Need To Do THIS!

22 Apr , 2016   Video

Here’s some super cool crafts to do with popsicle sticks. The kids will love them!


Neighborhood Trash Collector With BIG HEART Makes Little Girl’s Birthday

22 Apr , 2016  

Sometimes it takes a child to remind adults of the way seemingly ordinary people make our lives better each day. Brooklyn Andracke, a 3-year-old from Bloomington, Indiana, had the best birthday because of a man she’s been admiring from afar for the past year — the town’s trash collector. In a now-viral post to the […]

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10-Year-Old Boy With Autism Writes Poem That Is Going Viral and Spreading Big Emotions

17 Apr , 2016  

The National Autism Association recently shared a poem by a 10-year-old boy living with autism spectrum disorder on its Facebook page. It’s making a lot of people very emotional. The boy – Benjamin – received an assignment to write a poem using sentences beginning with “I am.” Here’s the complete text of the poem: I am odd, I am new […]

Inspire, Moms

Cafe Offers Free Cup Of Tea To Breastfeeding Moms

12 Apr , 2016  

Being a mom is tough, and being a new mom is especially tough. Which is why this coffee shop in Sydney decided to put a sign in the window inviting breastfeeding moms to come inside and have a free cup of tea and some relaxing downtime. “breastfeeding mums,” reads the sign at The Willows Cafe […]

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This Unusual Method for Closing a Chip Bag is Nothing Short Of Brilliant

11 Apr , 2016   Video

This method for resealing chip bags or any other plastic bags is so effective. Watch and learn from The Crazy Russian Hacker in the video above. Enjoy! SHARE with FRIENDS and FAMILY!

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How To Turn An Old T-shirt Into A Pillow Cover Without Sewing

6 Apr , 2016  

Here’s a fun way to upcycle your old t-shirts into a pillow covers. Very easy and… no sew!

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Newborn Baby Helps Her Dad Deliver The Ultimate Surprise Marriage Proposal

6 Apr , 2016  

This couple’s newborn baby helps her dad deliver the ultimate surprise marriage proposal just one day after being born. Check out this priceless moment that will definitely bring a smile to your face! SHARE the Love! SHARE the Story!

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Wait Until You See The Inside Of This Remarkable House Deep In A Forest!

5 Apr , 2016   Video

They were looking for their dream home in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They nearly didn’t consider this house deep in the woods. But we’re sure glad they did! Wow!


That $8 Shirt Seems Like A Great Deal, But It’s Actually A Huge Problem

6 Mar , 2016   Video

We know you don’t want to talk about your impulse shopping habit, but we kind of have to. As hard as all those peplum tops and baseball tees are on your wallet (and your closet feng shui), they’re even harder on the planet — but wait! We promise we’re not trying to sell you an […]


Science Finds That Watching Cat Videos Is Beneficial To Mental Health

20 Feb , 2016  

Good news! Watching cute animal videos is good for your mental health. Plus, it may even help you work better! A recent study by researchers at Hiroshima University in Japan, found that looking at pictures of puppies and kittens boost concentration and attention. It notes “viewing cute things improves subsequent performance in tasks that require behavioral carefulness, possibly […]

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He Walks For Days And Days To Bring The Internet To The People. He Is A Hero.

12 Feb , 2016  

In the Annapurna region in Nepal a man has made an extraordinary vision come true. He has brought internet access to places that even today can only be reached after several days travel on foot. By now he has managed to connect over 60,000 people to the world wide web and raised the region’s standards of health, education […]


Professor Is Teacher Of The Year And His Extra Credit Questions Are Hilarious

12 Feb , 2016  

Put your hands together for the Teacher Of The Year! Imgur user SharkyTheSharkDog recently uploaded a series of hilarious extra credit questions included on tests and quizzes from an unnamed statistics professor. Awesome! It’s professors like this that make that crushing student debt bearable! Great job…  


He Is Asked “What Is It Like To Have A Brother With Autism?” But His Response Is STUNNING

10 Feb , 2016   Video

Spencer Timme is asked again and again, over and over, “What’s it like to have a brother with autism?” Here’s his answer: “Not one person understands him the way I do. Our bond is strong. He is the most important person to me. I’ll always protect him. He is, my brother.” “Mitchel is a special human […]


Strangers Rescue Family From A Frightening Sink Hole

10 Feb , 2016   Video

A man, his wife and their 2-year old child were driving along in Trujilo, Peru when their car plunged into a sink hole. Luckily, a group of brave stangers were nearby and rescued the family. The shocking footage shows a frightening scene but the family was rescued successfully. Scary stuf!! SHARE the story! SHARE the love!


