The Hilarious Trials And Tribulations Of A Substitute Teacher

18 May , 2016  

The life of a substitute teacher can be tough. Here’s a recent photo submitted to Reddit that outlines the hilarious details of one subs day.   Here’s a transcription if you find it hard to read: 8:30 a.m. Jackson won’t stop yelling “peanuts,” Janelle has spilt her milk and fruity pebbles everywhere, everyone won’t stop laughing, I […]

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Baby And Puppy Read Book Before Bedtime

14 May , 2016  

A 10-month-old baby girl enjoys her favorite book while cuddling with her puppy, but it doesn’t look like she’s going to be able to stay awake all the way until the end! Such a priceless moment!


Thirst-quenching Hairdo Gets Top Marks For ‘Crazy Hair Day’

28 Apr , 2016  

This soda inspired hairdo is sweeping the nation’s elementary schools for Crazy Hair Day. Is this a national holiday? The hairdo gained attention when Twitter user @_0k4y shared an image of her cousin sporting the thirst-quenching style.


WARNING: IKEA Reissues Safety Warning After Another Toddler Is Killed By Falling Dresser

22 Apr , 2016  

Following the death of a third child in the last two years from tipping over an IKEA chest of drawers, the furniture retailer has repeated safety warnings to customers about anchoring the furniture. A 22-month-old Minnesota boy, Ted McGee, died in February when he tipped one of IKEA’s popular Malm dressers on top of him […]

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10-Year-Old Boy With Autism Writes Poem That Is Going Viral and Spreading Big Emotions

17 Apr , 2016  

The National Autism Association recently shared a poem by a 10-year-old boy living with autism spectrum disorder on its Facebook page. It’s making a lot of people very emotional. The boy – Benjamin – received an assignment to write a poem using sentences beginning with “I am.” Here’s the complete text of the poem: I am odd, I am new […]

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The World’s Cutest Ring Bearer Throws Pillow At The Wedding Party

5 Apr , 2016   Video

You had one job kid, and technically, you did it.


Heart-Warming Video Illustrates Most Adorable Way Ever To Wake A Baby

5 Apr , 2016  

A precious moment is captured on camera when a father decides to gently wake up his daughter in the most adorable way ever. Watch her smile in her sleep in this incredibly heartwarming clip!


The Little Boy Meets His Newborn Baby Sister For The First Time. It’s What He Asks That Blows You Away!

19 Feb , 2016  

This big brother meets and holds his newborn baby sister for the very first time, and ends up asking a very curious and hilarious question! His expression after is absolutely priceless! Enjoy! SHARE the Love! SHARE the Story!


Baby Gets Extremely Emotional Over Green Beans

12 Feb , 2016  

When baby Avery is offered some green beans for dinner, she gives a priceless reaction that some of us can definitely relate to. Her response is short lived when her parents offer a much more delicious alternative. See what it is!


Toddler attempts to befriend his own shadow

11 Feb , 2016  

Jossgrey, a young boy in the Philippines, has the cutest experience ever when he notices that his shadow is following him. Check out the adorable interaction! Source: Toddler attempts to befriend his own shadow by jossgrey on Rumble


Kids Dish Valuable Dating Advice In Heartwarming Video

10 Feb , 2016   Video

Need help asking someone to go out with you this Valentine’s Day? Please watch the video above for valuable dating advice…from kids! Awesome!


This Children’s Teepee Cabin Bed Just Won My Heart

9 Feb , 2016  

Children’s Teepee Cabin Bed by Dutch designer Woood. A fun and functional bed to encourage development through play. This amazing, luxury Kids Teepee Tent Bed from Woood, is the ultimate designer feature bed for any kids room. Constructed from solid pine in white veneer, your little adventurers will love this bed, with its lookout holes […]


She Came Home Happy From A Date. Then She Posted THIS To Facebook And Minutes Later She Was Dead…

8 Feb , 2016  

There is help for those with suicidal thoughts. This is the message being spread loudly by those who knew Amber Cornwell. This needs to get out there in order to prevent others and their families from having to go through this. Sadly, her last message was: “If I die tonight, would anyone cry?” While parents and […]


We Will Always Be Kids At Heart. Won’t We?

6 Feb , 2016   Video

This nostalgic look back at a century’s worth of playthings will awaken your inner kid. It’s toy time! Whether you’re looking for a dose of nostalgia or have always been a kid at heart, Mode‘s look back on a century’s worth of playthings is sure to amuse and captivate you. SHARE the video! SHARE the […]


“Droneboarding” Toddler Uses Flying Drone To Capture Speed

5 Feb , 2016  

If you haven’t heard of “Droneboarding”, here’s your chance to check it out! Watch as this toddler in Russia captures speed through a snowy pathway with the help of a flying drone!


Dad Straps Go Pro To Kid’s Head And Learns His Adorable Secrets

4 Feb , 2016  

A dad strapped a camera on his kid’s head during a game of hide and seek. And it’s super cute! Enjoy! If you have a toddler and a GoPro, strap it to their head and play hide & seek. It’ll be the best thing you did. Promise. Posted by Dan Iverson on Thursday, January 22, […]


Cell Phone Video Gets Day Care Director Charged With Child Abuse

3 Feb , 2016  

An employee at the Children’s Palace Day Care Center in Clermont, FL filmed the director, Kimberly Reid, repeatedly striking a 4-year old boy and then picking him up and dropping him face down onto the floor. Police went to the day care last Friday afternoon after the employee sent the video to The Department of […]


This Is The Most Beautiful Photoshoot Of Newborn Twins You’ll Ever See

1 Feb , 2016   Video

The video above is a behind the scenes look into a photoshoot of newborn twins, Noor and Layla, by Ana Brandt Photography. These little ones are so precious and beautiful! Love it!


The Boy with a Camera for a Face

31 Jan , 2016   Video

Watch the online premiere of the multi-award winning short film “The Boy With A Camera For A Face” by writer/director Spencer Brown. The Boy with a Camera for a Face is a satirical fairy-tale about a boy born with a camera in place of a head, whose every moment is transformed by the fact he is recording it. […]

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Watch What This Baby Does When Her Father Starts Playing His Guitar!

30 Jan , 2016   Video

Here’s a classic rick father-daughter moment that will make you smile! Watch as an adorable 8-month-old baby girl rocks out with her dad while playing Bon Jovi’s famous song, ‘Wanted Dead or Alive’.


Baby River Dance Is All The Smiles You Need

29 Jan , 2016   Video

Take one little giggling baby. Add some Irish music. Cue the smiles! Please SHARE. Pass the love.


6-Year Old Asks Dad for Allowance Advance, Gets Official Loan Rejection Letter

28 Jan , 2016  

The 6-year old son of redditor Otto303 asked his dad for a $20 advance on his allowance. He got a professional looking bank letter in response that rejected his request. The bank deemed the child poor loan risk. His only recourse is to contact the bank’s dispute manager. You can guess who that is! Here is […]