10 Unexpected Images That Capture The Beauty Of Ballet Like Never Before

8 Feb , 2016  

February 7 is Ballet Day. Why? There’s two explanations: February 7 was the day Ballet was first introduced to the US at the Bowery Theatre, and it was also the day Dutch Prince William III danced in the premiere of the Ballet of Peace. In honor of the day here are 10 images that capture the […]


Father Calls His Son A “Loser” In The Ice Cream Store. But When A Stranger Steps In… Beautiful!

7 Feb , 2016   Video

We all make mistakes in life. Some big. Some small. In this video, a man sees a father criticizing his son for losing a baseball game. The stranger was pretty sure that this was one of those mistakes. Why? Because saying things like “You’re a loser” can have a big impression on children! It’s an amazing sight […]


How This Small Japanese Town Produces Almost Zero Waste

4 Feb , 2016   Video

In Kamikatsu, Japan they have one of the most intense recycling programs in the world. They separate their trash into 34 categories! And in the process they have dramatically improved the surrounding wildlife of their beautiful island town. They recycle 80% of their garbage and plan to reach zero waste by 2020. Inspiring!


Husband Arranges For Widow To Receive Flowers Each Valentine’s Day For The Rest Of Her Life

3 Feb , 2016  

Jim Golay was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and passed away in July of 2014. So imagine his wife’s surprise when the doorbell rang the next Valentine’s Day and she was delivered flowers. At first she thought they were from the kids, then she learned the beautiful truth. Jim had arranged for her to receive flowers […]


The Most Inspirational Video For Women Ever

3 Feb , 2016   Video

Please share this video with very woman you know! To empower a woman is to empower a community.


NFL Commercial Leaves America Speechless With Its Portrayal of Farmers

2 Feb , 2016   Video

NFL commercials are usually high-budget, flashy, and more often than not, humorous. But Ram Truck’s ad is none of those things. Instead, it’s simple and sweet. Heartwarming! The commercial features static images of fields, farmlands, and farmers themselves and is narrated by Paul Harvey, who delivers his lines slowly and deliberately. The commercial opens like a film, with nothing but Harvey’s name […]


City Of Baltimore Pays Teens To Shovel Snow For The Elderly And Disabled

1 Feb , 2016  

Baltimore had its largest single-day snowfall ever last week – more than a whopping 27 inches! The city immediately deployed hundreds of teens across the city to shovel sidewalks for the elderly and disabled. The city’s Youth Snow Program pays the teens $10/hour and over the course of the winter they can make up to $750! Th aim […]


The Short Answer To Every Question You’ve Ever Had About Your Life

31 Jan , 2016   Video

If you could get answers to every question you’ve ever had about your life, what would you ask?


Short Film Proves Life Is The Most Wonderful And Beautiful Gift Of All

30 Jan , 2016   Video

This short film is beautiful! Love it!


Mothers Tell Their Breastfeeding Stories To Encourage Others

30 Jan , 2016  

Erin White, an American photographer living in Germany, is passionate about her project to empower moms through body positivity and normalizing breastfeeding worldwide. She recently posted her series of photographs on Bored Panda and you can find her on Facebook as well. I’m glad there are so many women that choose to be brave and stand up for breastfeeding […]


He Was Born Without Arms But Still Managed To Fulfill His Dream Of Drawing

29 Jan , 2016  

Mariusz Kedzierski is a 23-year old Polish artist. He was born without arms. But for me disability doesn’t mean that I can’t live my own, great life. It doesn’t mean that I have to forget my dreams. Art has been my way of life for 7 years. Since that time I have drawn over 700 […]


Woman Who Lost Leg In Boston Bombing Will Run Marathon In April

29 Jan , 2016   Video

The Boston Marathon bombing has had a long-lasting effect on both the lives of the families of the dead but also the injured. One woman, Adrianne Haslet-Davis, who lost her limb below the knee in the bombing has vowed to run in the 120th Boston Marathon scheduled for this coming April. Her team, “#AdrianneStrong,” raises funds for […]